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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 2, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: KC cops supporting the home team, gold pants possible upcoming for the Commies, and several uni-related nods to Black History Month.






  • After losing a bet, FS1’s Jason McIntyre, co-host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, had the Seahawks’ logo shaved into his hair.
  • Police departments in and around Kansas City are relaxing their uniform rules to allow officers to wear Chiefs apparel during the run-up to the Super Bowl.
  • Speaking of the Supe: Here’s an article about how the field in Arizona is being prepared for the big game. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The game-tossed coins from the AFC and NFC championship games are up for auction. (From David Firestone)
  • Key passage in this story about Commanders prexy Jason Wright: “There’s potential for gold pants as soon as 2024, Wright said, and he’s seeking fan input on whether a fourth uniform will include a gold rush theme (i.e. — an all gold uniform), a cherry blossom theme (like the Wizards and Nationals debuted recently), or another theme more specific to the D.C. area.” (From William Yurasko)


  • “Virginia coach Tony Elliott spoke on Wednesday about uni-based memorials for the three murdered players,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. “In this video he shows a drawing of a helmet decal for the three victims, to be worn by all players. Additionally, players wearing Nos. 1, 15, and 41 will wear a patch for the corresponding player. He also mentioned that graduating players got the new patch on the framed jerseys they were given at a recent awards banquet.”
  • In a related item, also from Jamie, the two UVa players at the Senior Bowl, WR Dontayvion Wicks and CB Anthony Johnson, are honoring their fallen teammates by  wearing Nos. 1 and 41, respectively, at this week’s practices, and then they’ll alternate wearing No. 15 during the game.



  • Ohio State and Michigan will be playing an outdoor game on Feb. 18 at the Cleveland Browns’ football stadium. The schools’ wordmarks have been painted in the stadium’s end zones for the occasion. (From Todd Bell)


  • On Tuesday, the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers wore the winning design from their fan-designed uniform contest. “The opposing Sarnia Sting wore their yellow alternates, making for a cool light blue vs. yellow game,” notes Wade Heidt.
  • Also from Wade: The OHL’s Mississauga Steelheads have added a “Hazel” memorial patch for former Mississauga mayor and big Steelheads fan Hazel McCallion.




  • Olive Branch (Miss.) High School’s boys’ and girls’ teams will wear throwback uniforms on Thursday night to honor East Side High School, the city’s all-Black school that closed in 1970 when the district was racially integrated. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The Philadelphia Union’s shirt advertiser has extended its ad buy with the team.
  • The La Salle University men’s team has two new players, one of whom is named — deep breath — Andoni Garrogerricaechebarria. Unfortunately, the team goes TNOB, so we won’t get to see what would have been a very interesting NOB. (From @Teezog)


Grab Bag
  • Longtime reader and frequent uni contest entrant Gene Biros’s charitable group, Jerseys of Hope, which donates sports jerseys to hospital patients, is holding a fundraiser in Cleveland on Feb. 25. “We have already secured jerseys from the Guardians to raffle and auction off, and former Cavalier Mark Price has graciously autographed a pair of jerseys as well,” says Gene. Additional details here.
  • Lacrosse news: Newly acquired player Mitch Jones of the NLL’s Philadelphia Wings  will wear No. 24.
  • Speaking of the NLL: The Buffalo Bandits recently awarded their “heavyweight belt,” which normally goes to the outstanding player of the game, to their equipment manager, Teddy Cordingley. (From Jeff Link)
  • New police uniforms for motorcycle officers in San Diego.
  • This is pretty cool: An Australian guy, looking for a way to be creative during the pandemic, created and sold merchandise for an Aussie rules football team that doesn’t exist. (From Jefferson McClure)
  • The Webutuck school district in upstate New York is scrapping its Indian head logo. Junior high and high school students will have a chance to create the new logo design, which is a great move.
  • In a related item, Manistee High School in Michigan, whose teams were formerly called the Chippewas, is inviting the public to vote on its new team name. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Voting is also underway to choose a new team name for Great Falls College in Montana, although I don’t think that situation involves any previous Native American misappropriation. (From Kary again)
  • Here’s a video on the history of Australia’s postal service logo. (Also from Kary)
Comments (27)

    For the Australian guy – he’s making apparel for a fake Aussie rules football club, not soccer. Still a hilarious story!

    In the baseball section I think that it is a high school and not Bob Jones University. Bob Jones University team name is the Bruins and is located in South Carolina. There is a Bob Jones high school that is the Patriots that’s located in Alabama.

    Can the Commies wear a cherry blossom design, or do NFL rules mandate that they stick with team colors?

    Commies are thinking about an additional uniform?
    Seeing what they chose for the other 3 designs doesn´t bode well.
    There´s a pair of yellow pants available right now at NFL HQ…Paul spotted those:
    Why oh why should it take over a year to roll those out?

    Pink and gold are supernally ugly. Just ask the Providence Bruins of the AHL. Their warmup jerseys of the mid-2000s were awful.

    The date of the Michigan-Ohio State hockey game at New Municipal Stadium is missing. Google says it’s February 18.

    I love that they painted the end zones for each school!
    And it’s in the same location as the last time the NFL did that for a conference championship. The Browns painted a Broncos end zone for the ’86 title game. I keep hoping they bring this back… and I seriously hope they stop considering neutral site championship games.

    Speaking of the Supe: Here’s an article about how the field in Arizona is being prepared for the big game.

    Not a fan of “the Supe,” but it’s WAY better than hearing everyone on TV and radio and the PA system at my grocery store saying “The Big Game.” I know they’re doing it to avoid paying for the rights to say “Super Bowl” (and I don’t blame them for saving money), but it’s tiresome to hear it over and over and over. There are other ways to describe it.

    Yes, so credit to you for that. I was venting at the other places where I hear that phrase. It’s become the official unofficial saying in retail, unfortunately.

    True dis. One of my curling clubs (Brooklyn) uses that slogan to promote their open curling on Supe Sunday.

    Thanks again to Kary Klismet for that story on the Super Bowl field.
    I am SO happy to see the SB logo have “some” creativity and most importantly color back in the logo!

    What a horrible mistake it was when the NFL went to the boring, stale “canned” gray SB logos.

    Until the Os sign a long term deal for OPaCY, there is no opportunity for this development. The Ravens already extended their lease with MSA but with all the confusion over who is actually running the ownership group for the Os this is a nervous time for the Orioles faithful.

    Is this the first Superb Owl(HT JTH) with additional branding outside of the lockup with the trophy? We’ve seen graphics applied to the logo. And there was a simple type of treatment last year. But this year, it seems like they have additional branding. link

    I love that it pulls in reference to Superb Owl XXX.

    Paul, you may be interested to know that many Manchester United supports consider it offensive to refer to the team as “Man U”.

    As a massive Man. United hater, I personally don’t care, but I figured I’d let you know.

    The thumbnail for an ESPN article that predicts where NFLers may end up this offseason, Derek Carr is photoshopped into a Jets uniform with a helmet which appears to be a crossover between his current helmet and a Riddell Speedflex helmet.

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