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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 24, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: The Texans tease potential logo and uniform changes, Duke wears white on the road, and a little-known piece of Texas Rangers history.



  • In an open chat event yesterday, Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold gave some insight into the Cardinals’ search for a uni advertiser. While Goold wasn’t sure a deal will get done this season, he noted that he felt it was “inevitable” that the Cardinals would eventually find an advertiser. (From Kevin Eckhoff)
  • Everyone knows about the Yankees’ grooming policy that forbids facial hair. But did you know that the Rangers had the same rule? According to that 1973 wire photo, Texas then-skipper Whitey Herzog instituted a facial hair ban. George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees that same year. (From Chris Hickey)


  • This season, the Charleston RiverDogs will sell team-branded shirts honoring Aaron Judge, who played in Charleston when he was in the minors. However, @willchitty4 points out that the shirt has a different color scheme and name/number font than the jerseys Judge wore when he played for the team. 
  • The Trenton Thunder of the MLB Draft league will host a The Office theme night this year and give away “Pretzel Day” T-shirts. (From John Cerone)
  • The Everett AquaSox, a Mariners’ High-A affiliate, have unveiled an all-aqua Sunday alternate uniform. (From Ben Greaby)


  • The Binghamton Bearcats have unveiled their 2022 America East Conference championship rings. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The Yomiuri Giants of Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball have switched uni manufacturers from Under Armour to Nike. As part of the change, they’ll sport a black jersey for the first time in 15 years. (From Tyler Maun)


  • The Eagles have only worn black jerseys over green pants twice in their history, both against teams that are still alive in the playoffs — the 49ers and the Bengals. (From @jawnes12)
  • The  Texans have given local media members an early look at some of their proposed logo, color and uniform changes, which are expected to hit the field in 2024. (From J.A. Scott)


  • Former NHL goalie and current broadcaster Kevin Weekes welcomed a baby boy recently, and an equipment company gave baby Princeton his first set of goalie pads. (From Chris Snavely)



  • The Arkansas men will reportedly wear pink uniforms as part of a “Coaches vs. Cancer” program tonight against LSU. (From @HogFlashbacks)
  • Virginia Tech men’s wore BFBS unis last night, and Duke wore their home whites on the road. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Hawaii men’s will wear really nice rainbow-trimmed throwbacks on Thursday. (From Charles George)


  • New uniforms for Hamady High School in Michigan. (From Kary Klismet)



  • Mexico: Third-tier club Leviatán FC recently had their uniforms stolen before a match and were forced to take the field in 2021 Inter Milan replica away jerseys, with tape covering the ad. (From Spencer Horner)
  • Chile: New kits for Universidad Catolica. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Ireland: The country’s Football Association is planning to unveil new logos within the next few months. (Also from Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s the ball design for the upcoming Women’s World Cup. (From Jeremy Brahm and our own Jamie Rathjen)
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    That H monogram doesn’t scream Houston to me. And between the two hats, I see, light blue, navy blue, red and white? Feels like Nike is again trying to appease every faction of the focus groups. The Texans have one of the better uniforms out there, especially for a newer team without decades of tradition. I am preparing to be disappointed.

    Texans don’t need to and shouldn’t change anything with their uniforms. Good logo, good jersey, good pants.

    If it ain’t broke.

    Seattle’s kit advertiser is the same company that owns the naming rights for their biggest rivals? that’s pretty funny.

    It really strikes me that sportswriters need to be more mindful of — and, perhaps, take a crash course in — the differences between sponsors and advertisers.

    Readers constantly regurgitate the term sponsors without thinking (thanks, team PR crews), and it glosses over the greedy motives that should be made public for the education of the average North American sports fan.

    Drives me nuts.


    I think the key part would be “Without the support of the sponsor, the person or thing being supported would likely fail, or cease to exist, or not have come into existence in the first place.”

    Looking back at the post about the NBA ads, first, it’s amusing to see all the UW+ and Staff tags added in the comments (and I sure went off on some stuff that day! XD), but re-reading the article, I’m surprised nobody caught this typo in Paul’s first paragraph after the quoted form letter: “first thee paragraphs”, which should’ve been three!

    From the Sounders article, additional advertising

    The logo of Emerald Queen Casino remains on the right sleeve, while — as with all other teams in the league this season — the Apple TV+ logo will sit under the MLS shield on the left sleeve.

    I’m not hopeful for the Texans re-design (or whatever it will actually turn out to be).
    Nothing really ‘wrong’ with their identity or uniforms.

    How about the Titans, Cardinals, Falcons, Rams, Bengals fixing their respective messes first?
    (Yes, I am aware “fixing” isn’t what the teams/Nike are trying to do.)


    The Bengals did it just a few years ago and improved their unis greatly. Most of the fans were very happy with it. I understand some people dont like the helmets but its not going anywhere. Compared to atlanta and the rams who also just redid theirs and are disasters. I strongly agree the cardinals need some love.

    This is the first time (for me) seeing The Texans float anything Uni-related in Oiler blue.. Yeah, it’s Houston, but it seems a bit on the nose given The Titans are The Oilers and The Texans are not. In the same div even.. Of course Cincy and Cleveland have at times been carbon copies outright. Is there a “we own this look” rule? Are Cincy/Cleve the two NFL teams that look most alike? Dallas and Detroit have shared the occasional similar look…

    For about twenty years the Seahawks wore the same basic colors as the Cowboys wore, and when they changed, New England adopted a look similar to Dallas. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

    I have never once looked at the patriots unis and thought they looked like the cowboys and vise versa. Is this common for people to confuse the two? Im assuming you mean the dark jersey unis not the green pants.

    In years-gone-by (‘76-‘94?) I seem to recall some having a problem with the Jets looking like the Eagles, or vice versa. I never understood that or saw it.
    If I had to choose who should ‘own’ Kelly green…I go with Jersey B, despite the Eagles longer association with that color.

    To add on the Leviatán FC case, the team lost the game 0-2 and later, the Federation punish them for breaking the rules (not wearing the proper uniforms) and declare the game as a lost-by-default with the official score being 0-3.

    Columbia blue and red is my all time favorite color combination, but cmon Houston-let it go.
    The Texans have great branding up and down the line-but apparently a greater inferiority complex. There’s no need to evoke the Oilers, especially after 2 decades of uni-consistency. Here’s hoping they resist changing too much, and re-think adding Luv Ya blue.
    “Be who you are, and be that well”-St. Francis De Sales

    About half-ish of NFL teams including the Texans just need to bring back at least a variation of their old uniforms, if not modernized. Obviously the Texans can create a new helmet logo since they aren’t the Oilers anymore, but bring back the powder blues just how the Oilers had them. Additionally

    Cardinals (plain red with white numbers, keep current logo)
    Broncos (make the color rush modern-throwbacks the primaries)
    Dolphins (70s era currently used as alts)
    Falcons (keep the updated falcon but slap it on 70s-90s era unis)
    Saints (make the throwback alts the primary)
    Commanders (you can still call them the Commanders but bring back the WFT unis)
    Patriots (make Pat the Patriot era unis the primary)
    Lions (those simple silver and blue they use as an occasional alt now)
    Jets (bring back the 80s/90s era kelly greens, keep the current logo though)
    Eagles (kelly green era)
    Steelers (this one is simple, just bring back the vintage number font)
    Texans (aforementioned)

    Oh, and I’m on the fence about the Bucs creamsicles. I actually think just use it as an alt. They already do have modernized vintage uniforms, they just went back to the early 00s instead of further. What they have works.

    The H on the white hat looks very “Oiler-ish”. I like the idea of using the old Oiler colors, especially because the Titans have shunned them for their awful current set, but the H is incredibly boring if that’ll be their new primary logo.

    This is probably so obvious as to be commonplace, but the terms since the 80s who moved cities (Colts, Raiders, Rams, Oilers, Cardinals, Chargers, umm, any I’ve missed?) all used a helmet logo that didn’t refer to the city (unlike, say, 49ers, Giants, Chicago, Green Bay,

    So it might augur well for fans in Washington that give free rein to come up with a new logo the Commanders went with a W and for Houston fans if the Texans are going with H…

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