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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 31, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: The Mets are avoiding their pinstripes, the first hijab-wearing player at the women’s World Cup, a bicycle tire that looks like a biscuit, and more.



  • The Royals’ groundskeeper is getting his own bobblehead this week. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Nationals P Joe LaSorsa is uni-impressive with stirrups and a lowercase “a” in his NOB.
  • The Mets have played 12 home games this month and worn their “primary” pinstripes in just two of them. (From Steven Shepard)
  • The Orioles have a courtesy golf cart at their stadium based on their City Connect design. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Great story from Matt Edwards: “The little nine-hole golf course on my tiny island has been maintained by the same person since 1977. In front of his maintenance barn, he has a makeshift flagpole stuck in the ground with a Yankees or Red Sox flag usually flying from it. I didn’t realize until this weekend that he always flies the flag of the team currently in first place in the AL East. It didn’t register with me until I saw the Orioles flag flying this weekend. I hadn’t been to the course while the Rays were in first, but I will make a point to check it out if they retake the division lead.”



  • It’s the offseason, so writers at a Purdue blog asked each other what they’d change about Purdue’s uniforms. (From Kary Klismet)







  • For some reason, Audi Field in Washington still had stadium banners for the MLS All-Star Game during the Washington Spirit’s game on Friday, more than a week after the ASG. Yet they were gone on Saturday, replaced with Leagues Cup banners for D.C. United’s game.
  • A piece from The Athletic explores an interesting question: Who among Inter Miami’s opponents gets to swap shirts with Lionel Messi? (From John Flory)
  • Based on this gallery, Virginia women’s soccer has new shirts, with a new design for goalies and the numbers and text on the white shirt changing from orange to blue.
  • Both of West Virginia’s teams have new kits. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Yesterday at the women’s World Cup, Morocco center-back Nouhaila Benzina became the first player to wear a hijab at a senior-level tournament. While FIFA allows that in its tournaments, I should also point out that the French Football Federation bans wearing the hijab in matches it oversees, which was recently upheld by France’s Council of State. It’s unclear if that might resurface for next year’s Olympics, especially as Morocco can still qualify for the women’s tournament. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Those of you watching the US/Netherlands game last week, and not yelling at your TV like I was, may have noticed that Dutch midfielder Daniëlle van de Donk got a black swim cap for a head injury at the end of the game. It was basically an alternative to the heavy bandages you usually see to stop bleeding. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Bulgaria: New kits for the national teams. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • England: New second shirt for Watford of the men’s Championship. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • England: Arsenal revealed a statute of very long-serving men’s manager Arsène Wenger outside their stadium on Friday. (From Kary Klismet)
  • This piece from New York magazine uses the recent Manchester United/Wrexham men’s preseason friendly in San Diego to contrast how both clubs found commercial prominence. United grew through a combination of merch, ’90s success, and global trips like that one, while Wrexham are on the up through their celebrity owners and the documentary series Welcome to Wrexham.
  • England’s men’s Test team wore each other’s shirts on Saturday, apparently before play started, as part of a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society. (From R. Scott Rogers)
  • Somerset, one of the county cricket clubs that make up the English men’s domestic structure, have new shirts for one-day matches. (From @CDodge56)
  • The women’s team St. Michel-Mavic-Auber93 has a biscuit/cookie company as its main advertiser. At least one of the team’s riders, Célia Le Mouel, had a disc that looked like a biscuit inside her rear tire for yesterday’s time trial last stage of the women’s Tour de France.
  • “Qatar’s men’s volleyball team is playing in the Men’s Volleyball Challenger Cup this weekend to try and qualify for the 2024 Volleyball Nations League and they are wearing a two-tone maroon uniform design,” says Jeremy Brahm.
  • New uniforms for Temple. (From a reader who didn’t give their name)
Grab Bag
  • Some teams at the Netball World Cup, which started Friday in Cape Town, have new kits for the tournament, including hosts South Africa, Australia, England, New Zealand, and Scotland. It’s the first time Australia is wearing an Indigenous design, joining many of the country’s other national teams.
  • Meanwhile, the tournament is Wales’s first since they chose a “Feathers” team name last year, in reference to the Prince of Wales’s feathers. At the time they said one reason for choosing a name is that they were the only team in netball’s top 10 that didn’t have one.
Comments (18)

    The All Star banners on the exterior of DCU’s stadium wre promptly removed. I biked by a day or two after the game and noticed they were already gone. I wonder why that wasn’t the case for interior.

    I agree. Except I don’t agree with that blog’s rankings. White over red or red over white IMO are the best combos by far, with white over white (the ice cream man look) being third. All blood-clot is a distant fourth. Now, if we could just do something about the black outlines on the helmet logo I can’t un-see thanks to Paul…

    I don’t know why, but I really dislike teams wearing white/white when their helmets are dark or another color. As in, the Colts or Bills in all white is fine, but anyone else, especially teams with dark helmets, just don’t look as good to me.

    I love the white-over-white look…but it’s over-ranked here.
    The short piece has its’ share of head-scratching statements (ex: …As Hunt spoke of, white jersey and red pants look dates back to the Dallas Texans’ days.” He really said that?) and calls for the Chiefs to “give fans something different or exciting”…guess winning 2 SB’s in 3 tries in 4 years isn’t quite enough?

    Red/white/white is far and away my least favorite*.

    I love how the writer mentions that combo being iconic (please stop overusing that word, people) because of the first Super Bowl…where they got hammered by the Packers. When they won their three Super Bowls, each year they wore red road pants. Success with a uniform doesn’t matter to me, but it does for a lot of fans.

    *And yet, I can’t picture the New Jersey Generals in anything other than red/white/white. I can’t figure myself out sometimes.

    There’s a shock ;)

    White jersey/white pants is ALWAYS an acceptable look, although teams should never go “Icy White” with high white socks. Screw that and the color rush mentality of mono-white. If you’re going w/w/w, you need contrasting sleeves and socks.

    As far as the KC team goes, I’ve never liked the red pants (although I’m fine when teams match helmets & pants), but I prefer r/w/w/r with red sleeves.

    White jersey and pants looks all kinds of wrong for the 49ers. And the Lions. And the Chargers. And several others.

    Love the story Matt! I love little small town tales of people going out of the ordinary to get things done.

    Thanks! I always just assumed he was appeasing the locals by mixing up the Yankees/Red Sox flags.

    And the view is better looking the other way. I’ll try to get a picture from the other side. :)

    Don’t mind the Mets wearing the blue tops, but not too much. Would love to see them without the key piping. Very glad they stopped wearing them with the pin stripe pants.

    Purdue football:
    My change would be for you to ditch the black helmets.
    Mess with the jerseys and pantsif you must but leave the gold helmet with the black P alone.

    Ottawa RedBlacks:
    I agree with Wade. That big R needs to be the Primary helmet logo.

    Somerset cricket:
    That jersey is very busy, and I don’t dislike it. In fact, for One Day cricket, I really do like it.

    It is not just the big R for the alternate helmet decals, but also the addition of the stripes. It is the modern Reblacks’ version of the traditional Rough Riders helmet. Same stripes as the days when they were winning Grey Cups in the 1970s.


    Makes me feel like a young man again. The way it should be. The Ottawa football team wearing a massive white R on the helmet.

    Purdue’s new “old” helmet looks nice! I’ve never liked the train track helmet stripe. Too gimmicky. I just hope gold uniforms with white numbers from my college days don’t return.

    The other really cool thing about Joe LaSorsa is the black cleats. So many guys are wearing white ones, including the few who wear stirrups. It’s great to see black cleats with stirrups.

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