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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 17, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got basketball unis on South Park, lots of uni notes from last night’s USA/Canada women’s soccer matchup, and more!



  • Giants coach Brian Bannister will be allowed to be in uniform for the first time since 2020 as MLB has lifted its vaccine requirement for uniformed coaches.
  • A petition has been launched to try to get the Tigers to change their jersey’s Olde English “D” back to the 1934-2017 version. In 2018, the club updated their jersey logo to match their cap logo.
  • P MacKenzie Gore, who wore No. 1 with the Padres, will wear that same number with the Nats. (From John Muir)


  • The Fort Wayne TinCaps, High-A affiliates of the Padres, will be wearing Hoosier State Tenderloins unis for four games this year. (From @lolo_phynarski)






  • UNC with some really nice uniforms for their upcoming outdoor game in Raleigh. (From James Gilbert)


  • The Utica Comets, AHL affiliates of the Devils, will wear a one-off jersey tomorrow, inspired by local beer Utica Club.


  • A recent episode of South Park depicted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a basketball game and featured surprisingly accurate representations of the Clippers’ and Nets’ unis. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • Arkansas men will wear their 14th (!) different uniform this season when they take the floor on Saturday in the red version of the 1994 throwbacks.


  • The Native American Basketball Invitational will reveal its uniforms at a Suns game on April 4.


  • Ireland: Bohemian FC of Ireland’s men’s top flight has launched a new away kit, in partnership with a charity to help bring sports to children in the West Bank. (From Ed Zelaski and our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Czech Republic: Slavia Prague is now prohibiting fans from bringing signs into their stadium asking for players’ shirts. (From Ed Zelaski)


  • Lots of notes from last night’s Canada/USA women’s match, courtesy of our own Jamie Rathjen: Canadian players and some U.S. players wore purple wristbands because of the Canadians’ ongoing fight with their association. The Canadians also came onto the pitch wearing purple “Enough is enough” T-shirts. U.S. players  also wore wristbands that said, “Defend Trans Joy.”
  • U.S. captain Alex Morgan also wore a commemorative captain’s armband to celebrate achieving 200 caps. Morgan also wore commemorative boots to mark the occasion. (Also from Steve Kriske)
  • Here are some great animations to get you excited for the ongoing men’s Six Nations Tournament. (From Hadyn Green)
Auto Racing
  • Alpine will compete in the first three races of the Formula One season in a pink livery. They did the same in the first two races of last season.
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Comments (11)

    Yeah, that was kind of an OCD move by the Tigers. It doesn’t match?? GOTTA FIX IT!!!

    But the cap ‘D’ looks wispy and thin transferred to the jersey.

    As soon as I saw that South Park episode Wednesday night, I was positive someone would catch the Nets/Clips unis. Well done.

    I feel like South Park has done at least a decent job with uniforms when they have pro sports teams represented. Who knows, maybe Parker and Stone are secret Uni-Watchers.

    Miles Bridges is the former Charlotte Hornet who is out of a job due to a domestic violence case. The player you are thinking of is Mikal Bridges, the former Phoenix Sun who was traded to Brooklyn for KD.

    I remember when they took their shot at Dan Snyder’s trademark issues, and the preview of the episode had an appearance by Robert Griffin III. Then RG3 got hurt that Sunday before the episode aired, so in the episode that actually aired, they had replaced him with Kirk Cousins.

    Thing is, I think that was the last time I actually watched South Park. I had lost interest years earlier, but I checked that episode out just to see them take the piss out of Washington’s name issue.

    The hidden detail of the day: The little map of Florida between the “h” and “t” in “Knights”. Well played, UCF!

    Great catch, Walter! I saw that script, and thought something was “off” because there as no gold outlining there…didn’t even realize it was a negative space depiction of Florida!


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