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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 2, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Another stadium-ad typo, an NWSL expansion team, and more.



  • Today is Lou Gehrig Day. All MLB teams will be wearing commemorative jersey patches.
  • Remember that recent typo in an ad at Dodger Stadium? There was a similarly embarrassing goof yesterday at the Mets’ ballpark. (From Gaylord Fields)
  • Speaking of the Mets’ ballpark: With Pride Month beginning yesterday, they had some rainbow flags flying at the stadium. (From Mary Bakija)
  • This is fun: Baseball cards that show the player wearing a uniform he never actually wore in a game.


  • The NWSL’s new Bay Area expansion team will be called Bay Football Club and a crest has been unveiled. The name leaves a lot to be desired, but I actually kinda like the crest. (From Brendan Wilhide and our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Houston Dynamo DF Erik Sviatchenko had an atrocious print job for his NOB and number during Wednesday night’s game against Vancouver. (From Micah Burk)


  • Scotland: New second shirt for second-tier side Dunfermline Athletic. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Germany: New shirt advertiser for Schalke 04 (link in German), who were relegated from the Bundesliga to the 2. Bundesliga a few weeks ago. (Thanks, Jamie)
Grab Bag
  • Some really cool news here: Reader Joseph Curran saw a ticker-linked Philadelphia Inquirer piece soliciting submissions for a redesign of the flag of Philadelphia, so he submitted his own design. It’s been chosen as one of the Inquirer’s ten finalists. Good luck Joe!
  • Cartoonist Ron Ruelle, the man behind the Brooklyn Branches, has just published a new novel, Anchovies and Ice Cream. Check it out here.
Comments (21)

    Bay “Football” Club’s crest looks like what would happen if the Tigers moved to Boise.

    And of course people always want to stick an apostrophe in any possessive.

    Very tricky, this English.

    I love how the bay football club uses a bridge as part of the letter. Clever for the Bay Area

    I had seen that logo a couple of times today and was wondering what Bay … Green? Chesapeake? Montego? And until this comment I hadn’t seen the bridge that is part of the B.

    India’s new set look too much like football (soccer) shirts. This happens in cricket often enough, especially with white ball shirts, but idk something about India’s look even worse in this regard than usual.

    I’m not a soccer/football guy. So I’m speaking from ignorance here, but why do so many American soccer teams have the laziest names? Not even names. “Football Club”? 4 MLS teams are the (city name) FC. And one is CF Montreal, which I assume is the same thing but in French. 2 others are FC (city name). And 3 others called the “United”. I assume it is from a European tradition, but can you imagine an NFL games that is the Lions v, the Lions and next week they each play the Lions? Just seems cliquish and “if you don’t get it you just won’t get it”.

    You wouldn’t say FC vs FC, the game would just be referred to as New York vs Cincinnati or whatever the case may be.

    It does come from European tradition. And it wasn’t always that way — when the MLS formed in the 90’s, all of the teams had mascot/nicknames akin to other American sports, some of which survive to this day (Galaxy, Revolution, Fire), others not (Dallas Burn, KC Wizards). I’ve only been following soccer a lot for about a decade or so, and at first I found this tradition odd too, though I wouldn’t call it lazy. Now I like how some teams embrace the European tradition and others do their own thing, though I agree that three Uniteds is two too many.

    Both of the teams I follow in MLS are Uniteds, and neither team is a merger of two or more prior teams, as is usually the case with Uniteds in Britain. Each has a plausible justification for the name, in one case representing an entire state, and in the other representing a region across two states and a colonial possession of the federal government, but still. That’s too many Uniteds named for the wrong reasons.

    3 Uniteds is not “too many”. The English Premier League will have Manchester United, West Ham United and Sheffield United next year, and had Leeds United not been relegated, there’d be 4. And that’s in a 20-team league.
    Manchester United is “Man U” or “United”, or the “Red Devils”. West Ham is “West Ham”, as there is no other team to distinguish it from. Same for Leeds. Sheffield only needs to be distinct from Sheffield Wednesday, but they are multiple levels apart on the pyramids. Point is, other leagues manage just fine. Over time, MLS teams develop their own nicknames and identities like their European counterparts (Gunners, Hammers, Spurs, Wolves, Blues, Reds…), but it takes time. I hear Minnesota United called the Loons more than United. DC United is “United” because they were first.

    Another card of a player in a uni they never wore in a game. Frank Robinson sporting the 1965 Uni for his 1966 card.


    Wow that’s right. ’66 was the first year of the cartoon bird hat.

    But that ’65 uni is really unsung. Gorgeous in its simplicity.

    The San Francisco Bay Area is mouthful. Maybe “Northern California” or Northern Cal”might work as a team name, but there’s still a lot of area north of this area in California. Most people just refer to it as the “Bay Area”, which is really an uninspired name. Golden State Warriors got around this by taking this name, but Golden State is the nickname for the entire state of California. I understand why they didn’t go back to being the San Fransisco Warriors, with so much history as the Golden State Warriors. It’s too bad there isn’t a better name for this region.

    For a year in the 80s the San Jose Earthquake in the old NASL was rebranded as the Golden Bay Earthquake

    Oops… didn’t see the link in 390’s post…still wish Chicago had brought back the Sting name and the black and gold

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