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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 24, 2023

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In today’s Ticker we’ve got some wild military appreciation unis, an MLB manager who thinks the return of bullpen carts is nigh, and more!



  • The late, great Bob Gibson used to wear a left-handed glove as a prank on his teammates. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • The Pirates have installed a new scoreboard. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Mets manager Buck Showalter thinks the introduction of the pitch clock could lead to the return of bullpen carts. (From Paul Deaver)
  • Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy says the team is not considering any uniform changes, which means you’ll likely be seeing the team in softball tops just as often as their primary unis.


  • The Somerset Patriots, Double-A affiliates of the Yankees, are letting fans vote for one of four jersey designs the team will wear during their Star Wars night in September. More information here, and you can register here. (From John Cerone)


  • An XFL player — St. Louis BattleHawks S Nate Meadors — was wearing a Titans headband last night. (From multiple readers)


  • The Capitals are adding a “Papa Ovi” memorial decal to their helmets to honor Alex Ovechkin’s father Mikhail, who died recently at 71. (From multiple readers)
  • On March 2, the Canucks will wear these warm-up jerseys in honor of Canada’s First Nations communities. The move is inspired by the recent passing of former Canucks LW Gino Odjick, who was born on a reserve in Quebec, and the jerseys are designed by Odjick’s cousin. (From Jonathan Goupil)


  • Developers have released interior renderings of the planned new arena for Augustana Univerisity’s men’s hockey team, which will be South Dakota’s first Division I program when it begins play next season. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Wichita State men wore their black away uniforms at home last night. Visiting Memphis wore their white home unis. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • South Dakota State men wore some pretty crazy military appreciation uniforms last night. (From Mike Chamernik and Ross Uglem)




  • Germany: New diversity-themed alternate kit for VfB Stuttgart. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The U.S.-based Major Arena Soccer League is expanding with its third Mexican team, Tequileros FC de Guadalajara. Here is their crest, which features a sponsor’s logo on the bottom. (From Brandon Sparks)
Auto Racing
  • In case you missed any of the new Formula 1 livery launches, you can see them all right here. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Also from Kary, new helmet for Haas’s Nico Hülkenberg as he embarks on his first season as a full-time driver since 2019.
  • Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas’s new helmet is designed to look like his mullet and moustache. (From multiple readers)
  • What happens when you have so many advertisers you can’t fit them all on your livery? You develop a system where the ads rotate during a race. (From Parker Hull)
  • New logo for the Redbud 400.
  • Tiger Woods has the Roman numeral XV printed on his golf bag, a nod to his 15 major championships. (From Justin Hicks)
  • Here’s a good Twitter thread on the history of the Welsh rugby shirt. (From Sy Hart)
Grab Bag
  • The Smithsonian’s Air and Space newsletter featured info on flight attendants’ uniforms yesterday. (From Wolfie Browender)
  • Port Huron High School in Michigan is asking the public to help choose its new team name after retiring its previous Native American-themed identity. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New logo for Boise Bible College.
  • The Utah state legislature has passed a bill to allow students to wear more modest uniforms for religious reasons.
Comments (21)

    Wow! I thought I knew my mid-20th century history pretty well, but the Port Huron Statement is something I didn’t know much about. Thanks for the history lesson, guys!

    Don’t get the dislike of the Red Sox alts (not counting the City Connect, which sucks). I guess if I had to make one dramatic change it’d be to return blue piping to the red alt so that it mirrors the home white but that’s it. I rather like the navy away alt in particular.

    Another less dramatic move, I’d remove names from both the grey and navy jerseys.

    Not a uniform change, but a uniform utilization change, I would return to only wearing the alts once a week, make them Friday, Saturday or Sunday specific, that’s it.

    Been a Red Sox fan my entire life and absolutely hate the alternate tops. They look like batting practice jerseys.

    At this point I’d accept just getting back to Friday only but they need to be trashed completely.

    100% agree on removing the road NOB. Hated it when it was introduced in 1990.

    I don’t dislike the current grey aways but I’d also be happy to see them bring back the old grey away jerseys with the navy blue block lettering “Boston” on the front then navy blue numbers, in McAuliffe font, no name.

    I liked the recent version of those but would prefer NNOB as well.

    If they need red in it I’d prefer blue letters with red trim.

    Just my opinion: the Sox red and blue jerseys are as *okay* as any other red or blue alternate around the league. But the Sox in white at Fenway, and to a lesser extent gray elsewhere, are such good looks that it’s upsetting that they ever deviate from them.

    You´d think that a logo of an event called the Redbud 400 would be primarily, I dunno…red.
    Meadors was signed to the Titans practice squad just last month. Judging by his playing career journey, he may have an extensive collection of NFL headbands and such ; )

    F1 livery question:
    I see some teams have yellow tape(?) on the doo-dad in front of the rear spoiler…Does F1 employ ´rookie´ stripes indicating that the driver is new to the series, or at least new to a particular course? If so, do they also appear on the rear of the cars?

    The component that has tape on it is the camera. Very superficial visual research has me believe only one of the 2 drivers on each team has the tape on the camera, a way to quickly tell them apart.

    I’m not sure… But I do recall F1s had a small way to tell them apart in the 90s. Can’t remember what it was though.

    All our lives, my father and I had mixed brain dominance because of our inability to quickly ascertain left from right (and, subsequently, east from west). Up/down, front/back, no problem. But discussion of left/right always devolved into “MY left or YOUR left?” mishegoss. I’m a southpaw my whole life, but dad had his dominant hand switched as a kid.

    The return of bullpen carts is almost assured because it’s yet another surface of the game that can be festooned with advertisements

    That Canucks First nations sweater should be their every day sweater. The Flying Skate colors with a great crest, designed by an indigenous artist.

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