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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 6, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Justin Verlander’s career-long color consistency, our first look at a Cincinnati jersey with a Big 12 patch, and more.



  • With reports yesterday indicating that P Justin Verlander is joining the Mets, Chris Breimhurst points out that this is the third straight blue/orange team Verlander has played for, following the Tigers and Astros.
  • The Phillies are reportedly signing SS Trea Turner, and his new teammate Bryson Scott welcomed him with a homemade MS paint jersey swap. (From @Jrryanlaw2)
  • We all know by now that Frank Robinson and other Orioles sliced their stirrups and added more fabric to create a high-cut look back in the 1960s. But did you know that even manager Earl Weaver doctored his stirrups this way? (Nice find by Kevin Clark)


  • Reprinted from last night’s comments: Giants RB Saquon Barkley’s right-side helmet logo didn’t have the underscore beneath the lettering on Sunday. (From commenters Jon K and Tom)
  • Reader Robert Bacon posted a YouTube video that explores the past, present, and potential future of the Bears’ uniform program.
  • During an appearance on the Manningcast last night, Randy Moss reminisced about his first-ever Starter jacket, which he wore during a campus visit with Peyton to Tennessee. (From @NFL_Journal)


  • Cincinnati introduced new head coach Scott Satterfield yesterday with a custom jersey that includes our first look at how the Big 12 patch will look in red and black. (From Steve Hemsath)
  • A Michigan fan created a template that allows fellow Wolverines fans to print and display their digital ticket stubs from last Saturday’s B1G championship.
  • Deeply satisfying matchup in this season’s Orange Bowl, as Tennessee and Clemson will square off in a battle of orange-clad squads. (From Jerry Pemberton)




  • Pro golfer Tony Finau used a Jazz-themed golf bag with ’90s-era color scheme, wordmarks, and even a number and NOB at the pro-am Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. Finau, a Utah native, was golfing with Jazz CEO Danny Ainge. (From John Giesler)
  • Here’s another article about that guy who designs a new Celtics jersey every time the team wins a game. (Thanks to all who shared)


  • The North Carolina State (red) and Georgia (black) women played a color-on-color game last night. Good attention to detail by ESPN to make sure the scorebug colors matched the uniforms. (From Gabe Cornwall)


  • Japan’s World Cup team had a cloth embroidered pennant commemorating their round of 16 game in the locker room ahead of their match yesterday. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Scotland: Motherwell’s new third shirt will raise money for four mental health charities. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Repost from Basketball: Utah native Tony Finau used a Jazz-themed golf bag with ’90s era color scheme, wordmarks, and even a number and a NOB at the pro-am Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. (From John Giesler)
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    The late 60’s Orioles stirrups were peculiar in that the rear arch hole went up into the white stripes, and some were more arched than others. Some had more of a point on the rear arch, like a church window. They switched to solid orange stirrups sometime in the early 70’s, and the oddness of the arch in the stipes was gone.

    You’ve probably answered this 1000 times, but do high schools need written permission to use pro logos, or is there a licensing fee? As long as the parents don’t tailgate like Bills fans!

    University of Wisconsin doesn’t go after team who use versions of the ‘motion W’, as long as they don’t try anything stupid.

    For example, UW didn’t complain when the Weyauwega Fremont school district- which made a WF clearly based on Wisconsin – used it, but when the school district tried to copyright it, UW stepped in made, made them change it, and offered them design help.


    I would guess many others take a similar approach.

    Not usually. As far as I know theres a general understanding among pro teams that they won’t sue high schools for “borrowing” their logo because it’s kind of a bad look for a multi-billion dollar company to sue a high school that probably isn’t pulling in much, if any, revenue from that logo.

    I don’t know if this holds true for private schools, but it’s more or less the case for public schools.

    Woodbury was a conference rival. They’ve had the charging Buffalo on their gym since before I was in high school and that was 30 years ago. We had a lot of knockoffs in our little conference: Tulane, the Bears, Florida, Georgia, Arizona State, Iowa, Florida State, the Bills and the Eagles. Only one high school didn’t conspicuously borrow and they were fairly generic in their design (Sterling Silver Knights).

    There is a public high school in TX that had to change their logo several years back because it was similar to the one that Washington State has. So I suppose its up to the pro team or university as to whether they’ll make an issue of it or not.

    The pennant Japan had used to be standard to exchange with the other team before world cup matches, are they no longer doing this?

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