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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 18, 2022

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The first Ticker on the new site features a nearly-unbuttoned MLB player, an NHL jersey-themed cake, lots of new soccer shirts, and an anachronistic Formula One car.




  • The in-stadium announcer for Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines got a commemorative jersey for her 2,000th game (from Jeremy Brahm).





  • We’ve had a few items recently about the Canucks now having two players named Elias Pettersson. In a related item, the Capitals had coach Peter Laviolette’s son, who is also named Peter Laviolette, attend the team’s development camp.
  • Recent Rangers draft pick Adam Sykora’s younger sister celebrated his first pro contract by baking him a Rangers jersey-themed cake (from Mike Chamernik).







Auto Racing
  • If you’re unaware, NASCAR plays “O Canada” at three of the closest tracks to the Canadian border — New Hampshire, Michigan, and Watkins Glen, N.Y. — because of the high number of Canadian fans who come down to attend (from Trevor Williams).
  • W Series driver Abbi Pulling drove the 2012 Lotus E20 Formula One car in the buildup to the F1 British Grand Prix a few weeks ago. But it had this season’s livery from Alpine, which was known as Lotus at the time, so of course the car didn’t actually look like that when it was active.
  • The Volleyball Nations Leagues are bringing back the Equal Jersey program, which last year had men’s and women’s players wearing each other’s NOBs but now appears to have its own design (from Jeremy Brahm).
  • Also from Jeremy: Italian volleyball player Elena Pietrini doesn’t wear knee pads, which appears to be unusual because Jeremy says it’s male players that don’t often wear them.
Grab Bag
  • The Athletes Unlimited lacrosse league has new jerseys.
  • Australian Football League club Fremantle’s men’s team is wearing a late-’90s throwback later this season (also from Trevor Williams).
  • Adidas released the very abstract outfit for its tennis players to wear for pre-US Open events. “Yes, Adidas players are really going to wear this,” says our own Brinke Guthrie.
Comments (38)

    Regarding Manchester City’s traveling party including former players: Premier League teams tend to hire popular former players as “club ambassadors” to make appearances on be half of the club. Tottenham had a former player come along on their recent trip to South Korea.

    Speaking of Tottenham, those new second kits with the black, purple, and neon green elements is, for my money, the worst kit I’ve ever seen on Spurs. Often times a soccer uniform will look unimpressive off the field, but then somehow look better once you can see it in action, but that is not this case for those kits. Woof.

    Agreed about the Spurs 2nd kit. It looks like what most teams would wear for training or pre-match.

    Removing the neon green insert from the neckline would be a massive improvement, I think. I still wouldn’t be thrilled about the purple body with the black raglan sleeve style, but at least then it wouldn’t be embarrassing. Fortunately, if the leaks are accurate, the third kit is much more interesting.

    I am well aware that club ambassadors are a thing, I just wasn’t sufficiently convinced that that’s what they are because I couldn’t find the club describing them as such.

    Sorry Jamie, I didn’t intend to come across snarky in my comment, just trying to share additional context!

    Spurs away kit looked good on the field against Sevilla over the weekend, but when it’s not in action it looks like a tribute to Dory from Finding Nemo.

    Not sure I’d agree it looked good on the field, but maybe it’ll just take some getting used to. If the last couple years are any indication, they tend to wear the third kit more than the away kit anyway.

    True. They wore that hideous green third kit in famous Champions League matches in 2019. The top is terrible, but the image of Lucas Moura leaping into the air at Ajax makes it sentimental.

    That Rangers jersey cake celebrating Sykora’s drafting is surprisingly close to its inspiration! Impressive job by the little sister!

    This new ticker format rocks. Love how the football, baseball, hockey puck etc are in-house colors.

    I’ll miss Peter Puck.
    Crossed sticks would look sharp in green and gold.
    And auto racing finally gets its’ due…love the helmet treatment!

    That adidas tennis outfit for pre-U.S. Open tourneys is pretty crazy, even by present-day standards.

    As an old-school journalist myself, I always appreciated the “dot-dot-dot” format of the old ticker! I have to admit, though, the bulleted lists are much easier to read. Fairly often in the past I would miss an item and only be alerted to it by a comment.

    The only (extremely) minor design note I might give is that I’m not sure the headers for the individual sports are big enough, or maybe the subheads for each sport are too big. I think it’s less a matter of actual font size than that script tends to “read” smaller that roman type. Not sure how much you can tweak the sizes there to come to a better balance.

    “USA Today ranked the NFL away uniforms”

    Of course the writer doesn’t Get It… and “spiffy” is not a word one should use to describe the Rams dishwater duds.

    Putting the Dolphins at #5 invalidates any points they were trying to make.

    And this line about the Dallas white jerseys – “A look so nice the team deploys it for home games throughout the season as well.”

    Uh, that’s because they ARE their home jerseys. Either review the Dallas blues for this list or call the article a ranking of NFL white jersey uniforms.

    Of course, professional sports media should know that the NFL technically doesn’t have “home” and “road” uniforms, it has primaries and secondaries, with the home team getting to decide what it will use and the road team having to adjust. This is why we used to get the great stories of the Cowboys’ rivals deliberately wearing their white uniforms to force the ‘Pokes to wear the cursed blue. GUD nerds know that before the 1960s the secondaries were often not even in team colors and were only worn by teams on the road when their primaries clashed with the home team’s. Very much like in soccer. Thus the Cardinal’s very rare royal blue secondaries.

    Cool to split up the comments between main and ticker sections. I get it!
    Enjoying the new layout and looking forward to the adjustments I’ll be making! ;-)

    This new format looks fantastic! So much easier to read (or not read the parts I don’t want to read). Congrats!

    Interesting that the “McPaper” listing of the NFL road unis featured the superior 2005-2020 NY Giants grey pants (which they misidentified as silver…ugghhh) not the brutal white pants they switched to last year.

    A classic team, such as the Giants, should also be wearing black cleats… AND should bring back the old-school grey pants (home and away!)

    I get that the Titans uniforms are polarizing, but to call their away uniforms the worst in the whole league? Ouch…

    I think I like the new blog format. However, please, please, please ditch the gray text. Make it black, which is much more readable. As you’ve noted in the past, contrast matters.

    Really liking the site redesign, but it’s currently grey or dark grey in most places, especially in the comments.


    It usually takes me a while to adjust to a new format but right off the bat, the placement of the reply button in the comment section is a huge plus. I used to accidentally hit reply with my fat fingers while scrolling through the old format. Good job!!!

    Great job on the new site! Also, re: the Adidas US Open duds – the 90s are all the way back!

    Having watched the M’s game yesterday, per the M’s broadcasters, there was apparently some issue with Boroucki’s buttons, not so much that he was unbuttoning them but that they wouldn’t stay buttoned.

    WHAT IS THAT TENNIS KIT!!!??? IT IS SO BAD!! The people at adidas have fully lost their minds.

    Alex, that tennis shirt goes right up there with the Colorado Caribous and the 1999 Ryder Cup shirts. Wow. My eyes bleed.

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