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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 26, 2022

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Today in the Ticker, we have a possible new Rays anniversary logo, a dome possibly being added to an NFL stadium, a very unusual use for the Stanley Cup, and more.



  • The Rays have filed a trademark application for a 25th-anniversary logo.
  • The Mets changed all their social media avatars to black-and-white yesterday. Not sure what, if anything, that portends.
  • Phillies P Ranger Suárez keeps insisting on wearing his stirrups backwards! (From @_ynnhoJ)
  • Really good article about the guy who supplies the mud that’s used to take the shine off MLB baseballs.
  • Here’s an article on the Jackie Robinson Museum, which is opening today in NYC.
  • With Jim Kaat and Tony Oliva just inducted into Cooperstown, that means the early-1970s Twins had five Hall of Famers (the others were Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, and Bert Blyleven) despite not winning a title.





  • With the Bears exploring a possible location for a new stadium, Chicago’s mayor is trying to entice them to stay put by proposing the addition of a dome to Soldier Field.
  • Here’s a short video clip showing some of this year’s new alternate helmets being produced, decal’d, and so on. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • KC execs are having an “open discussion” about the possibility of an alternate uniform.


  • New uniforms for USF. (From @vic_vega87 and Phil)
  • New pants possibly in the works for CMU.
  • Duke’s white helmet will have a white facemask, instead of blue, for the first time since 2018. (From Rex Henry)


  • Avalanche D Jack Johnson has made the most of his time with the Stanley Cup. Not only did he serve his family ice cream out of it (as reported in last Wednesday’s Ticker), but he also used the Cup to baptize his kids! (From Kary Klismet)


Auto Racing
  • At Sunday’s Cup race at Pocono, lower-tier driver Ty Gibbs, filling in for an injured Kurt Busch in the No. 45 car, had to wear Busch’s firesuit and borrow a pair of Denny Hamlin’s racing shoes to fulfill advertiser obligations. (From Chris Hickey)
  • The coach of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, an Australian rugby league team, has apologized for the controversy surrounding the team’s rainbow-trimmed Pride jersey, which has led seven players to boycott this Thursday’s game. The situation brings to mind my recent Bulletin article about whether cultural-messaging uniforms should be optional.
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    During the TV broadcast of Phillies vs Braves last night the Phillies TV announcers spent a few minutes discussing Ranger Suarez’s stirrups. They pointed out how they were mismatched/backwards. But they also mentioned that if he was really wearing one the wrong way then the bell logo that is only on 1 side of the design would be on his inside calf instead of on the correct outside leg. Therefore, it was assumed that possibly the stirrups were actually made incorrectly, and that he had no choice but to have them mismatched in order to have the bell logo facing the right way. This saga continues with each start Suarez makes. Will they be fixed by his next start?

    The logo wouldn’t be on the inside. Just put the socks on the opposite feet, and turn them around.

    Just wanted to say that I think this Ticker style is much improved and I’ve really enjoyed the new site format! Nice work Paul!!

    Paul, do you have connections at all with the Mariners? They’re doing a couple things this season sartorially that I’m interested to know if they have a reason.

    The first, and most obvious, is that they’re wearing their navy blue alt jerseys pretty much every single game. They still wear their teals and fauxbacks on home Fridays and Sundays, respectively. But almost every other game, home and road, has been the navy tops. And they were doing this way before their 14-game winning streak, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a superstitious thing.

    The other one is that they seemed to have reverted back to their original helmet decal with the extra white (or gray?) outline around the S that doesn’t match the hats, after experimenting with a rubber 3D logo last year and the year before that was more accurate to the cap logo. Curious if they were having issues with it, or didn’t like the look, or if it’s something else.

    Perfect opportunity for the Chiefs to create a new helmet logo minus the arrowhead. I like the idea of just the KC.

    Ok I have to ask because this has bothered me for a long time. I keep reading here about how “gross” all of the corporate marketing and advertising on jerseys and stadiums is (and I definitely don’t disagree), but everyone here seems willing to look the other way when it comes to soccer shirts being nothing but corporate advertising and very little branding of the actual team. I realize it’s not gonna change, but can someone please explain why everyone seems to be fine with it in this case when you otherwise are not? Personally I don’t care for it but I would really like to know. Thanks.

    First, I’m sure all soccer fans would be happy to have shirts without ads, that being said:

    1. Ads have been on shirts since the late 70s, so most of us don’t know anything different, whereas ads on NBA unis, etc. is new and it sucks now;

    2. No commercials during games, which is a (indirect) trade off I’m good with;

    3. Can’t see the ads 80-90% of the time when watching a game anyway, so who cares….

    Understood and fair enough. I just know that for novices and potential new fans it can be a little confusing when you’re watching what looks like the Fly Emeretes vs. the Rakutens. But if you guys are ok with it, so be it…

    I would like to see the Chiefs go with a yellow jersey. Currently don’t have any of those in the NFL. Now let’s just hope the Bears don’t introduce orange pants to go with that orange helmet. Don’t need another team looking like the Browns.

    Gee, I wonder why the Stratotanker mascot didn’t go with the refueling drogue in extended position?

    Does anyone know functionally WHY stirrups have the two different sized holes, and WHY the small one is supposed to go in the front and the large in the back? Aesthetically, I’ve always thought it looked better to have the larger hole in the front, though, I know this is incorrect. Just curious as to the why of the different sized openings.

    Back when I used to wear stirrups, The larger hole was in the back to go over the heel tab of the shoe. Originally, the stirrups were pulled very close to the foot and a little extra space was need for the tab on the back of the shoe.

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