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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 25, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: A Jeopardy! blunder, new uniforms for Illinois football, and more hints about the Eagles’ throwbacks.



  • Yesterday’s episode of Jeopardy! featured a “Uniform Numbers” category that included this clue asking players which MLB team has retired every single-digit number. The judges were looking for the Yankees, who have retired Nos. 1 through 9 — but the clue did not account for No. 0, which is currently being worn by P Domingo Germán. (Nice catch by Ariel Shoshan)
  • Staying in the Bronx: I don’t think I was aware that the Yankees used a Dodge sedan to bring pitchers in from the bullpen in the early ’80s. (From Cork Gaines)
  • Pete Rose in a Dodgers cap doesn’t look right at all. That screenshot was taken from a video of Rose’s appearance on a 1978 episode of CBS’ NFL Today. (From Seth Rorabaugh)
  • Phillies SS Trea Turner was ejected from last night’s game for tossing his gear toward a batboy while arguing a called third strike.



  • Illinois unveiled their 2023 home and away uniforms yesterday. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • It appears that Michigan will be using Nike’s new tailoring template this year. (From @1201Main)
  • ACC foes Louisville and Miami will begin playing annually for a new rivalry trophy, the Schnellenberger Trophy, named after Howard Schnellenberger, who coached at both schools. The trophy is made of Schnellenberger’s famous cowboy boots, which have been cast in bronze. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Ole Miss is set to formally open a new football complex this week, and renderings give a sneak peek as to how the new locker room and weight room will look.




  • Spokane’s new USL 2 club, which will begin play next spring, has announced its team name: Spokane Velocity FC. The name refers to the Spokane river, and the logo evokes images of the four waterfalls in the city. “In my opinion, this name is simply terrible. Take the name and apply it anywhere else and it still works… Rivers are not even measured in velocity,” says Josh Lauderdale.


Grab Bag
  • John Cerone sends along a couple of anniversary logos: a 50th-anniversary logo for auto parts chain the Parts Authority, and a 40th-anniversary mark for National Night Out, a nationwide community policing initiative.
Comments (19)

    It’s Illinois, silly! As anyone at Nike would tell you, that iconic and distinctive “Illinois 9” in their number font is a dead giveaway. Legend has it that George Halas, Dick Butkus and Red Grange all wrote their 9s like that, and they learned it from the legendary and mythical Chief Illiniwek himself, handed down over the centuries.
    I’m now going to punch myself in the face for that spasm of Nikefied storytelling. But to be fair, it is remarkably easy, I did it in 2 minutes between patients.

    I was going to comment that my only issue with Illinois’ otherwise beautiful uni was that weird 9. I didn’t know there was a history behind it. Thanks for filling me in.

    The number font looks odd to me but I am so glad to see they added outlines. The solid numbers on the old unis always looked off to me.

    Sorry for my convincing ruse. That was entirely nonsense, something I imagine would have been vomited up by a hack at Nike in the name of saying “LOOKATME!!!” by making an ugly font for Illinois for the sake of making it different.

    The number outlines are a major improvement!
    They might be seeing some Top Five action this Fall in the 5&1.

    I watched Jeopardy last night. One contestant answered “Cal Ripken, Jr.” to that clue.

    I mean….WOW.

    The real measurement of rivers, flow, would be a much better soccer team name than Velocity anyway.

    What’s the point of using a convertible for a bullpen car if the top is up? I wonder if it was a pitcher decision.

    A year or two before, the Yankees relievers drove in with a pinstriped Datsun and then a Toyota. The paint job on the older cars puts that Dodge to shame.


    Since Uni Watch appreciates details and accuracy, I need to point out that the Yankees bullpen car was not a sedan. While a sedan may have two or four doors, it must be closed (i.e. have a fixed roof). The car in the video is a convertible.

    Pete Rose sure does look odd on a Dodger cap.

    He modelled that cap and seven others for a Sports Illustrated piece entitled “Rose Might Not Be Red Anymore” in the November 5, 1978 edition.


    Regarding the tweet about Michigan and the new template, one of those players shown – Rod Moore – has the old template.

    I’m maybe one of the few that have no desire to see the Eagles revive the Kelly green – especially if it’s a retread of the Norman Braman ownership era.
    Perhaps the team believes they are ‘saving the best for last’…but after seeing what the Titans, Jets, Vikings, and Bucs have released, it’s ‘too little, too late’ IMO.

    Thanks to CFR Cluj, the ANOB (Advertiser’s Name on Back) should hit NBA courts in time for the 2029-30 season. Ugh.

    Re: Yankees bullpen cars. In the pre-renovation Yankee Stadium, they used a Datsun as a bullpen car, and in the renovated Stadium, they used a Toyota prior to switching to Dodge.

    Datsun: link
    Toyota: link

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