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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 13, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: It’s getting to peak pink season for women’s college basketball, black armbands for the Turkey/Syria earthquake victims, and more.



  • Yesterday we mentioned that the Marlins would be bringing back teal throwbacks. If you look at these pictures from the team’s fan fest on Saturday, you can see that they added a Nike logo to what is otherwise a Majestic jersey. (From Eric Trager)









  • The California Storm, a Sacramento club entering the USL W League next season, got a new logo for the occasion. (@calstormsoccer)
  • D.C. United’s new cherry blossom-themed shirt appears to be coming out on Thursday.
  • New shirts for the NPSL’s Appalachian FC. (From Ed Zelaski)


  • Germany: RB Leipzig wore a one-off shirt in the men’s Bundesliga on Saturday. Part of each sale went towards victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, but it seems like they were going to wear the shirt anyway and quickly added the additional gesture.
  • Germany: St. Pauli wore a shirt with an anti-racism message, “Kein Platz für Rassismus,” or “No room for racism,” in the men’s 2. Bundesliga yesterday.
  • Germany: 1. FC Köln wore a 75th-anniversary kit in the men’s Bundesliga yesterday.
  • Leagues where teams wore black armbands for the earthquake victims included the Premier League, the Women’s Super League, and Germany’s men’s Bundesliga and Frauen-Bundesliga.
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  • Teams in the UK’s Netball Super League also wore black armbands for the earthquake victims.
  • The County Mayo Gaelic Athletic Association teams have two new shirts. They’re both “alternative” shirts because the first choice is green with a red chest band.
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    Another on the Marlins: That has to be an old hat, too. There’s no raised embroidery, the hat itself looks like it’s wool, and it also looks used. Probably something they had on display somewhere or an old game-used model.

    Marlins & Diamondbacks both should go back to their late 90s, early 00s. Uniforms.

    For the Marlins just change the F on the hat to an M and put Marlins on the grey away rather than Florida. white/grey/black/teal set of 4.

    For the D-backs, the set they had around the 2001 World Series, so the second iteration of the white pinstripe with the teal & purple A on the chest, not the first 1998 version.

    Asking again since no one answered yesterday… Site question – will the pop up ad for UW+ exist forever or is there a plan to stop at some point?

    While there is no specific plan for when the UW+ solicitation will end, I imagine it will be swapped out, or at least adjusted, at some point.

    If the pop-up troubles you, there’s a simple way to avoid it: Sign up for UW+.

    The Super Bowl’s Roman numeral affectation is way past its sell-by date. I suspect almost everybody is like me. Every time you see one of these strings of letters, you glide right over them without bothering to calculate the number and just keep reading.

    I really thought when they got to and used Super Bowl 50, it would be numbers from then on out.
    I was wrong. Again!

    I have no particular feeling one way or another. Sort of annoying when trying to locate a particular game, but otherwise pretty benign.


    The Super Bowl venue video has a couple of issues

    -Stock pictures of the facilities not representative of the stadium on the day of the game (although the same YouTuber does have another video showing all SB Field designs)
    -Incorrect Helmets. Shows Broncos Bucking Horse D helmet for Super Bowls 32, 33, 48 and 50. Shows LA Rams old style Horns for Super Bowl 56. Uses Patriots Flying Elvis helmet for Super Bowl 20. Bills helmets are shown as White for all their SB’s, should be Red. Anachronistic Chargers helmet for 29. Eagles Helmets for 52 and 57 shown in Kelly Green.

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