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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 22, 2022

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In today’s ticker we have fashion-designer Italian soccer kits, the Rams’ new Super Bowl ring design, and one of the biggest soccer teams in the world borrows something from an NFL team.



  • The Rams have unveiled their Super Bowl rings.
  • Also posted in the soccer section: The Patriots provided one of their two planes to FC Barcelona to fly from Miami to Las Vegas. Who knew Bob Kraft was a culé? (From @DTABR)


  • Here’s our best pic yet of the new Texas jerseys, dropping the TV numbers and the Longhorn collar logo.
  • New turf at Notre Dame Stadium. The gold outline of the midfield logo appears to be slightly more yellow than it had been previously. (From Steven Luft)


  • The Sixers have unveiled plans to build a new arena in the Center City neighborhood by 2031.


  • Spain: Cross-posted from the football section: The Patriots provided one of their two planes to FC Barcelona to fly from Miami to Las Vegas. Who knew Bob Kraft was a culé? (From @DTABR)
  • Germany: Bayern Munich is in the Washington area following their preseason match against DC United, and a team delegation stopped by the Pentagon to give the Department of Defense a jersey with the number “9/11” and the NOB “Never Forget.” (From @nine2schenn)
  • Italy: Venezia may have been relegated from Serie A to Serie B for this season, but their kits are still going to be drop dead gorgeous. Reader Scott Barkett calls them some of the most sought after kits in the world, and considering they wouldn’t look out of place on a Milan runway, it’s difficult to see that changing this season. (From Antonio Losada)
  • South Africa: Orlando Pirates, perhaps the biggest club in South Africa, have unveiled their new kits. (Thanks, Phil)
Grab Bag
  • New logo for the left-wing periodical Jacobin.
Comments (9)

    The Rams’ rings are nice but I hope that the trend of convertible rings isn’t one for the long term. They’re already gaudy enough, that top coming off is almost a guarantee someone will lose it. Sidenote: “BECKHAM JR” on the ring looks ridiculous. The suffix shouldn’t be on the jersey unless your dad is also on the team, but that fight has been lost. It’s bad enough. His last name is Beckham, that should be good enough for the ring.
    And the Sixers can’t find a better way to spend a billion dollars in Philadelphia than this? A vanity project of a stadium nobody asked for in a high-traffic area ill-suited for an arena until mass transit improves (which it won’t, this is Philadelphia after all… don’t @ me, born and raised here, still call it home) is a horrible idea. We have bigger problems.

    Also from Philly… where the hell is there space in center city not only for the arena itself but also the parking lots and whatnot. Traffic is gonna be awful. (On the bright side there’s still 9 years for them to change their minds)

    Personally, this arena announcement strikes me as something that we’ll only hear bits and pieces about for the next couple years until finally we hear about it being scrapped.

    My least favorite thing about the rings is that it only has one Lombardi on it, normally teams will add one for each ‘ship and it’s sad to see them ignore their franchise’s success in St. Louis

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