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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 12, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, the Marlins will wear teal caps & pinstripe throwback unis on some Fridays this season, what happens to those Super Bowl “Champions” shirts made up for the losers, and much more!



  • The Flori…er, Miami Marlins have announced they will be wearing throwback teal caps and pinstriped jerseys for a limited number of games this season. Key quote from the article: “The Marlins at the moment plan to wear the throwbacks for at least five of their 13 Friday home games on the schedule. The jerseys are pegged as limited-use jerseys that will be used in addition to their other four jerseys — white, black, gray and Sugar Kings ‘City Connect’ jerseys that debuted in 2021. The team applied in November to use the teal jersey for the Flashback Fridays and got approval last month.” This is similar to what the NY Mets did in 2021, when they brought back their alternate black jerseys for five Fridays that season. Here’s a bit more on the Marlins throwbacks.
  • When Yankees MVP Aaron Judge first came up, he was assigned #99 — but he actually wanted to wear #13, which was not available at the time (A-roid’s number).
  • Reggie Jackson’s candy bar will be re-released this season in Astros colors. A portion of the proceeds will benefit HBCU colleges. (From Alberto Salazar)
  • We’re used to seeing KC QB Pat Mahomes in a red jersey…but a red Phillies jersey? Yesterday, some old baseball footage of Mahomes was unearthed. In the video, he’s wearing, yes, a full Phillies uniform.


  • The new Atlantic League franchise in Frederick, Md., has unveiled a list of five finalists for the team’s name. (From Kary Klismet)







  • Yesterday marked the final appearance of the Montreal Canadiens powder blue RR jersey/socks. I personally loved the concept, but does anyone think it would have looked better if the team wore navy breezers with a white/powder/white stripe, to better match? BTW, those RR’s are probably done for good, since the team was 1-6-1 wearing them.
  • Prior to Saturday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Los Angeles Kings retired Dustin Brown’s No. 23 and unveiled a statue in his likeness outside their arena. They wore No. 23 jerseys in warmups, and the patch was on the game jerseys as well.


  • Beautiful color vs. color matchup yesterday between Minnesota and Wisconsin Women. (From Nicole Haase)




  • Atlanta Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic was one of several players to auction off their jerseys to assist those affected by the recent Turkey/Syria earthquake.
  • When Mike Muscala got traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Boston Celtics, he was in need of a new uniform number (the two numbers Muscala had worn during his 10-year NBA career — No. 31 and 33 — are retired by the Celtics). So he picked #57 — a number no Celtic has worn. Here’s why.
  • Newest Dallas Maverick (and persona non grata for many NBA teams) Kyrie Irving gifted Floyd Mayweather his debut jersey.




  • The New York Red Bulls’ 2023 secondary kit was leaked on Twitter by the F1 Racing Team.


  • Spain: If this doesn’t encapsulate how the tail is wagging the retail dog, perhaps nothing does — apparently Barça is so upset that retail sales of Ansu Fati’s #10 jersey (traditionally given to a team’s best player) are so bad that the team is considering stripping him of that number. Or possibly moving him. Again, this has nothing to do with his play, but rather the fact that his jersey isn’t selling well enough.
  • Scotland: Both Celtic and St. Mirren wore black armbands yesterday in remembrance of the Turkey/Syria earthquake. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Premier League: If you’re a PL fan (but apparently not an NFL fan), The Athletic has your guide to watching America’s Game.
  • Very good video here about scammers selling allegedly game-worn soccer jerseys. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • Italy: The Chief Marketing Officer of Venezia F.C. has criticized Larry Nance, Jr., of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans for wearing an allegedly counterfeit version of the Serie B side’s 2021-22 home shirt as part of his pregame attire. (From Kary Klismet).
  • NOBs is not an usual feature on Rugby XVs jerseys, but Scotland has implemented it for this year’s Six Nations. (From Germán Cabrejo)
Auto Racing
  • New uniforms for Islamabad United of the Pakistan Super League. (From Kary Klismet)
Grab Bag
  • Did you know that legendary Jimi Hendrix was an all-star athlete and part-time sports artist? (From Jerry Wolper)
  • Yesterday’s ticker included a link to the Royal Family’s upcoming coronation for King Charles III, but the tweet was forged (it had a misspelling). Here’s the correct logo.
  • Here’s a neat 1990’s vintage B1G glass. (From Tom Ferguson)
  • The following four are all from Kary Klismet: (1) Here’s a brief history of Binghamton, New York’s Veterans Memorial Arena, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
  • (2) This article explores the reasons why China’s People’s Liberation Army Marines wear blue camouflage uniforms.
  • (3) Alfa Romeo (the auto manufacturer) is commemorating the 100th anniversary of its high-performance Quadrifoglio brand with an updated logo.
  • (4) New uniforms for the Mount Vernon (Mo.) Police Department. Thanks Kary!
Comments (18)

    The original Reggie! bars from the 70s had orange packages.

    I remember eating them. Little difference between these and Goo Goo Clusters.

    I remember, but has there been bad blood between Reggie and the Yanks? Doesn’t Reggie work for the Astros these days?

    That article saying a soccer team’s best player wears No. 10 is, uh, sure a take. If you looked at all the players wearing No. 10 in any league you’d probably only be able to say maybe a few are their team’s best player. Of course it’s not always even occupied since starting lineups aren’t required to use 1-11 like they were 30+ years ago.

    Good point. But your question would be better directed to the editor of the article who came up with that headline, as s/he called it “iconic.” I’m merely the messenger reproducing what was sent in by the submitter.

    Asking again since no one answered yesterday… Site question – will the pop up ad for UW+ exist forever or is there a plan to stop at some point?

    And now we have to deal with this disgusting Adobe ad that takes up 1/3 of the screen and covers up article text.

    Something I often wonder about NFL/football apparel and logos in general is that there really is no longer a sport wide helmet style profile or 3/4 view logo that can be done anymore.

    What I mean by that is at first the helmet profile logo used for teams and team apparel all shared the same basic shell and 1-bar mask. Then came the profile with the 2-bar and finally the one we are most accustomed to, the profile with the “QB” facemask such as the colts and browns logos. For decades, Schutt, Riddell, Bike and so on shells all resembled the same basic shape and for the most part, face masks were interchangeable.

    Today’s helmets are all so different that there isn’t one main helmet to use as a logo, nor are they remotely attractive enough for a logo. Do you use the Speedflex? Vicis Zero1/2? Schutt F7? Xenith? There isn’t a single facemask that is interchangeable across manufacturer. As a helmet nerd, I think this goes a long way towards the visual uniformity of the game. I remember emailing Paul while watching a Utah game this year and every member of the OL had differfent manufacturer helmet…Utah is one of the few who ever wear the Light helmets.

    If you had to choose a helmet to represent all logos which would it be? For me, it’s Schutt all day long because despite the vents, it still maintains a semi round appearance and the facemasks that Schutt uses are all still based off of what I consider traditional facemasks.

    Yep. I don’t know if he did it through the whole tour but the first shows were at JFK Stadium in Philly with Mick wearing the classic green Eagles jersey. Journey and George Thorogood were the opening acts.

    Does anyone actually call the NFL “The Shield”? I mean, I get it with the logo. But I have never (not ONCE) heard someone say something like “I’m going to watch some hot Shield action”. Or “he led ‘The Shield’ in receptions last season”.

    I’ve never heard it in my life. A sports league naming itself after its logo? The National League has a shield, to, with an eagle behind it. Would the American League be the “Eagle-With-Ball”? Can the NBA be “The West”?

    Orange Tampa Bay helmets would look amazing! The Buccaneers actually look TOUGH! I would okay these in a heartbeat. Amazing.

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