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Uni Watch News Ticker for July 10, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Come for the reason why George Brett once wore two different shoes, stay for puppies.



  • Reds SS Elly De La Cruz has an ice cream-themed sliding glove. (From Nicklaus Wallmeyer)
  • Reader John Fitzgerald found a 1983 New York Times piece explaining a Ticker item from yesterday as to why Royals 3B George Brett wore two different shoes in that year’s All-Star Game. He also sends along a similar incident from 2013 where Dodgers LF Carl Crawford, not wanting to choose between blue and white shoes for Jackie Robinson Day, got fined for wearing one of each.


  • In the latest occurrence of major league equipment appearing in the minors, Atlanta P Max Fried is rehabbing with the Triple-A Gwinnett Stripers and brought his Atlanta pants. (From Matt Lally)


  • Earlier this year, Ontario’s government worked with the developers of MLB The Show 23 to include the 1930s Chatham Coloured All-Stars in the game. There’s now an expansion team called the Chatham-Kent Barnstormers, calling back to that team, in the Southern Ontario amateur Intercounty Baseball League. More here. (From @sheds88)


  • Arkansas State has a new logo for the 50th season of its stadium. (From Kary Klismet)
  • “Here’s an interesting piece on Georgia’s alternate helmet history, which includes a discussion of how legendary Bulldogs coach Vince Dooley almost chose a white helmet for the team when he took over the program in the mid-’60s,” says Kary Klismet.




  • Here’s how former NHL goalie Kelly Hrudey came up with his trademark bandanas while with the Islanders. (From @fullgrownnut)
  • NPR’s Weekend Edition did a story on the Granny Basketball League, an over-50 women’s league that aims for a 1920s vibe in its uniforms and its rules, which resemble bygone six-on-six high school girls’ basketball. The piece briefly describes the uniforms and the league’s website also has a picture of the current Iowa state champions, the Cedar Rapids Sizzlers. (From Steven Fidrych)


  • The NWSL’s San Diego Wave’s starting lineup walked onto the field before Saturday’s game holding adoptable puppies from a local shelter.
  • Additionally, the Wave’s sleeve ad is a beer brand but it appears that players under 21 don’t wear it. The Wave have a couple of such young players, including winger Jaedyn Shaw pictured there.
  • Four MLS teams are apparently in line to get third shirts based on some aspect of each city’s culture. The first one of those is Toronto FC, who wore theirs on Saturday. Toronto’s tied in with a “Caribbean Heritage Night” promotion and the Toronto Caribbean Festival.


  • Last week, FIFA agreed to let women’s World Cup hosts Australia and New Zealand fly the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Māori flags along with the respective national flags at tournament venues.
  • A lot of the WWC designs are honestly pretty basic, but one nice touch is Zambia’s flag-striped socks. (From Michael Driscoll)
  • Fans recently voted on a name for the bear mascot for the men’s Euro 2024 in Germany. The name “Albärt” won out over several others that were all puns on the German “Bär” for “bear.” (From Kary Klismet)
  • Meanwhile, the mascot for the 2023 men’s Africa Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire was revealed on Friday. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Germany: New second shirt for Eintracht Frankfurt of both top tiers.
  • Greece: Olympiacos’s new first shirt was revealed last week and worn for the first time yesterday. (From @PhillyGreek11)
  • Netherlands: New first shirt for Twente of both top tiers.
  • Poland: Two new shirts for Korona Kielce of the men’s top tier. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Russia: Lokomotiv Moscow have apparently switched outfitters to Joma from Adidas. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Scotland: New second shirt for Hibernian of both top tiers.
  • Scotland: When I wrote about Aberdeen’s new second shirt, I mentioned that a writer from an area newspaper, The Press and Journal, put together pictures of every Aberdeen second shirt he could find in color. He’s done the same for the first shirt now that it’s likely to be released soon.
  • South Africa: This is allegedly the new first shirt for Orlando Pirates of the men’s top tier. (From Kary Klismet)
Auto Racing
  • Here’s an overview of a number of helmet designs worn at this weekend’s Formula One British Grand Prix, also including some teams’ liveries that we did cover last week. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Scotland’s men’s national rugby union team has unveiled its 2023 Rugby World Cup kits. (From Sy Hart)
  • Also from Sy: “South Africa’s Men’s U20 team wore the Springboks’ new Nike away kit in their loss to Ireland Sunday at the World Rugby U20 Championship. They wore the Springboks’ previous Asics home kit (with sponsor MTN blanked out) in their three group stage matches.”
  • India’s national teams recently switched outfitters to Adidas. The women’s Twenty20 team is playing a three-game series starting yesterday and so is debuting new shirts. (From Kary Klismet)
Grab Bag
  • Yesterday, Australian Football League club North Melbourne’s men’s team wore a blue version of their clash guernsey featuring a large bounding kangaroo on the front. The design refers to the club’s nickname and has appeared on and off in the 20-some years that AFL clash designs have existed but usually on white or white and blue stripes.
  • Yesterday’s All-Ireland hurling semifinal between Clare and Kilkenny was another example of Gaelic Athletic Association teams’ aversion to clash kits. It was a yellow vs. gold-and-black stripes matchup that is fine up close but not at the wide angle that Gaelic games are usually seen from. (From Denis Hurley)
  • The city of Warsaw revealed plans to replace an aging athletics stadium closed since 2019 for safety reasons. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Florida’s Democratic Party has a new logo. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • “If you find railroad design interesting, be it engines, rolling stock, or logos, you would like this channel” on YouTube, says David Firestone.
  • The Premier Lacross League celebrated Indigenous Heritage weekend with special uniforms designed by a member of the Ojibwe tribe. Here is each team’s uniforms, which resulted in several color-vs.-color matchups: Waterdogs vs. Chrome; Cannons vs. Atlas; Redwoods vs. Chaos; Whipsnakes vs. Archers. (From Jared Buccola)
Comments (13)

    The Grand Canyon University tweet was a joke response to MLB draft misnaming them during a draft pick.

    Proofreading on the Arkansas State item in the college football section: it’s the 50th season for the stadium, not its 50th anniversary. It debuted in 1974. /pedantry :^)

    I don’t hate that Lions black over gray combo. Reminded me a bit of one of the many combos Okie State busted out in the past. link

    They also used the inverse combo: link

    I agree that the black/orange/grey combo looks good. And I like both the BC Lions’ look and (in a vacuum) Okie Sate’s unis (with a preference for the black jerseys over grey pants). I will admit, though, that I always bristle when the Cowboys wear grey because it’s not one of their school colors and it always feels GFGS to me whenever the do it.

    Unexpected combo as this is only the 2nd time the BC Lions have worn the new black jersey. Earlier than expected mix and match. Uniforms were unveiled with grey pants for the road grey jerseys and black pants at home with the black jerseys.

    The interesting thing about the “new” grey pants for the Lions is they look a lot like the pants the team wore in the 1970s.


    As a former longtime Iowa resident, I love the Granny Basketball League story. Thanks, Steven Fidrych, for sharing it!

    Same. I remember having to play 6-on-6 in high school gym class (which were co-ed) because that’s what the girls played and our teachers thought the girls couldn’t run the whole court. The girls all wanted to play 5-on-5 though. And, invariably, some boy who had to play guard would shoot from half court out of protest.

    Similar to the George Brett shoes situation, I recall in my youth seeing Richie Hebner of the Pirates with a hole cut in one of his shoes to relieve the pressure caused by an injured or swollen toe.

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