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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 25, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some Lunar New Year-related uni news, lots of college men’s basketball news, and more.



  • The Hickory Crawdads, affiliate of the Rangers, will become the Hickory Dickory Docks for three games in August. (From multiple readers)




  • In a move that should’ve happened way sooner, the Maulers of the USFL will change their color scheme from the purple and orange of the 1984 team to black and gold to match all the other professional teams in Pittsburgh, even if the team will never play in Pennsylvania. (From our own Phil Hecken)



  • Reader Ross Taylor designed the uniforms for the Hamilton Steelers of Allan Cup Hockey.


  • BFBS for TCU men’s last night. They hosted Oklahoma, who wore their home whites. (From Chris Mycoskie)
  • Pink shoes for Georgetown men’s last night. (From @bryanwdc)
  • GFGS for Kent State men’s last night. (From @bdschorr)
  • Clemson men’s wore their purple alternates at home last night, setting up a purple vs. gold matchup against Georgia Tech. (From @ClemsonUniforms)





  • Argentina: New home and away kits for Estudiantes. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Brazil: Palmeiras’ new away kit features symbols used by the team’s supporters’ group. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • France: New fourth shirt for Paris Saint-Germain.
  • Volleyball World (FIVB) is giving the Beach Pro Tour Champions a new trophy made from plastic that had been picked up on beaches where the tournament is played. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • The Nolan Richardson Middle School cheer team from El Paso, Texas, recently had its uniforms stolen.
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    While I will miss the purple-and-orange Maulers (though not their uniform template!), this seems like the right call, even if they are Pittsburgh in name only for now.
    Will all the teams ever branch out into their respective markets before the league goes belly-up? I´m all in for seeing a Stars game in Philadelphia…heck, I´d settle for Chester (home of the MLS Union).
    I´d like to believe somebody at USFL HQ read Chris Diamond´s latest/awesome ¨What If…¨ series featured in Uni Watch, Weekend Edition and had an ´a-ha moment´:

    There will be four home stadiums next season. Birmingham, Memphis, somewhere in the Detroit area, and for some reason Canton, Ohio. Pittsburgh will play there, not very far from its home city, but the league could have created a Canton team and chose not to.

    The other 4 teams will have to share those stadiums this year.

    Only just caught up with this Chris, thanks! Does this mean the new jerseys will be black with gold shoulders like the old Steelers “Batman” Jerseys? link

    Those Canucks hats aren’t knitted, they’re crocheted. Pedantic I know, but they’re totally different disciplines with totally different end results (for example, crocheted items tend to be “chunkier” and have more texture than a knitted item).

    Consider me a fan of those amazing dark blue Cowboys’ jerseys from the early ’80s. Mine is a Gary Hogeboom #14 (with the three-color numbers) but the next iteration of Dallas’ uniforms ought to be based on those beautiful colors. Royal blue is more of a Giants’ thing.

    The ¨then-new blue¨ jerseys unveiled in that video lasted just 2 games.
    The numbers were re-done ´Chargers-style´ (outline/gap for jersey color/number in secondary color) for (I guess) better visibility and those tops lasted well into the next decade.
    Randy White may not have been a fan of the hip numbers…but I liked those.

    Being a Cowboys fan in the day and receiving the Cowboys weekly magazine in the mail, I remember that a local channel also carried a Dallas Cowboys weekly television show, and I remember Tex Schramm being interviewed as to the process to get to the 1981 navy/silver road Cowboys uniforms. I wish a video would surface, because on the program, the Cowboys tried several different combinations and tested them, according to the show, in Texas Stadium to see how they appeared. Two of the designs featured the metallic “silver blue” color for the jerseys with navy numbers and sleeve stripes outlined in white, and white numbers and sleeve stripes outlined in navy. These were paired with white pants (similar to the white pants the Cowboys currently wear on occasion), and I remember Schramm saying they decided not to go with that look because it was too similar to the Houston Oilers light blue over white uniforms. They decided on the uniforms seen in the link.

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