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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 28, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: Some custom bobbleheads, World Juniors hockey news, and more.





  • The Commanders are revealing their new mascot this weekend. It’s either a dog or a hog. But if it’s a hog, that could lead to a trademark battle with some of the original Hogs players. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Big number spacing inconsistency in this photo of Chargers QB Johnny Unitas and K Ray Wersching. (From Brad Eenhuis)


  • A seller in a Capitals buy/sell group is offering the supposed pads that G Henrik Lundqvist was going to wear if his health problems hadn’t forced him to retire. (From @the_casserole)
  • The Madison Square Garden scoreboard mistakenly displayed the Islanders logo instead of the Capitals logo during pregame warm-ups yesterday. (From Chris Risley)
  • Always fun to see another story about that time the Penguins wore earmuffs for a game in 1970. (From Brandon Weir)


  • Germany D/F Philip Sinn started his country’s match against Sweden yesterday at the World Juniors wearing No. 4. He ended the game with D Nils Elten’s No. 5 (who wasn’t on that match’s roster) and tape over the nameplate. (From Iain McHugh)
  • Speaking of the World Juniors: The Switzerland coaches wore snazzy matching suits yesterday. (From @fullgrownnut)


  • A fan has imagined a potential SuperSonics expansion team, complete with logos, uniforms, and courts. (From Dan Kennedy)
  • Here’s another set of Travis Grubb bobbleheads (see Baseball). This time it’s of Lakers F LeBron James in his high school uniform and in his rookie Cavaliers uniform.


  • Marquette Academy in Ottawa, Ill., has a checkerboard pattern in the paint on their court. (From @sean_janko)
  • No photo, but the UC Capitals — a team in Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League — brought the wrong uni set with them for last night’s game against the Southside Flyers and had to wear yellow singlets. (From Murray Conallin)


  • Here’s the crest history for Bayern Munich. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • Everton fans who hold the club’s fan token voted on four players to be displayed on the corner flags for Monday’s Premier League game. The winners were strikers Wayne Rooney, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and Duncan Ferguson, and goalie Tim Howard. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
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Comments (9)

    I agree, but three things stood out to me:

    1) The S in the logo isn’t obvious enough. A simple improvement would be to have the entire white outline connect to the centre circle.

    2) It seems silly to have the Icon and City jerseys be identical but for the logo on the front.

    3) The yellow used on the Statement jersey appears to be a little too green (but not when it’s used elsewhere).

    Overall a solid job!

    The Commanders host Cleveland this weekend. I believe the article says they will unveil it against the Cowboys, which would be the Jan 8 game

    Had no idea that Ray Wersching was a link overlapping the careers of Johnny Unitas and Ronnie Lott.
    That Sonics design is gorgeous. 2 minor nitpicks:
    1. The outlining of the numbers makes them essentially one piece, which Nike would never go for, since every 2-digit number would have to be cut as a singly glyph, with all the outlining. If the numbers were 2 distinct glyphs, they just have to make 0-9. All about the bottom line and phooey about aesthetics or style or tradition…
    2. The number on the alt jersey is entirely too small. Using the shield patch that big makes using the number impossible.

    The Bayern Munich crest history suspiciously excludes a number of crests used between 1923 and 1955, most notably the one with the Nazi symbol front and centre.


    Normally not a fan of the oversized helmet decals. But, I think it looks pretty cool for Kansas. Good look. They should keep it!!!!

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