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Uni Watch News Ticker for Jan. 10, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: baseball star Slim Whitman, a little-known fact about “The Duke,” and more!



  • The Orioles have updated their Twitter cover art with a graphic that includes a new (for them) typeface. Could this be some sort of City Connect preview? (From @realRosebud)
  • Looks like Dartmouth College uses the Tigers’ “D” logo. (From @DaveGH2P)






  • Georgia DB Javon Bullard wore a neck gaiter last night that had the school’s “G” logo upside-down. (From K.C. Kless)
  • TCU wasn’t the only Dallas-area team in Los Angeles last night: The Mavericks were also in town as part of a road trip that includes games against the Clippers and Lakers. As a result, Mavs coach Jason Kidd and star guard Luka Dončić were in attendance at the football game last night, and the Frogs had custom jerseys ready for both of them. (From @ChancePlett)




  • Cross-listed from the football section: Jason Kidd and Luka Dončić were on hand for last night’s college football National Championship in LA, as the Mavs are currently in SoCal for games against the Clippers and Lakers. The TCU Horned Frogs made sure both got custom jerseys so they could properly root for the hometown squad. (From @ChancePlett)




  • The Vancouver Whitecaps are currently in between uniform advertisers. Until they ink a new deal, they’re taking steps to cover their old advertiser’s logos in team-produced videos. (From Wade Heidt)


  • England: Arsenal wore their white shirts with light-colored numbers in yesterday’s FA Cup match against Oxford United. Names and numbers weren’t legible in wide shots. (From Ted Arnold and @dfoliver68)
  • Japan: J1 club Gamba Osaka has unveiled new uniforms made by their new kit manufacturer, Hummel. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • The Washington Post (soft paywall) has published a piece about chicken chain Bojangles and its relationship with the apostrophe. (From David Raglin)
  • Syracuse men’s lacrosse will retire No. 22 in honor of attacker Mike Powell this March. It marks the fourth time the school has retired the number across various sports. (From Michael Hochman)
  • A trial is underway in New York to determine whether fashion house Thom Browne infringed on Adidas’s “three stripes” trademark with a handful of its designs. (From John Cerone)
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    Looking at that pic of Slim Whitman’s semi-pro team – they were called the “Loyal Knights”. Yikes? Maybe their sponsor was the K of C or a night club or some wholesome organization?

    When I first clicked on the Arizona baseball throwbacks, I immediately noticed that the front jersey number seemed way too low on the jersey. My initial thought was that it’s pretty cool that Nike was that specific in the jersey design, assuming the front numbers were that low in ’86. However, after googling the ’86 team, their front numbers were much closer to the ARIZONA wordmark across the chest.


    A sloppy job by Nike that only Uni-nerds would notice, probably.

    The W logo also appears on the Wilson’s other footballs, such as the GST. Can confirm since I have one.

    Under the ‘Soccer’ heading, you have sub-headings ‘USA’ and ‘International’, but under USA the only item is a Vancouver Whitecaps news piece….sub-heading ‘USA’ should be changed to ‘MLS’ as Canada is also part of the league.

    Who doesn’t use the Tigers’ D? Delaware does, Duke does. There are only so many ways you can make an Olde English D. There’s a high school near me that uses it too.

    The Arsenal shirts were deliberately as all white as possible for a ‘No more red’ anti youth violence campaign where the original shirts’ red areas were made white.

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