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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 21, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: Some gross news regarding the Bengals’ stadium, MLB renderings in the style of Grand Theft Auto, the Miami Hurricanes retire their turnover chain, NHL and EPL rankings, and more.



  • In the 1976 All-Star Game, Reds 2B Joe Morgan and OF George Foster had inconsistent cap logos. (From Brice Wallace)
  • A bunch of MLB illustrations rendered in the style of Grand Theft Auto? Sure, why not. (Thanks, Anthony)




  • Seriously gross news out of Cincinnati, where the Bengals are reportedly close to changing Paul Brown Stadium’s name into a corporate advertisement. Note that the team’s current owner/president is Paul Brown’s son, Mike Brown, so he’s literally selling out the family name.
  • Speaking of the Bengals, they will induct former players Willie Anderson and Isaac Curtis into their ring of honor during halftime of their Sept. 29 home game against the Dolphins.
  • Following up on yesterday’s release of the Giants’ new throwbacks, team exec Pete Guelli revealed that they’ll wear their mono-white CR alts for the Monday-night Sept. 26 game against the Cowboys. (From @ThatRodneyGuy)
  • Mary Wilson, the widow of Bills founder Ralph Wilson, wore a 1964 AFL championship ring on Tuesday for the groundbreaking of a new Buffalo park that will be named after her late husband. (From @ScottyBeats86)
  • The Panthers, who had already released a photo gallery featuring their their new black helmet, have new released a new photo gallery about the making of the first photo gallery. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Little-known fact: Former Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw occasionally punted. Here he is doing that in a 1977 preseason game while wearing a single-bar facemask! Never seen him wearing that before. (From Johnny Garfield)


  • New Miami coach Mario Cristobal says the team will no longer use its “turnover chain,” which was a gold chain worn by players on the sideline after forcing a turnover. It had been in use since 2017.





  • Rich Canulli recently acquired two gorgeous old Hershey Bears jackets — one that he says is from the early 1930s and the other from 1945.



  • Everyone knows Pete Maravich famously wore droopy socks in college. But did you know he also did that in high school? (From James Gilbert)


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Comments (14)

    Thank you for clarifying where to find the Tickers! I would go back to articles and scroll, but this format is great :)

    The trademarked Saskatchewan Roughriders logo is a disaster. If this logo is ever used, it may be just for merchandise or some type of third uniform possibly. For example, the BC Lions have a couple of logos they use on merchandise but they are not a logos that would be used to represent the team or on uniforms.

    There is no way this will be used as a primary logo at all. If it indeed will ever be considered to be used by the Riders.

    Sorry, don’t see the similarities in the logos for the elementary school. To me it looks more like the NRA eagle or the WPA eagle from Roosevelt’s days.

    It doesn’t look like either one of those. They are both facing the other way. It most resembles the Nazi symbol. Why is that so hard to admit?

    I can point you to representations of the German Eagle used in WWII by the 3rd Reich numbskulls looking both left and right. To me there is a passing resemblance, but it’s not “similar”.

    There is plenty of Germanic and US heraldry uses eagles in a more geometric representation looking both left and right, which resemble this school’s eagle. Many other countries use the Eagle in heraldic ways.

    It’s quite a stretch to say the Georgia elementary school logo resembles the Nazi insignia. The eagle is also a common symbol of the US and is used in many different ways.

    In reference to Mike Brown selling the naming rights to Paul Brown Stadium, just reaffirms my belief that the rich are the greediest people on the planet, always wanting more, and more is never enough.

    I distrust the rich as much as anyone else does but I think it may have more to do with Mike Brown being one of the most cash poor owners in football and understanding that he’ll have to put money in escrow in order to field a competitive offer to re-sign Joe Burrow now that the QB market is what it is. Don’t know if that’s the whole reason but it seems the most likely to me.

    BTW, Paul, while I agree with your basic sentiment, what is up with using the term “gross” to decribe this particular issue. Are you trying to attract the teenage audience? I’ve noticed you are fond of describing things that you don’t approve of as being “gross” but shouldn’t that term be limited to things that are actually gross, like roadkill, vomit, etc?

    Actually, I only use “gross” to describe developments relating to the encroachment of advertising — not just “things I don’t approve of.”

    Jeez, Bradshaw’s almost completely whiffing on that punt, it looks like. I can see why he gave it up.

    The first thought I had to the Georgia Elementary school logo, was the La Raza or United Farm Workers eagle.

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