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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 4, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: A big cap for a big Cap, some beautifully hand-stitched MLB logos, and more.



  • A Redditor posted a series of hand-embroidered team logos from the early 1990s. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • New uni number assignments for the Red Sox.
  • We’ve talked before about MLB coaches having small pockets sewn in the front of their uniform pants. Here are two more examples: Cubs coach Jack Bloomfield (left) and manager Jim Marshall. (From Joanna Zwiep)


  • The NHL’s Buffalo Sabres at their game last night wearing T-shirts supporting Bills S Damar Hamlin. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • 49ers QB Brock Purdy’s jersey from his first two career starts will head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame after he became the first QB in team history to win his first three starts.
  • Mono-teal for the Jaguars on Saturday after a fan vote.


  • Just in case you don’t know already: Here’s why Penn State is called the Nittany Lions. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Players who participated in the College Football Playoff semifinals received some swag, including personalized footballs and tabletop griddles. (From John Cerone)


  • Capitals F Alex Ovechkin scored a hat trick on Saturday. Someone threw a giant Capitals cap onto the ice in celebration, and Ovechkin wore it briefly. (From Max Weintraub)
  • Cross-listed from the football section: The Sabres arrived at warmups last night wearing T-shirts supporting Buffalo Bills S Damar Hamlin. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Red helmets for the Hurricanes again on the road last night. Third straight road game they’ve done that. (From Gabe Cornwall)


  • Kings PF/C Chimezie Metu’s charity foundation has built a new community basketball court in his hometown of Nnewi, Nigeria. (From Kary Klismet)




  • Spain: New shirt for Deportivo La Coruña. Their hype video really leans into the “sustainable” aspect of the shirt. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • FIFA President Gianni Infantino suggested that every country should name a stadium in honor of the late soccer legend Pelé. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New unannounced shirt ad for the India men’s national team.
Grab Bag
  • The boys’ lacrosse team from Wahconah Regional High School in Massachusetts received championship rings for winning the state title last spring. (This, and the next three items, are from Kary Klismet)
  • New logo for Longwood of Australia’s Kyabram District Football Netball League.
  • There’s apparently a booming market for old Irish sports jerseys.
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Comments (6)

    Gotta love players complaining about their swag when they’re getting a fully paid scholarship, top of the line care, AND many have made big money with NIL deals. This attitude is why I’m not watching even college sports like I used to.

    Trey, they don’t get a salary. I’d love it if my company gave me swag, free medical care, and tuition, but I wouldn’t trade my salary for that stuff.

    Football players especially have been paid a “salary” since the 1950’s. Their “salary” was either pay for “no-show jobs,” new cars, or envelopes of cash. I’m not the “old man yells at cloud stereotype,” I graduated from a Power 5 school as did friends of mine. We saw it firsthand on a regular basis. I have long said that ALL “student-athletes” should be paid like any other university student worker; 19.5 hours per week at the going rate. It’s when entitlement like this is put on full display that is problematic. Every student athlete should take heed of what happened during this week’s MNF game. You’re one play away from having to use your backup career plan, so don’t act like an arrogant p@#$k when things are going your way.

    Those stitched baseball logos are great… I’ve recently begun getting into cross stitch- something like this would be a great next project for me. Man, some of these are really clunky though! (To say nothing of the Braves and Indians logos)

    I like the Canes wearing the red helmets with the road whites. I think more teams should do it as long as they contrast with the home team.

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