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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 18, 2023

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got the fishsticks jersey in the AHL, and some distinctively different hockey unis for Ohio State.



  • Paul is quoted in this Guardian article about the Astros’ ad patch. Buried in the article is the news that the Astros’ ad patch will be depicted in gold, as will all other jersey details, on Opening Day in Houston (as Paul first reported). In every other situation, the ad patch will carry the advertiser’s colors.
  • Due to MLB’s new four-uni limit, the Rangers have dropped their red softball tops. “Looks like the Rangers have chosen Blue Team in the great Rangers Blue vs Red debate,” writes @rumcaptain.
  • Fred McGriff’s cap will be sans logo on his Hall of Fame plaque, while Scott Rolen’s will depicting him wearing a Cardinals cap. I’m surprised Rolen didn’t go with the most iconic logo he wore during his career.


  • Data visualizer Dave Hrusovsky has plotted every high school baseball field in Ohio in this amazing chart.
  • New unis for Wright State.


  • We just had a Super Bowl, so now it’s time for yet another “what happened to the losing team’s Super Bowl merch?” stories. (From David Goodfriend)
  • Ever wonder how the Pro Football Hall of Fame transports memorabilia to Canton? The Washington Post has your answer. (From Tom Turner)


  • I can’t tell if I love or hate these new Ohio State unis for the “Faceoff on the Lake” game at Browns Stadium today. One thing’s for certain: I have to have one. More details here. (From @319E17th)


  • The Bridgeport Islanders, AHL affiliates of the Islanders (natch), have unveiled their own version of the Gorton’s fisherman jersey, which will make its on-ice debut next Saturday. (From Stan Capp)
  • The WHL’s Regina Pats will wear cancer awareness jerseys tonight. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Uh oh: last night’s ECHL game in Cincinnati saw the Cincinnati Cyclones and Fort Wayne Komets both in white sweaters with black breezers. To make matters worse, Cincy’s accent color is red while the Komets’ accent color is orange. The Cyclones rectified the situation by switching to their alternate black sweaters before the puck drop. (From Nicholas Newman)


  • Reader Aaron Telecky writes in: “Last October, my teenage son, Silas, became a minor social media sensation around these parts when he wore a pope costume to Kinnick Stadium on the day that the Hawkeyes broke a losing streak. He continued attending games in costume and the Hawks kept winning and we all had a lot of fun with it. As it was happening, one of my older boys started a Go Fund Me to help Silas pay for tickets to the games and to come up with a Hawkeye-themed costume, which Silas and my wife put together last week, and last night he made his debut in the new threads at the Iowa-Ohio State men’s basketball game in Iowa City. Suffice it to say, he’s having a blast with all of the attention – and once again, the Hawks won!”


  • Carnegie (OK) High plays in jerseys with “Hoop City” as the primary wordmark. “I believe their gym got this name during the title runs under [Head Coach Doug] Schumpert in the 90s,” writes Glenn Brockenbush.


  • The work week ended with 22 MLS teams revealing new kits, but the deluge didn’t stop there. On Friday, St. Louis City — the newest MLS expansion team — unveiled their “Spirit Kit.” (From Matthew Nolan and Iain McHugh)
  • Sticking in MLS, The Athletic has a piece (paywalled) about the design process behind Nashville SC’s “Man In Black” kit honoring Johnny Cash. (From @Wilds_Lee)
Auto Racing
  • The 1991 Daytona 500 had five cars racing in paint schemes honoring the five branches of the armed forces. (From L.J. Sparvero)
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    That would go a long way toward improving this otherwise awful effort. It’s not so much that it’s a particularly bad uni, it’s that it’s their hockey team and they are hewing as close to the football team’s identity as possible. Let the hockey team be a hockey team.

    Were those Cincinnati Cyclones white jerseys always just intended for warm-ups? Those aren’t the regular Cyclones white jerseys, and it looks like they’re already wearing the socks that go with the black third sweater.

    Also, excuse my ignorance (I’m from the UK), but are ECHL crowds in Cincinnati always that good (looking at the second picture)? That looks healthier than some NHL games I’ve attended!

    Don’t think it was some mix-up. They came out with black socks on. The jerseys were just for warmup for sure for some reason. You basically would have to undress a lot to change socks.

    Did I imagine it or did they once stop distributing wrong-champ apparel to charity non-profits? Am I thinking of MLB?

    You do realize that Ticker item references the 1991 Daytona 500, right? Space Force was not established until decades later.
    There may not be a Space Force scheme at Daytona this year, but there was one late last season at Martinsville:
    And speaking of this year’s Great American Race, it disappointing that (I think) for the first time, drivers were positioned in front of the left side tire for their ‘beauty’ shots so the advertisers can play camera hog!:

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