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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 13, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a Twitter-themed G-League uni, patch oddities with Manchester United, and more!





  • The Ravens are going black-white-black for their playoff game against Cincinnati. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • The Packers are selling off pieces of Lambeau Field’s railings as the team goes about replacing them. (From Bryan Martin Firvida)




  • A game-worn Kobe Bryant jersey from the 2007-08 season is going up for auction and is expected to fetch between $5 million and $7 million.
  • Ja Morant gave a young fan his game-worn jersey and shoes after her signed basketball was stolen.
  • The Miami Heat’s arena will just be known as “The Arena” after the naming rights deal with disgraced crypto exchange FTX collapsed. (From @_RF30)


  • Virginia’s women’s coaching staff is wearing sneakers painted by patients at UVa Children’s Hospital tonight (Thursday). The men’s team’s coaches will be wearing them on Jan. 28. (Thanks, Jamie)

G League

  • The Cleveland Charge, affiliates of the Cavs, will be wearing NBA Paint-themed unis tonight. For the uninitiated, NBA Paint is a very popular and charming Twitter account where an anonymous artist uses Microsoft Paint to make puns on NBA players’ names. (From Jeremy Brahm)



  • England: Last Saturday’s FA Cup tie between Manchester United and Everton saw some strange patch issues for United players Casemiro and Raphaël Varane. As you can see, their FA Cup patches are on their left sleeve, with a blank space on their right sleeve. However, every other United player had the FA Cup patch on their right sleeve and the club’s sleeve advertisement on their left sleeve. Strange. (Good spot by Brian Wick)
  • England: One of LeBron James’s new designer kits for Liverpool appears to have leaked online. The kits will only be available to purchase, and won’t be worn on-field.
  • Italy: Italian giants Juventus have teamed up with Loro Piana for the club’s suits and formalwear, which Juventus is awkwardly calling its “formal uniform.” The suits will be worn by players coming to and from matches.
Auto Racing
Grab Bag
  • Reader Michael Cooperman was in a White Plains, N.Y., Dunkin yesterday and noticed that the “S” on a sign had been installed upside-down twice.
  • The Colorado Mammoth have unveiled their 2022 National Lacrosse League championship banner. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Kary also sends along a great article on how five ancient stadiums influenced modern stadium design.
  • The Celtics’ and Bruins’ arena will retain its corporate-advertised name for another 22 years.
  • This SFGate article details where California Gov. Gavin Newsom got his signature grizzly bear jacket. (From @Spesh98)
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Comments (14)

    Kary also sends along a great article on how five ancient stadiums influenced modern stadium design.

    Links to the 1/9 ticker

    It’s a case of double old logos on that TSN app, as the arena image is from a pregame at then-Air Canada Centre, also showing the old Ballard leaf at center ice, and I believe the visiting team in that shot is the Florida Panthers. Which just makes the “Live” icon more hilarious, considering last night’s game was in Detroit.

    My guess is that they don’t want it to have a “real” name because advertisers might be worried that that name will stick once a new rights deal is in place.

    “The Arena” is going to stick with me.

    I already do that, or if I need to I’ll add the team name (The Cavs’ Arena, The Steelers’ Stadium, The Mets’ Ballpark).

    Wondering about a few things…I know zero about IMSA.
    Cadillac re-numbering the #02 car (revealed as the #2) for races later in the season, so is there a requirement for cars to have two-digit numbers for Daytona?
    Also, the number placement is much further back on the #2 car than on the others. Is that sort of standardization not necessary with the advent of electronic scoring, improved television coverage, etc…like TV numbers on football jerseys becoming functionally irrelevent?

    It’s not required for it to be a two-digit number, but there’s an unrelated No. 1 on the entry list so that might be why. It’s pretty usual for a manufacturer running two cars in an endurance race to use consecutive numbers (for example, Toyota uses 7 and 8 at Le Mans/in the WEC).
    The number panel is supposed to be towards the front like the other one is so not sure why that one is further back.

    Thanks for replying and for the explainer.
    As a NASCAR fan/Uni Watcher I say those numbers should be on the ‘door’.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but $7million for a game-worn Kobe jersey (not a particularly memorable or important game from what I can tell) seems absurd, considering that the Maradona shirt that was allegedly worn in the “Hand of God” game went for just under $9million in an auction last year.

    Man, Packers fans will buy anything (exhibit A: those worthless stock shares). Not sure if we should chalk it up to devotion or stupidity. And I say this as a loyal Packers lover (and single stock shareholder).

    While the patch is meh, the fact that the Rockies have kept their uniform (mostly) the same for 30 years is impressive. Particularly since the Marlins came into being that same year.

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