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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 5, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: An MLB/death-metal crossover, the new MLS ball design, and a lot more.



  • Someone on Twitter reimagined 20 MLB team logos as death metal band logos. (From Colin Wimbles)
  • Here’s a video that takes a preliminary look at plans for the Rays’ proposed new stadium. (From Kary Klismet)



  • DII school University of Texas Permian Basin has a very cool helmet logo. (From Patrick Murphy)
  • Here’s the story of how some Naval Academy Midshipmen attempted to steal all four of West Point’s live mule mascots in 1991. (From Kary Klismet)







  • England: Wolves right-back Nélson Semedo’s jersey badge was upside-down yesterday. (From Adam Ruehmer)
  • France: Lorient has a new “collector’s shirt” that their men’s team wore in Ligue 1 last week. “Because of the shirt’s background pattern, the number and NOB were on a white patch, which looked really bad,” says our own Jamie Rathjen.
  • Cape Verde: Following up on an item from yesterday’s Ticker, Cape Verde is renaming its national stadium in honor of Pelé. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Korea: New home and road shirts for top-tier club Incheon United. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Canada: Here are some renderings of the proposed new stadium Toronto is building for the 2026 men’s World Cup:
Auto Racing
  • Fans are unhappy with F1 team Haas’s new logo.
  • Buried within this page is the news that Patrick Cantlay’s apparel deal with Hugo Boss has expired. He’s looking for a new endorsement contract.
  • A company in Osaka, Japan, has created a bicycle helmet made out of discarded scallop shells, called the Shellmet. (From Kary Klismet)
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    Well that Islanders’ logo can’t be unseen. Just like the bottom fork of the Bears’ wishbone C.

    The guys in that Rays stadium presentation had all the energy of accountants at a life insurance symposium. Hilarious. -C.

    A bit more about the OHL’s London Knights “throwbacks”. This uniforms really a combination of past uniforms, especially when factoring the black equipment.

    Both the logo and the jersey crest are throwback but were not worn together. I have linked the 2 old looks below. The jersey was worn before this jersey crest. Of course, this crest is close to their current crest but features a large “L” with the knight head.



    Another notable uni detail about Czechia at the World Juniors. They have a decal of their flag on their visors. Don’t often see a decal on the visors.


    True. Looking at things glass half full, we have seen more just kelly green and yellow back in recent years. The Oakland A’s with their alternate look. Who can deny we’ve received this huge treat from the Minnesota Wild because of RR:


    Possible we may see more green and yellow in the future? Still waiting for the NBA to expand to 32 teams. May see some beautiful Seattle Supersonics unis in the great new arena there (though I would rather see an NBA rebirth in Vancouver in the NBA expansion mix but understand the realities).

    At my old high school the basketball team wore kelly green and the football team wore hunter green. I played football and always thought hunter green was the best. Matter of fact the basketball team was the only sports team to wear kelly green.

    Been nice to see the INSIDE of a proposed ball park. The energy in that presentation…….I waited for “Bueller Bueller Bueller”

    Enthusiasm for the Rays in general is as abundant as the parking spaces featured in that design, which is not exactly a jaw-dropper. Guess they counting on new Gas Plant District residents (multi-family and workforce housing is incorporated in the plan) and those who still commute to an office to regularly attend games…while the community in place gets pie-in-the-sky promises just like they did when the Trop got built?
    I like to see Mayflower Moving´s proposal ; )

    The Rays’ stadium unveiling appears to be just a sit-down with some reporters rather than an official “presentation” video. I much prefer this type of low-key announcement to some glitzy, arty, loud-music, hyperbolic, pretentious, visual hype job.

    BTW, that building that looks like a toddler stacked some toy blocks (left-center at the 1:05 mark) is utterly hideous!

    About time DC United had a cherry blossom kit. For those who aren’t aware, there was a draft designed several years ago with a similar design in mind, which got rejected (I can’t remember whether that decision was made by DCU, the MLS central office, or Adidas).

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