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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 24, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: A jersey ad that’s being worn on more than just the jersey, some items from the first/last days of the two Tours de France, and more.



  • Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol was wearing the ad patch from the team’s blue jerseys on his pullover yesterday. (From Kevin Eckhoff)
  • Some Giants players were asked which cap that they’ve worn is their favorite. (From Joe Farris)
  • Nationals draft picks have been wearing red caps at their signing press conferences, even though the team’s been wearing caps with a white front panel lately. (From William F. Yurasko)


  • The collegiate summer Western Canadian Baseball League’s Okotoks Dawgs wore breast cancer awareness jerseys yesterday. (From Mike Styczen)
  • You might remember Paul’s piece from a few years ago on the Hebrew Nationals, an Albuquerque softball team that got to use the hot dog maker’s name and logo. The team’s jersey appeared — it looks like on the city’s director of parks and recreation — in a picture that ran with an Albuquerque Journal story yesterday about a new softball field. (From Frank Mercogliano)


  • In case you’ve missed it circulating over the past few weeks, Division III SUNY-Morrisville installed a black field for next season. It won’t just be used for football; it looks like it also has markings for men’s and women’s lacrosse, soccer, and maybe field hockey. (from @weirdsportmerch)
  • Illinois apparently plans to unveil new uniforms today. (From @IlliniMort)


  • The Redblacks wore black for an away game yesterday against the Stampeders, creating a color vs. color game. (From Wade Heidt and Johnny Woods)
  • A new renovation includes “tunnel suites” being installed at the Los Angeles arena used by the Lakers, Clippers, and Sparks, allowing suite patrons to enter via the same tunnels used by the players.


  • There are eight women’s World Cup captain’s armbands and any one can be worn for any game, but some teams are making clear which ones they’ll wear. England are planning on a different one for each group game, while Germany captain Alexandra Popp said they’ll wear the one highlighting violence against women for the entire tournament. In the US’s first game, they wore the one saying “United for Inclusion.
  • England: New second shirt for Leicester City of the Women’s Super League/men’s Championship.
  • England: New second shirt for West Ham United of both top tiers. On a white shirt, they whited out the badge — you really can’t see it in some of the pictures — while the betting ad is black, because of course they did that.
  • England: New second shirt for Manchester United, confirming earlier leaks. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • France: New Marseille striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is on his fifth different number at club level in the last two years. (From Denis Hurley)
  • Germany: New third shirt for Hamburger SV of the men’s 2. Bundesliga.
  • Germany: New purple-on-purple home shirt for Osnabrück of the 3. Liga. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Italy: New away kits for Udinese Calcio. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Italy: Here’s a breakdown of the equipment providers of the men’s Serie A for next season. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Japan: Iwaki FC, of the men’s J2 League, released a shirt to be worn twice in September based in part on Futabasaurus suzukii, a plesiosaur discovered in Fukushima Prefecture where the team is based. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Scotland: New third shirt for Dunfermline Athletic of the men’s second tier.
  • Lidl-Trek rider Elisa Balsamo has a new iridescent bike design for the women’s Tour de France that started yesterday. Her teammates also have their own designs.
  • The men’s Tour de France ended yesterday. Another Lidl-Trek rider, Giulio Ciccone, won the polka-dot jersey and had a matching bike yesterday.
  • Bahrain-Victorious put the number of one of their riders, Gino Mäder, as a memorial gesture in the front of their team bus yesterday at the men’s race, though I’m not sure if it’s been there the entire time or not. Mäder died last month following a crash at the men’s Tour de Suisse, and it was his dossard from that race.
  • In Premier Rugby Sevens, the American rugby sevens competitions that tour around the country but also give their teams “locations,” the New York Locals and Southern Headliners’ men’s teams played a pink vs. pink matchup. PR7s teams only appear to have one jersey, so that matchup must occur often. (From John Gaddis)
  • A blog covering Australia’s men’s National Rugby League looked at players’ sock heights, and specifically whether low socks are becoming more common.
Grab Bag
  • The new eighth team in Australia’s Super Netball that replaces the departing Collingwood will remain as the second team in Melbourne, with a name to be determined.
  • The latest episode of the podcast The Economics of Everyday Things is about the finances and marketing challenges of running a bowling center.
  • As you may have heard or noticed, Twitter has a new logo, with a stylized “X” replacing the ubiquitous bird. Here’s a really interesting thread about how the bird logo was designed. (Thanks, Anthony)
Comments (18)

    SUNY-Morrisville, have you lost your ever lovin’ mind? There are better ways to get attention than to be the first school to sautee your athletes on a cast iron skillet of a field.

    And a lot of schools have multi-lined multi-purpose fields. I kick on several high school turf fields and they all have different color lines for different sports.

    Jesus, clicking on a Uni-Watch link and being accosted by the giant, foreboding “X” instead of that cute little blue bird is a real shock to the system. That Elon Musk fella really is an a$$hole, isn’t he?

    Lots of people are a-holes for lots of reasons, but I don’t think changing to a logo you dislike really qualifies as one of them.

    Oh, trust me. My opinion of Elon Musk was formed long before he changed the Twitter logo. Just confirms my beliefs.

    I don’t know how to link an image to my comment, but any horologists out there will see a similarity between the new Twitter “X” logo and the “X” Seiko uses for its Prospex line of watches.

    Yep, they play field hockey on it. My daughter played in college and played against Morrisville on that field when it was green. One thing that stands out in my memory of going to see her play there was that it was the only time I ever paid admission to see a D3 field hockey game.

    Giulio Ciccone really went all out once he took the number one spot in the polka dot jersey standings: polka dot bibs, socks, helmet, and bike. It’s by far the most garish leaders jersey in the tour, and I admire that he went all in. (Though personally, I’d stay far, far away from mostly white bike shorts.)

    You may look at those Stampeders shoulder stripes and say they’re unusual. Actually I got used to them right away.
    Kind of like the Michigan Wolverine helmets. Unusual but not gaudy.

    It is the product of the Stampeders having their new uniforms be a way back throwback nod to their old-timey uniforms. I wonder if the Stampeders’ fans in the 1940s thought the stripes were unusual.


    Not a fan of the RedBlacks wearing black against a team wearing red. It’s all about the lack of contrast, which is what’s important when a game is color vs color.

    Not sure if it is a league rule but it is noticed. The league seems to make sure that teams don’t wear the same colour pants when teams play each other. For example, the Roughriders wearing their green pants on the road instead of white pants when visiting the Stampeders with the white pants.

    The Redblacks only wear white pants with the white jerseys. Could be a reason we ended up getting this otherwise random colour vs. colour?

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