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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 1, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: A map of MLB ballpark soda affiliations, a breakthrough in college football helmet technology, and more.



  • has made a map showing which MLB ballparks serve Coke and which serve Pepsi.
  • Following up on an item from yesterday’s Ticker: Recently acquired Padres C Gary Sanchez, who wore blue gear in his Padres debut on Tuesday, had brown gear last night, except for his helmet, which was still blue. (From Cork Gaines)


  • Saints RB Jamaal Williams wore an anime visor at OTAs yesterday. (From Trevor Williams)


  • Here’s something I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about: LSU is using air-conditioned helmets this season. (Thanks to all who shared)





  • The Czech Hockey Hall of Fame in Prague is closing due to economic issues, so all-time great Dominik Hasek collected all his mementos from the facility. (From Mike Styczen)


  • Here’s the uni schedule for the first four games of the NBA Finals. (Thanks, Phil)




  • Canada: New Pride kit for York United FC. (From Jim Wilkie)
  • England: Here’s our best look yet at Manchester United’s new away kit and third kit. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • Italy: New home shirt for AC Milan.
  • The Netherlands: New home kit for AFC Ajax. (Thanks again, Anthony)
  • Scotland: New outfitter for St. Mirren, which is switching to Macron. (From Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • Here’s an assessment of the ultimate frisbee jerseys in the D-I and D-III college championships.
  • New logo for Twitter alternative Spoutible. (From Jimmy Lonetti)
  • From our own Jamie Rathjen: “Multiple D.C. sports teams will be promoting Gun Violence Awareness Weekend by wearing orange warm-up shirts or ribbons on their warm-up shirts this weekend. That includes D.C. United (ribbons), the Nationals, Mystics, Shadow (the women’s ultimate team), and the Commanders for OTAs. I’m honestly really surprised the Spirit don’t seem to be planning anything, although they’re listed as a participant.”
  • Here’s a look at the evolution of airplane pilot uniforms. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Auto maker Porsche is marking its 75th anniversary with a very nice new logo.
Comments (14)

    One of my favorite Uni Watch ideas is the concept of a “Coke” and “Pepsi” team. The best example is that the traditional Yankees are a Coke team, and the ever-changing Mets are a Pepsi team.

    Sure enough, Yankee Stadium sells Pepsi, and Citi Field serves Coke.

    I recall seeing in one of the old Yankees yearbooks my mother had that the Yankees were a Pepsi team in the late 1960s.

    Perhaps college football’s most “Coke team” the Nittany Lions are at a Pepsi school. Penn State plans re-upped pouring rights with Pepsi. The first deal was 30 years ago and this one will make it 40 years. link

    And the athletics, who’s official soda, though listed as pepsi, is RC Cola, whatever that means

    From my research on their website it looks like they serve Coke products. At least according to the very bottom of this page (under “Non-Alcoholic”): link

    (btw I made the map, I made some errors using out of date data, but I have updated/fixed them)

    The thing that stands our for me on the map is that the median division seems to be 4 Cokes and 1 Pepsi, except the AL Central at 4 Pepsis and 1 Coke.

    I’m “Sucre Wolodarsky” (on twitter… it’s the name of a character from a single, very dumb SNL sketch this past season) and I made the map specifically because I thought it was funny that the Yankees are a Pepsi team and the Mets are a Coke team after the discussion here.

    On Gary Sanchez’s Blue Helmet, He is wearing a Force 3 helmet with Nike gear, I wonder if the Force 3 in brown is a special order.. Force 3 makes impact/concussion resistant masks..

    I think you’re spot on about the Force 3 helmet not coming in brown. Don’t think I’ve seen a brown one before. Great mask/helmet system. I think it’s the rare mask system the umpires had first, and then migrated to catchers instead of the other way around.

    The Coke/Pepsi baseball map reminded me of the last time I was at Soldier Field. They had RC Cola! Apparently that’s the cola that Dr Pepper owns. It was a complete flashback to being a kid and getting Royal Crown Cola as a cheaper brand name soda.

    Not sure it Solider Field still has RC on its menu, but what a weird sighting when EVERYWHERE else on the planet has Coke or Pepsi.

    The Oakland Coliseum was an RC cola place for many years until this season when they switched to Coke, although this map shows them as Pepsi…

    Hi Mike:

    I made this map based on the admittedly unscientific method of google image searches for “[stadium name] concessions.” That means some of these may be out of date. I see now that the Coliseum has Coke products. I have updated this. Thanks

    ​”Here’s a look at Rangers uni number history”
    Knew Lindros suited up for the NYR – had no recall that he played in that many games for them.
    It’s clear that there’s not much to mention when it comes to #44, but Ron Duguay’s best years were when he wore #10…even his Twitter handle reads “@RonDuguay10”. Not taking anything away from Panarin, but I don’t see him having a lasting legacy as a Ranger.

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