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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 11, 2023

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In today’s ticker: With KC back in the Supe, Native activists and others are again urging the team to change its name as well as to retire the “Tomahawk Chop,” Donna Kelce has some interesting apparel choices with both sons playing in the Big Game and more!




  • The Gumberoo is a mythical creature that haunted lumberjacks in the Northwest. Can’t wait for that logo reveal. (From Brandon Sparks)


  • Virginia softball is wearing a sleeve patch for the murdered football players (a lot smaller than the other sports). They’re also apparently doing something else in memoriam every Friday, which may be these black hoodies. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Sweet batting helmets for UL Lafayette.


  • New jerseys for the Lexington County Blowfish of the summer collegiate Coastal Plain League, which will include a series of patches commemorating each municipality in the county. (From Kary Klismet)
  • ICYMI: Here’s a look at the caps for the teams playing in this year’s World Baseball Classic. (From Matt French)
  • Auburn has some new baseball uni combos (including a mono-navy getup).


  • WHOA! Check out the kerning on former Cinci Bengal Ken Riley’s jersey. Submitter Brian Spiess adds, “I was curious if this was a one-off bad jersey, but found several other examples on both the white and black jerseys.  Interestingly, in reviewing trading cards of Ken Riley, I noticed that his Bengals uniform in a 1973 card is remarkably similar to Joe Thomas’s Browns uniform in a 2007 card. Have two players from two different teams ever gone into the Hall of Fame together with uniforms that look so alike?”
  • Red socks worn by Packers kicker under Lombardi? Submitter Nate Reysen says, “In paragraph 11 of Cliff Christi’s answer linked here, he claims kicker Ben Agajanian was permitted to wear red socks with his Packers uniform. No pics unfortunately.”
  • Is it possible the Eagles & Giants almost had entirely different color rush unis in 2016? (From John Stark)
  • How great is the jacket Jalen Hurts is wearing? (From Michael MPH)
  • With her two sons — Jason and Travis — playing each other in tomorrow’s Supe, Donna Kelce has acquired an impressive selection of split clothing that feature both the Eagles and Kansas City in their design.
  • A fan from Seattle has won “NFL Fan of the Year” and of course he’s pictured wearing the Seahawks’ one-game neon-green wonder from 2009.
  • With Kansas City in the Super Bowl, some Native people say it’s time to erase the offensive name. Native activists have been urging the team to retire the name “Chiefs,” the arrowhead and the rest of an accumulated 60-plus years of cultural appropriation and stereotyping.
  • And here’s another piece, this time from the New York Times, which looks at the KC fans’ “Tomahawk Chop,” and decades-long calls for the team to retire the practice. (Thanks, Paul)


  • New playing surface for Wake Forest football includes updated (2019) monogram at mid-field and word marks in end zones. (From James Gilbert)


  • Spencer Knight’s new Panthers mask features artwork by some of the young patients at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. (From John Carpenter)
  • Looks like Vladimir Tarasenko is still wearing his Blues gloves (albeit with red & white tape) in his Rangers debut, judging by the yellow maker’s mark on the inner cuff. (From bh)
  • ICYMI: The Colorado Avalanche have a new helmet advertiser.


  • The WHL’s Lethbridge Hurricanes dressed like the Lethbridge Broncos on Friday night. Their current league rival Swift Current Broncos have recently worn similar uniforms with the old green and yellow. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Also from Wade: The Lethbridge Broncos were the 1983 WHL Champs. Portland won the Memorial Cup as hosts, though, with the help of loaner G Mike Vernon. Who can forget the unique Cooperalls of the Broncos then, as seen here in Memorial Cup action?
  • Check out these beautiful Muskies fauxbacks for the USHL Madison Capitols last night (in UW colors too!). (From Andrew)



  • East Carolina women’s basketball is wearing these pink uniforms on Sunday against Wichita State. (From Brian Weingartz)
  • Wisconsin Badgers players have to weigh what’s important to them when they decide which shoes to wear. (via Paul)


  • Here’s some artwork for Basketball Teams at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. (From Jeremy Brahm)



  • Scotland: A spectator at the SWPL match between Rangers and Hibernian wore a Rangers jersey – however, it was a NY Rangers jersey from the NHL. (From Graham Clayton)
  • Argentina: New kits for Argentine side Club Atlético Atlanta (From our own Anthony Emerson)
Auto Racing
  • Maxcap Moss, who’s brother is Eagles linebackers coach Nick Rallis, wore Eagles colored trunks on Smackdown. (From Matt Kuhn)
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Comments (22)

    The mention of the Coronation logo being misspelled is an obvious fake. Jonny Ive designed it and that’s not a mistake he’d make.
    The twitter post looks completely doctored.

    A quick Twitter search shows the original official tweet with the same time stamp and it’s not misspelled. The “Conoration” image is a fake.

    A bit more about the Lethbridge Hurricanes uniform last night. It was celebrating the 1983 WHL champion Lethbridge Broncos. Players had their nameplates over the number, but also wore another nameplates below the number of the player who wore that digit in 1983.

    Wasn’t a true throwback and a strangely put together uniform. They wore black gloves and pants. Odd as the Hurricanes wear red and navy normally. Should have made the effect to get green equipment if they weren’t wearing their regular equipment. The socks were green instead of white.

    Here is some video. Game was against Medicine Hat. Would have been great though if they would have played this game against the Swift Current Broncos since they were celebrating the history of that franchise during its time in Lethbridge.


    NBA alt jerseys and courts are out of control. I know they do it because fans are buying it, but who exactly are these people? Are there enough fans purchasing these ugly jerseys to make it worthwhile for the league? Are there really that many fans with a combination of big wallets and poor taste? Plus, who has room for all that crap in their home? So many questions.

    Proofreading/technical corrections:

    The ticker item about new helmets for the Alfa Romeo drivers is missing a link for the piece about Zhou Guanyu’s helmet. Here it is, for your reference:

    And there’s no link on the item about Haas’ new racing suits. Not sure if this is the original link, but this one covers Haas and Alphatauri:

    Thanks Kary. First item now added. Not sure what the hell happened with the second one (should be there now). I fixed that earlier (thanks to proofer Jerry Wolper). Both should be fixed now.

    I have lived in Utah or one of the neighboring states my entire life and that’s the first time I’ve seen Salt Lake abbreviated as just “SL” instead of “SLC.” I guess now I know why!

    Jalen Hurts is the new face of the franchise for the Eagles, especially if he wins tomorrow and gets a $50 million/year contract extension. He, along with many others continue to wear Kelly Green gear off the field. Miles Sanders wore some absolutely gorgeous Kelly Green Nike Vapor Max cleats (Deion Sanders retros) in the NFCCG. I know throwback gear is more of a style thing but the more he promotes those colors the more I think the Eagles are prone to go back to them full time.

    I’m sticking with my Eagles getting a uniform rebrand within the next 2 years theory. The new wordmark, stylistically, doesn’t match anything else the Eagles use from a visual marketing standpoint. The new wordmark is only used in endzones, not on uniforms until 2024. No release or even tease of the Kelly Green throwbacks as their 2023 alternate. And now, they didn’t make enough Midnight Green Super Bowl jerseys for fans to buy. You are stuck buying a grey one. Something just tells me they have things in the works for a full rebrand.

    “…Have two players from two different teams ever gone into the Hall of Fame together with uniforms that look so alike?”

    Dan Fouts’ Charger uniform sure looks a lot like Eric Dickerson’s Rams’ uniform, if that’s what you mean. The similarity between the Bengals and Browns has always been conspicuous.

    Cliff Harris and Alex Karras. Class of 2020.
    The Cowboys and Lions wore uniforms that were pretty close to each other, as evidenced when they met in the 1970 playoffs(a game in which Harris and Karras played):
    Similar last names, too.

    You do know the story on why the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns uniforms were so similar? Paul Brown founded both teams!

    I’ve never considered them that close outside of the orange helmets. Black vs. brown. The striping on the sleeves and pants are not similar.

    I always thought the Chiefs had an easy wrt their nickname. Why not change the logo to a fire department logo with a couple of crossed axes? It’d be kind of cool.

    The Chiefs are justifiably proud of the durability of their uniforms. Changes have to be well thought-out. The “KC” monogram works well on many backgrounds (a fireman’s cross, an oval, an outline of Missouri) or just right on the helmet, but dropping the “Chiefs” nomenclature is a non-starter; the word has too many meanings, all of which would work in a football sense.

    Is the name of KC’s mascot only offensive because there are Native Americans that are alive today and still exist?
    After all, there are modern American sports teams named after races wiped out by other races…
    Yet, there is no outcry…Simply because they no longer exist? “Its been long enough, lets name our team after a people wiped out in a genocide!”
    Lets start there, OK?

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