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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 8, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Lots of soccer news, some Eagles-themed pretzels, and more.



  • The Cardinals are still using equipment cases from the 1930s! (From Kevin Eckhoff)
  • The Twins are looking to add an ad to their new uniforms. Kudos to the Star Tribune for actually calling it an ad.
  • The Astros tweeted a photo featuring their different uniforms throughout the years. (From Brandon H.)
  • Slocomb High School in Alabama has retired the number of alum and current Yankee P Clay Holmes.





  • A Philly Pretzel Factory location is selling pretzels shaped like the Eagles’ logo ahead of the Super Bowl.
  • Several readers have spotted Eagles hats for sale with an unusual “PE” logo.
  • Here’s the story behind the Frankenjersey Donna Kelce, the mother of Eagles C Jason Kelce and KC TE Travis Kelce, wore on social media. (From Tom Turner)
  • Cleveland Heights High School in Ohio has been lit up in KC red and Eagles green, along with school yellow, ahead of the Super Bowl. The Kelce brothers both graduated from Cleveland Heights. (From Timmy Donahue)
  • Mono-teal is Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence’s favorite uni combo.





  • The Cincinnati Cyclones, affiliate of the Sabres, will be the Hippos for one night next month. Here’s what they will be wearing.
  • A local rink in Saskatchewan has a catwalk for players to descend onto the ice. The catwalk acts sort of like a drawbridge and is lifted back into the roof when not in use. (From Wade Heidt)




  • Twitter is still using SG Donovan Mitchell as their thumbnail image for a Jazz game. Mitchell was traded to the Cavs in September. (From Steve Kriske)
  • With Lakers F LeBron James setting the all-time NBA career points record last night, Conrad Burry put together a graphic showing all 52 jerseys LeBron has worn while scoring those points. ESPN did something similar with an animated graphic.
  • Speaking of LeBron, he wore a vintage headband last night. (From Mike Chamernik)




  • Ireland: New away kits for Shamrock Rovers of the League of Ireland Premier Division. (This, and the next three items, are from Kary Klismet)
  • Italy: New one-off Valentine’s Day shirts for Serie A side Salernitana.
  • Italy: New shirts for Cavese of Serie D.
  • Uruguay: New shirts for Montevideo Wanderers of the Primera División.
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay officially launched their bid to host the 2030 men’s World Cup yesterday. Bleacher Report relayed the news by posting a photo of Uruguay F Luis Suarez and Argentina F Lionel Messi wearing No. 20 and No. 30 national shirts, respectively. (From Steve Kriske)
  • Canada: The club formerly known as Varsity FC of League1 British Columbia has changed its name to Nautsa’mawt FC. More photos here. (From multiple readers)
  • During the recent Scottish Women’s Premier League match between Glasgow City and Partick Thistle, Glasgow player Linda Motlhalo wore leggings under her shorts — the only player to do so. (From Graham Clayton)
  • Australia’s A-Leagues are holding a Pride event on the weekend of Feb. 24-26 (for Australia) and March 4 (for the Wellington Phoenix’s home games). We’ve already covered the centerpiece doubleheader between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory before but apparently, some other teams will wear Pride designs. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Also from Jamie: New Carnival-themed shirt for Mainz 05 of the men’s Bundesliga.
Grab Bag
  • Anyone know what this jersey could possibly be? Reader @RubensteinMat spotted it at a Chicago Bulls home game last month.
  • Schools in Edina, Minn., can continue using a hornet logo after a settlement with its creator.
  • Here are 10 interesting facts about airline cabin crew uniforms.
  • New vehicle registration stickers for the state of New York. (From Brad Loliger)
  • At the recently completed Arctic Winter Games, Team Nunavut had extremely colorful uniforms for curling and hockey. (From Will Scheibler)
Comments (17)

    Backstory on the “PE” Eagles hat: “New Era reached out to the Leagues to create more traditional baseball cap marks, simpler than typical NBA primary logos. We created a lot of the versions for New Era and some really took off sales wise.”


    “But once a Twins sponsor is signed, those patches will be added to “authentic” jerseys for sale in the teams’ merchandise stores.”

    Because who doesn’t want to plunk down $360 (link) and NOT get to advertise on the team and advertiser’s behalf?


    It’s all so brazen now. They don’t even attempt to hide it.

    Waiting and praying for one — just one — MLB player/coach to have the wherewithal to remove the ad patch based on principle.


    That Hornet logo is definitely not worth a legal battle. Pay some company a small fee to design a new one and move on. Why is a school district wasting money on it?

    Sounds less like battle than a course correction to me.
    Why shouldn’t a school thats been using a logo for 40+ years – for free no less – figure out a fair way to keep using it?


    I had to cringe when I saw that hockey player nearly faceplant after jarring the catwalk loose. I guess there’s a reason that idea never took off.

    I grew up and lived in Regina, SK, until my early twenties. Have played minor hockey in almost all the small-town rinks around Regina (including Olympic size ice at famed Notre Dame in Wilcox) but never played at this old-timey rink in Lang. Never tournaments there. Likely because Lang is even considered small in Saskatchewan terms for a town with a hockey arena. Population about 200. Kudos to all the volunteers that keep the rink going!

    Was not uncommon though with the old wooden arenas to have dressing rooms upstairs. You would need to make your way down a set of wooden stairs. Just not on drawbridge stairs right to the ice. I remember navigating the stairs on skates at the old rink in Lumsden.

    The ESPN animated graphic was very cool. That display said 54 jerseys for Lebron over 20 seasons. Interestingly when you did the Brady retirement post last week, he had 10 jerseys over 23 seasons.
    I know Lebron played for 3 teams (4 if you count the Cavs twice, fair enough since they “rebrand” every 5 years or so). I also understand NBA is an 82-game season, but that is still such a crazy contrast.
    Lebron averaged 18 uniforms per franchise (or 13.5/franchise-era if you count 2 stints with the Cavs separately). We are talking about alternates, throwbacks, historical, multi-cultural, holiday, now city edition every season.
    It truly accentuates the point of how utterly ridiculous the NBA is with uniforms.

    The LeBron 52 jerseys graphic just goes to show the absurdity of NBA uniforms. Only 3 career teams and 52 different total uniforms? Just seems a little too much IMO.

    Good to see the Cardinals shipping all the essentials for spring training, to include Golf Clubs and Guitars :-D

    The Astros sure seem to dislike their shooting star uniforms. Best design they ever wore and they treat it like a bastard stepchild.

    Another Pistons related note: with Mat Ishbia purchasing the Phoenix Suns, what will become of the UWM ad patch on the Detroit jersey? Ishbia is the CEO of UWM.

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