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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan 26, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: An NFL captaincy patch in an unusual place, a college hoops jersey retirement, and more.








  • The upcoming All-Star festivities will include a mascot showdown.
  • The Senators have added a helmet decal in support of assistant coach Bob Jones, who’s fighting ALS. (Thanks, Jerry)





G League



  • Seattle Sounders fans aren’t happy about the the team’s new shirt advertiser. (From Warren Junium)
  • U.S. Soccer will leave an empty press box seat for writer Grant Wahl at every USMNT/USWNT home game until the 2026 men’s World Cup. Last night’s game also featured a press box memorial for Wahl, featuring a jersey and flowers. (Thanks, Jamie)


Grab Bag
  • Green Mountain Unified School District in Vermont will no longer call its teams the Chieftains. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New First Nations-themed kit for the NLL’s Vancouver Warriors. (From Wade Heidt)
  • New livery in the works for NYC police cars. (From John Flaherty)
  • Speaking of liveries, a commemorative decal for aviation engineer Joe Sutter has been applied to the last Boeing 747 ever manufactured. (From Bryan Martin Firvida)
  • This is cool: Every men’s and women’s player who plays a game for the Glenelg Football Club — that’s an Aussie rules team — is honored with a little commemorative plaque on the boundary picket fence that runs around the team’s field. (From Graham Clayton)
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    Is the captaincy patch on Mahomes’ hoodie new? I coulda sworn I remembered him doing this in the playoffs last year

    To Aaron’s comment: Agree. the design was applied backwards The Brian’s logo is on the roll, which is the outside of the pad. The buckles are there too, and like catcher’s shin guards, the buckles have to be on the outside.

    I was wondering where that item went when I came back. Anyway, that locker room photo made me think of two things:

    1. I miss old-school bumpy goalie pads. I admit I don’t know if there’s a performance benefit to the modern flat pads, and it may be easier to produce flashier designs on the flat surfaces, but to me, they just lack the character of the old bumpy pads.

    2. If the pads had been designed to have the cactus on the inside of the leg, as suggested by the locker room pic, instead of the outside, it would’ve drawn attention to the five-hole… and that got me thinking of Patrick Roy’s pads with the Avalanche, where he had a white section flaring outward from the inside knee area to the outside of his feet, creating the illusion of a bigger five-hole.

    We knew about the Canes jersey, since it had leaked… twice, in fact, since it was originally planned for the cancelled 2021 Stadium Series game, with the 2023 version receiving some slight tweaks.

    As for the Caps, well… fans have been asking for the Weagle for pretty much the last 16 years, ever since its debut on the shoulders of the Reebok Edge Caps jerseys, and now that it’s finally front and center… whoa nelly! They’re not going to miss that logo from the upper rows at Carter-Finley… or from the freakin’ moon, for that matter!

    “Seattle Sounders fans aren’t happy about the the team’s new shirt advertiser.”

    – Not once in that article does anyone complain that the Sounders have a giant honking ad across the front of their shirts. They gripe about who the advertiser is, but not advertisements in general. Talk about not seeing the forest from the trees. If readers out there wonder why some of us have a hard time taking soccer in the U.S. seriously, here is a prime example.

    Portland Timbers play in Providence Park in Portland, OR. They don’t seem to have issue with Providence as an Advertiser.

    On the Broncos upgrades. Using “in stadium wifi” seems kind of risky. Why do folks even need wifi in the stadium to begin with?

    Also ticket apps (because more and more venues are going paper ticket-less), purchasing apps (because why bother with a wallet), and probably some more I’m not coming up with off the top of my head.

    It’s 2023 and some people still think only hardcore-sit-there-and-watch-the-game-and-only-the-game types go to games.


    Cell service for tens of thousands of close-by people can be slow. Someone in front of me at the last Steeler game brought up the end of the Dolphins-Jets game on his phone, and the image was splotchy.

    It occurred to me when Demar Hamlin was hurt in Cincinnati that before smart phones, the people in the stands would have had no idea what was going on, since Hamlin was surrounded and the video boards (correctly) won’t show what’s happening.

    Last night, Xavier men’s wore throwbacks agsinst UConn. What makes it unique is that the uni featured gold trim – and I have never seen X in gold before.

    Never cared for the gray face masks the Seahawks were born in, and while I disliked the hawk-head sleeve striped jersey that came later, I loved the blue yap-protectors.
    So my vote for there best uni combo is from 1994 (worn for 1 game vs SD):

    I love that the article about the Astros’ program quotes Durocher as saying “astern over teakettle,” when he very probably spoke the actual common phrase “ass over teakettle.”

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