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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 9, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: A new number design in NASCAR, how one NHL team designed their new Reverse Retro uni, and more!



  • Some Red Sox players visited Shriners Children’s Hospital, evidently wearing 2022 game jerseys, due to the presence of the Jerry Remy memorial patch and the absence of the team’s new ad patch.


  • Here’s the Ravens’ look for when they take on the Steelers on Sunday. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the inside scoop on how the Golden Knights’ Reverse Retro unis were designed.
  • Coyotes G Karel Vejmelka has some amazing pads for Reverse Retro games.


  • Former Bulls F Taj Gibson thinks Derrick Rose’s No. 1 and Joakim Noah’s No. 13 should be retired by the franchise. What say you, Bulls fans?


  • England: Apparently, England midfielder Jude Bellingham wears No. 22 because a youth coach once told him that, in order to be the perfect midfielder, he had to embrace the qualities of a No. 4 (the traditional number of a defensive midfielder), No. 8 (traditional number of a box-to-box midfielder), and a No. 10 (the traditional number of an attacking midfielder), and 10 + 8 + 4 = 22. The video also features a fun nod to Iván Zamorano, whom we’ve featured before but is always nice to look back on. After Roberto Baggio arrived at Inter Milan, he took Ronaldo Nazário’s No. 10. Ronaldo took Zamorano’s No. 9, so Zamorano wore 18 with a plus sign between the two digits.
  • England: Here’s a cool animation showing the evolution of Liverpool’s badge. (From Ben Hagen)
  • Ireland: The top Irish division has a new logo, which fans of the league seem to hate. I will admit, my first thought is that it looks like the logo for a failed extreme sports league from 2014.
Auto Racing
  • Richard Childress Racing has redesigned their No. 8, which will adorn Kyle Busch’s car in 2023. (From Christopher Hickey)
  • New livery for Formula E’s Avalanche Andretti team. (Thanks, Jamie)
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Comments (14)

    I like the shape & form of the new League of Ireland logo; it’s the color that looks like a 3am ESPN-2 extreme sport from 2006 to me.

    It also comes in different colors: blue for the men’s Premier Division, purple for the women’s Premier Division, and gold for the men’s First Division. (link)

    I feel like it’s becoming more and more common for schools like FGCU to change their university logo to their athletics brand and would love to hear your thoughts on that trend Paul. Seems like a ‘tail wagging the dog’ situation if you will where we might as well just be upfront that college athletics is becoming the main focus for institutions of higher learning, no?

    I don’t like trend, I always thought the separation between academics and athletics was cool/interesting. The academics logos and word marks always seemed classier and refined.

    It bothers me a great deal for older universities that have kick-ass logos. Harvard’s logo is perfect. So is Yale’s logo. My alma mater (Queen’s) is awesome.


    If we adopted our athletic logo as the univsity logo, it would be a travesty


    I’m sure there are other examples out there of great UNIVERSITY logos that should never be replaced with the football logo.

    I always loved my school’s (USC) academic logo. Unless this site is outdated, it looks like they, at least for now, continue to use it.


    That’s an awesome logo.

    Queen’s did go to a simpler logo for some uses (the “main” logo didn’t embroider well or look good when it got small).

    Similar to the more complicated USC logo that looks like an ashtray, and the simpler shield. But still very distinct from the sports team logos.

    My alma mater is certainly not an older university but it does have a coat of arms:

    And once had the sports teams as the Nor’Westers, but around the turn of this century changed that to Thunderwolves (name is meh, but I think the logo is pretty good)

    Old Nor’Wester logo here;

    While I can appreciate that Kyle Busch wants to carve out his own niche in the new number, it’s regrettable that Childress doesn’t use an 8 which mirrors the style of their 3 (Earnhardt family issues?); this new design is a mis-fit and downgrade from the tilted/block 8 used previously which, to me, looked like it ‘belonged’ to RCR when viewed from a distance.

    That new Top Irish Division Logo literally has the letters: G – A – Y in the logo. Am I the only one seeing that? It can’t be a coincidence.

    Not a Bulls fan but neither number needs to be retired. Retiring numbers for good players cheapens the honor. 50 years from now, people will know the names Jordan and Pippen. Will anyone remember Joakim Noah as being a player of that caliber?

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