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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 22, 2023

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In today’s ticker, we have a mystery St. Louis Cards jersey, a “white tiger” bobblehead, and more!



  • Ads are coming to MLB jerseys (and helmets) this season. While the Phillies haven’t (necessarily) picked a jersey/helmet advertiser, this article believes the deal “would likely be the team’s largest sponsorship aside from the deal with Citizens Bank for stadium naming rights.”
  • “I recently attended the St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-up event and bought a jersey directly from the team,” writes Drew Carlson I tried to find when they wore this jersey, but wasn’t having any luck. … (M)y other thought was that this was the jersey the team intended on wearing during the 2020 Field of Dreams game that got canceled.” Anyone have any ideas on what/when this jersey is/was/would have been worn?
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates used a Majestic jersey in the promo video on Instagram for the Andrew McCutchen signing. (From Nick)
  • Check out this photo of Kirby Puckett during a Minnesota Twins spring training game — red helmet, navy jersey and powder blue pants! (From Vintage Hats and Jerseys)
  • Here’s a video of MLB rookies and prospects discussing why and how they came to wear the uniform numbers they currently have.
  • Justin Toscano on Twitter: “Spencer Strider now wears No. 99. His favorite movie is Major League and likes Rick Vaughn. But Strider also would use No. 99 for his players on MLB The Show. He grew up wearing 28 in sports, but couldn’t do that here.” (From Mike Chamernik). Here’s a bit more on that.
  • You may have heard that Sal Bando sadly passed away yesterday. James Gilbert noticed he wore the same letters on both his pro and college caps.
  • So…apparently the new thing is to have an MLB Hipster jersey.





  • During yesterday’s game, Jacksonville K Riley Patterson had a cross-on-chain necklace hanging outside his jersey during a FG attempt. Submitter L.J. Sparvero adds, “No idea if it just got accidentally untucked or if this is his usual style.”
  • Also during that game, Foyesade Oluokun looked like his numbers were smaller than everyone else’s. (From John Turney)
  • In the Giants/Eagles game last night, New York had players wearing red, white and blue sleeves/shirts. (From John Turney)
  • Check out this bobblehead of the Cincinnati Bengals’ Tee Higgins — he’s wearing the Bengals new “white tiger” look.
  • The legend of Dallas wearing white at home has been covered on Uni Watch for years, but here’s another article that explains the team’s decision-making, going back to Tex Schramm.
  • Not an Onion article: Bar owners in New Jersey — a National Football League battleground between fans of the Giants and the Eagles — were being encouraged to ban guns ahead of the teams’ Saturday division playoff.
  • A San Francisco 49ers “superfan” has a prosthetic eyeball with the team logo. (Thanks, Paul)
  • NFL sideline heaters can be dangerous (NYT link). When the temperature drops late in the N.F.L. season, minor sideline fires and singed skin have become rites of passages. For some players, the smell of burned cotton, the sight of melted cleats and the occasional seared body part are synonymous with winter football. (From Tom Turner)
  • If the New York Jets were to somehow acquire Aaron Rodgers, immortal Joe Willie Namath would give him his blessing to wear #12.
  • Does 49ers Ross Dwelley really wear #02? Nope. And this wasn’t the first time it happened, either.


  • Here’s a look at the throwback uniforms Nebraska will wear this fall to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Memorial Stadium. Also in that article are new jerseys for Washington’s “Husky Royalty” uniform and new black designs for Louisville, Miami and Mississippi State.
  • On Friday, Michigan football unveiled a new trophy case. Right now, the Wolverines’ case is packed to the brim with conference and rivalry hardware.



  • Lakehead University (USports – The Canadian University hockey league) has some speciality jerseys in the style of the St. Louis Blues pattern from the late 1990’s.  Being auctioned off with proceeds going to the local Our Hearts at Home Cardiovascular Campaign.  Logo by local indigenous artist – Ryan Pooman. (From Will Scheibler)




  • If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Rip City” while watching a Portland Trail Blazers game, you have radio broadcaster Bill Schonely to thank for that. The original radio voice of the Blazers, Schonley has died at the age of 93. That phrase has been the basis for several Portland Trail Blazers uniforms.



  • Arkansas and Ole Miss went color vs. color yesterday, in the same combo as they wore last season. (From Hog Flashbacks)
  • Youngstown State and Milwaukee also did the color vs. color thing. (From Bob Brainerd)
  • Oregon and Stanford went color vs. color. (From Sam)
  • Throwbacks yesterday for North Carolina. (From James Gilbert)
Grab Bag
  • Texarkana Texas Police Department officers will soon have a new look to their uniform.
  • Uni News you definitely (don’t) need: Brittney Spears shared a throwback photo of herself and ex Justin Timberlake, whom she dated from 1999 until 2002, clad in matching basketball uniforms. Their numbers are 1 1/2 and 1/2, and the NOBs are “Stinky” (Timberlake) and “Pinky” (Spears).
  • King Charles III is reportedly breaking from tradition with his uniform choice for his upcoming coronation later this year.
  • Police in Norway have fined two Russian sailors for wearing camouflage work uniforms, which were deemed likely to distress residents.
  • When Northrop Grumman updated its logo in 2020 they posted a timeline of logos of associated companies that make up the company today. (From James Gilbert)
Comments (11)

    Honestly struggles with that “hipster mlb uniform” article. Firstly, as someone who dabbles in hipsterism from time to time, there’s a mix of identities, from people who actually support their teams and go for the usual “big star who’s been around/will be around for a while”, to the “it was better in the old days” historical hero jersey, to the “funniest/quirkiest name in team history”, to the “mr irrelevant who stands no chance”, and the “I bought this at tj maxx/thrift store because I want to look like I like sports but not too much”. It’s a whole broad spectrum.

    Anyway, the fact that the author said the coolest angels jersey is shohei ohtani always, and it will always be ohtani on any team he is on just tells me that even he didn’t understand his own premise.

    If the New York Jets were to somehow acquire Aaron Rodgers, immortal Joe Willie Namath would give him his blessing to wear #12.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

    HS club volleyball team in Texas with 70s era Houston Oilers themed uniforms

    I don’t care if the font doesn’t match the 70s font… that’s still The Best Volleyball Jersey Ever!

    What a high-content Ticker today!
    Those Oilers-inspired volleyball tops are just just wonderful…paging Mr. Vilk!
    Color-on-color NHL hockey…more, please!
    Well executed football jerseys by the Huskers and Huskies. The BFBS by the others-woof!
    And say it ain’t so, Broadway Joe! 12 should never be issued to another Jet ever …especially if it’s in the current design. Retired means retired-am I right on this?

    From the time stamps on our comments, you must have been typing yours as mine was posted. Eerily similar! Great minds think alike, right?

    I wish there was a clear warning for Fox News links… it led me to an auto-load video of their clown show on top of the article.

    I tend to think this is good link etiquette, alongside warning of links to paid, subscription-required pages and links to any potentially auto-playing video.

    When I was a kid, the Cowboys blue jerseys were seen as bad luck for them. They were rarely worn, unless otehr teams forced them into it.

    MLB uniform AND helmet ads? Sadly, I knew about the uniform desecration. But helmets too? Just go full NASCAR and be done with it. This drip…drip…drip nonsense is so ridiculous.

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