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Uni Watch News Ticker for Feb. 1, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some early Super Bowl news, lots of hockey news, and more.



  • Recently signed 3B Justin Turner will wear No. 2 for the Red Sox. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • A New York hospital is providing newborn babies with Mets gear. (From Jason Criss)


  • In a move some Padres fans will appreciate, a new summer collegiate baseball team has been announced: the Uwharrie Wampus Cats. The club uses brown and yellow as its primary colors. (From multiple readers)


  • New unis for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • Here’s how the Super Bowl patch will look on the Eagles’ and the Chiefs’ jerseys. (From multiple readers)
  • Yesterday, we gave you a first look at the Super Bowl field outside of the Cardinals’ retractable-field stadium. Here’s what the unfinished field looks like inside the stadium. (From J.A. Scott)
  • Here’s the story of the South Philly dry cleaner that cleans the Eagles’ jerseys. (From multiple readers)
  • You can see every Super Bowl ring design in this article. (From Kary Klismet)
  • A Lions blog has several ideas of what it would like the team’s rumored new uniforms to look like. (Also from Kary)
  • Here’s a history of the Buccaneers’ uniforms. (One more from Kary)
  • In a time where players are calling for more grass fields and less fake grass, the Titans are replacing their grass with a synthetic surface. (From Marc Mayntz)
  • Really interesting article on how kickers’ balls are prepared for play.


  • In an episode of The A-Team, cast members wore USFL LA Express jerseys. At least one of them had a jersey with mismatching TV and front numbers — No. 14 on the front and No. 12 for TV numbers. (From Glenn, who didn’t give his last name)
  • Jim Vilk sent along cool photos of a treasured book from his childhood, How to Star in Football.


  • The Athletic spoke with Pens exec Brian Burke about the NHL’s Pride efforts, and the recent opt-outs by the Rangers and a Flyers player.
  • Newly acquired Islanders C Bo Horvat will wear No. 14.



  • Here are the sweaters for the upcoming AHL All-Star Game. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Tie-dye sweaters for the Orlando Solar Bears, affiliate of the Lightning. (From Chad D. Kollas)


  • If you were going to stage a photo of Minneapolis Lakers star George Mikan back in the day, why would you have him wear a jersey with two letters missing from his “MPLS” chest insignia? (From Paul Lee)



  • A Virginia high school girls’ basketball coach and assistant coach have both been fired, and the rest of the team’s games for this season have been forfeited, after the assistant, who is 22 years old, suited up in uniform and played in a game in place of a 13-year-old player who was out of town.


  • England: Sunday’s men’s FA Cup match between Wrexham and Sheffield United featured a circular red card. The round reds are to make sure that carded players who can’t differentiate between red and yellow know if they’ve been cautioned or sent off. The round cards also make it easier for the referees to discern which card they are pulling out of their pocket. (From Paul Deaver)
Auto Racing
  • New livery for Formula One team Haas. Fans will remember Haas dropped their former livery because of the ad’s connection with a Russian oligarch. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • New helmet for Chaz Mostert of the Walkinshaw Andretti United team in Australia’s Supercars Championship. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New livery for NASCAR driver Chase Elliott of Hendrick Motorsports. (Also from Kary)
  • F1 driver Alex Albon revealed the Valentino Rossi-inspired helmet he would have worn at Monza had he not missed the race due to appendicitis. (From David Firestone)
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Comments (17)

    Any soccer ref using a circular red card is also likely borrowing it from field hockey, because all their cards are different shapes (green is triangular, yellow is rectangular). We had another Ticker item on a different English ref using one in 2021, but at the time a commenter also remembered the different shapes being a thing in the ’90s like the article talks about.

    I saw on /r/soccer that it’s to be more accessible to people who are colorblind and wouldn’t be able to easily differentiate between a yellow and red card if they were the same shape. Pretty good idea imo.

    I remember circular cards being (if not ubiquitous) fairly common during the early to mid 00s (possibly the 90s too, but I was a little too young at that stage to be noticing those kinds of things).

    On a slightly related note, I was reminded by this story of the time I was at an Ireland international game in Dublin in around the year 2000 and being given a set yellow and red cards as a promotional thing entering the stadium. I think I remember the promotional material that came with it quite explicitly telling us to wave the cards whenever we felt like the referee needed a little help making a decision. Definitely feels like the kind of thing you couldn’t get away with now after a couple of decades of “respect the referee” campaigns.

    3 things you probably already know…

    1: Schemes for the advertiser on Chase Elliott´s #9 haven´t looked good on a stock car since the one used on Alan Kulwicki´s #7.
    2: If a logo can fit perfectly under the driver and ´passenger´ side windows, then so can the blank-blanking car number.
    3: The unidentified ´player´ #14(TV #´s 12) in that A-Team photo is actor/former NFL and CFL (both briefly) Alan Autry…aka, Carlos Brown.

    The logo doesn´t need new placement…it needs removal.
    Yes, the colors work well – especially making the number pop – but a 40th Anniversary (which the advertiser is promoting) is traditionally celebrated with ruby. Granted, that might not be appealing paired with ´their´ orange…falling well short of being ¨delightfully tacky¨ given what they decided on for the other elements of Elliott´s ride.

    “An AEW wrestler is being sued for using a dinosaur mask design from a company without their permission. ”

    Too bad it is probably too late. Could have done a mask vs hair match and had Luchasaurus lose and be demasked. The gimmick is horrible anyway so this may be a blessing in disguise for the wrestler known as Luchasaurus. Or just change the mask.

    To paraphrase @super70ssports in a recent podcast, I don’t trust anyone who wears #2 as their number. He was referring to quarterbacks originally.

    The Titans are getting a domed stadium in the near future. So why switch to turf now in a soon-to-be obsolete stadium?

    Love the “How to Star in Football” book, Jim! I collect baseball books in that style, with sequential photos showing the steps. Always fun to see another one, even when it’s not for my preferred sport.

    My dad probably had some baseball books like that as well. That’s his sport, my brother’s is basketball and mine is football, so we used to have all sorts of books in the house.

    Funny (and sad) to see how Super Bowl rings have gradually shifted from elegant jewelry someone would actually wear to gaudy, tacky, hugely oversized monstrosities.

    On the ESPN app, there is a photoshopped picture of Derek Carr in a Jets uniform wearing what looks to be a crossover between his current helmet and a Riddell Speedflex helmet

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