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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 14, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: An NBA All-Star mystery, a break in the Mets’ usual uni routine, and more.



  • The Mets usually wear their black alternates only for Friday home games, but they broke that pattern by wearing them for last night’s game against the Yankees. (From multiple readers)
  • This article ranks the Nationals’ City Connect as the best out of their five-uni rotation. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens wore an Orioles City Connect cap during a recent team press conference. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Former MLB P Drew Storen wore a batboy’s helmet for the only hit of his pro career, as he recalls at the 1:47:40 mark of this video. He also says he wore orange underwear for his entire career. (From Derek Linn)
  • During A’s P Todd Burns’s sixth major league appearance in 1988, his front and back numbers didn’t match the team’s usual number font. (From Chris G.)
  • The Twins’ video board had the club playing the Brewers, Giants, and Guardians last night. The video board also got the Twins’ lineup wrong. (From Kyle Baker and Tony T.)


  • Left over from Saturday: The West Michigan Whitecaps and Wisconsin Timber Rattlers faced off in their Copa de la Diversión alter egos as the Calaveras de West Michigan and the Cascabeles de Wisconsin, respectively. In case you can’t tell them apart from those pictures, West Michigan wore white numbers, while Wisconsin wore blue numbers. (From Bo Baize)



  • The CTBC Brothers of the Taiwanese-based Chinese Professional Baseball League have announced kiwifruit-themed nights for later this month. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Congress has played an annual baseball game for decades. Here’s a brief history, including a few photos of in-game unis. (From Matthew Houk)
  • Here are the inaugural home and away jerseys for the Mumbai Cobras. (From Marcus Hall)


  • Cross-listed from the baseball section: Ravens WR Odell Beckham Jr wore a Baltimore Orioles City Connect cap during a recent team press conference. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Washington Post sportswriter Rick Snider recalls former Washington RB Duane Thomas’s failed bid to use retired Washington QB Sammy Baugh’s No. 33. (From William F. Yurasko)





  • The word “Champions” appears to have been misspelled on the post-game celebratory hats the Nuggets wore on Monday night after winning the NBA title. (From Kary Klismet)
  • In the player introductions for the 1981 NBA All-Star Game, Lakers C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore a Lakers warm-up outfit. But fellow Lakers All-Star Jamaal Wilkes wore oddly generic-looking warm-up gear. Anyone know more? (From Ariel Shoshan)


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Comments (15)

    That’s the second time this season the Mets have worn the BFBS jerseys in a non-Friday home game. As if we need another reason to stop watching…

    I’ll be positive. I’m positive that is a crappy look for the Mets. Truly awful. A BFBS disaster. Jeez, just stick with your classic blue/orange pinstripe uniforms. This ain’t that hard.

    The current iconic sign is almost 15 years old. WOW! I have underwear older than that. Also, how does a highway sign enhance the visitor experience and what is the point of a sign with interactive content? It’s just all so ridiculous…

    I thought the same! What a joke!!

    It’s not “iconic”… the HOLLYWOOD sign is iconic. This is nothing more than an old and outdated sign but who cares? If you got a new sign, you got a new sign. Big deal.

    And a highway sign is not going to enhance the visitor experience, if anything it will only “enhance the experience” of those travelers passing by on the highway, presuming they don’t get into a traffic accident because they’re toying with the “interactive content” and not paying attention to the road.

    The scoreboard at the Twins park has had MULTIPLE issues all season. wrong teams, wrong stats, wrong photos. for half a game, there was nothing, just the twins logo. they got a new scoreboard, and apparently having a hard time with the controls.

    The V in Ramaswamy’s campaign logo would fit right in with this year’s MLB Independence day cap lineup.

    Mets wearing black which is appropriate at funerals because the season is over. I actually like this BFBS (one of the very few) because the blue and orange really pop.

    I watched the entire clip of the NBA All-Star introductions. What a treat! No eardrum-destroying music, no flashing laser lights, no screaming announcer. Just simple introductions. Very cool!

    Love the simplicity too. Today’s intros are so annoyingly over the top….and long. Between the hype videos, light shows, dance routines, and screaming announcers, they go on forever. Ridiculous.

    Paul may have made a positivity pledge, but I didn’t.

    Apparently, that article about the Nuggets’ championship hat is now inaccurate – while the NBA Store may have shown that other script design earlier, currently it’s showing the version worn after the game, which suggests the other cap was a placeholder. Shame, because that script was just so much better looking than that cheap-ass crappy pseudo-script they went with, which botched the O (it’s not an A since it lacks the right vertical stroke, but the connecting stroke being at the bottom instead of the top of the letter just shows it’s a very lazy script design).

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