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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 8, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Larry Bird in a baseball uni, the Hokies go BFBS, and more.



  • If you look in the front row of this mid-1960s Cardinals team portrait, you can see Bob Uecker holding Bob Gibson’s hand while Gibson tries not to crack up. According to this page, “Uecker later said he was fined for this.” Here’s a video clip of Ueck discussing the photo with Johnny Carson. (From Chris Weber and our own Jerry Wolper)
  • The Blue Jays plan to add an advertising patch to their jerseys “within the next two years,” which I guess is good news because it means they might not do it next season.
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson apparently cut holes in his wool cap in order to keep cool. (From @NoelBlaha)






  • Here’s something I didn’t know: Lindy Infante, who would later coach in the NFL, created helmet logos for Florida and Memphis State when he was an assistant coach at those schools. (Good find by Phillip Tutor)
  • At about the 1:11 mark of this video clip, LaVar Arrington talks about how he started wearing No. 11 at Penn State and why he doesn’t want it retired. (From William Yurasko)






Grab Bag
  • Hays High School in Kansas, whose teams are called the Indians, is debating whether to change its team name.
  • Meanwhile, the King Philip Regional School District in Massachusetts is phasing out its Native American iconography.
  • Canada has a new Queen Elizabeth memorial coin, which looks a bit like a 45-rpm record. (From Andreas Papadopoulos and Mike Styczen)
  • AFL Women’s will stop having its teams wear white clash shorts starting next season. “The white shorts were a custom borrowed from the men’s league,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. “Every team has colored shorts as first choice, so white shorts were the traditional way to solve color clashes and are still worn with clash guernseys. Going forward, AFLW teams can have colored clash shorts instead.”
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    The gridiron uniform database has switched the Chargers from the previously scheduled alternate royal uniforms, back to the standard powder blue & yellow. Anyone heard about this change being made?

    I know that the tweet in which Virginia Tech promoted their new BFBS uniform says, “dark mode activated,” but, because of the font I swear it says “barf mode activated.” I’d say that’s appropriate given there is absolutely no trace of actual school colors in the uniform.

    Hahaha. I thought the very same thing…thought it said “barf.” Horrible uniforms with zero connection to VT’s colors. Just like we get in the NBA. Everything Nike touches turns to crap.

    That’s an Interesting tidbit about their waxing that Packers helmet. I wonder if that could be a quick fix for a peeling decal.

    Will King Philip Regional School District in Massachusetts also phase out its Native American school district name?

    Larry Legend! Another example of a righthanded player (in both basketball and baseball, apparently from this picture) who writes lefthanded. That Cardinals team photo is so funny. Uecker, you are the best.

    Hyphen in wrong place for Black-power theme. Black power is the phrase. Its not a power theme that happens to be black.

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