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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 22, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: A magnificent treatise on NBA socks, some pretty bizarre Swedish hockey throwbacks, and more.





  • The Eagles plan to go mono-black this Saturday in Dallas. It will be the first time they’ve ever worn their black jerseys on the road.
  • Meanwhile, here are this week’s uni combos for the Bengals, Bills, and Jags.
  • Such sad news about Franco Harris’s death, as the Steelers were set to retire his number this Saturday, which is 50 years and one day since the Immaculate Reception. They were already planning to wear throwbacks with this jersey patch, which will now become a de facto memorial patch for Harris. (From Steve Dodell)
  • In a related item, this article includes a couple of photos of Harris and some of his Steelers teammates wearing Steelers basketball uniforms for a charity hoops game. (From Ryan Bowman)
  • Cutout figures of Bills QB Josh Allen depicted as Superman are becoming a thing in Buffalo. (From Drew, who didn’t give his last name)




  • The NHL has re-upped its deal with the paint company that’s responsible for the league’s thermochromic pucks and also makes the chip-resistant paint for the goalposts. (From @Byron_2284)
  • Penguins D Brian Dumoulin recently lost a breakaway contest, so his punishment was to wear a lot of random and embarrassing gear at a team practice. (From Troy Caldwell)
  • Whoa, check out this Canucks “Luongomobile” that someone’s selling. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • Chicago wore white at home last night for the first time since 2012. (From Steve Goluch)





  • Cannot say enough good things about this tremendous New York Times article about NBA socks. Excellent reporting, fascinating details — first-rate all around. Uni Watch’s highest rating! (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Nuggets C Nikola Jokić says wears a suit to the arena because he equates it with going to work. Sure beats blue collar cosplay. (From @NuggetsNation)


  • New BFBS uni for Kentucky men’s.
  • Iowa’s women’s team is wearing warm-up shirts for the 50th anniversary of Iowa women’s athletics. “The actual anniversary isn’t until 2023, so I imagine we’ll start seeing the school’s other women’s sports teams wear these soon enough,” says our own Jamie Rathjen.
  • Michigan State men’s coach Tom Izzo was assessed a technical foul last night, which was particularly amusing because he was dressed up like one of Santa’s elves. Additional info here. (Thanks to all who shared)


  • A retail leak suggests that Adidas is bringing its World Cup jersey template to MLS. (From Matt Austin)


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Comments (25)

    The Eagles wore black jerseys at New England during the pre-season in 2014 as a result of Nike´s inability to make the midnight green ones.

    Love that Rose Bowl patch. Just the rose, folks. I’m still bugged by the whole “Rose Bowl Game”, which sounds silly to me. As in, “Rose Bowl Game”, as opposed to the “Rose Bowl Chewing Gum (or something else)”. I know it’s licensed that way and there’s the tournament of roses, the Rose Bowl (stadium) itself etc., and it’s meant to specify the actual game, but it sounds stupid. Nice to have it off the jersey patch.

    That “Luongomobile” has an unusual treatment for Roberto. On the side of the car we can see other Canucks players wearing the Reebok Edge Orca jerseys, complete with the arched VANCOUVER, but Roberto’s jersey replaces that with the white vintage stick-in-rink logo, while retaining blue stick-in-rink logos on his shoulders – though those also appear to be the vintage straight stick-in-rink logos and not the modified version adopted in 2007. Of course, Luongo did wear the vintage logo in his first season in Vancouver – the vintage logo in navy, silver, and red was worn as a shoulder patch on their home and road unis, and they wore their 1972-78 throwback (previously worn in the 2003-04 NHL Vintage program) as their third jersey that year, replacing the gradient Orca jersey.

    Some artistic freedom. A custom jersey created by the painter for Luongo.

    The famous fans from back then make an appearance on the car as well. The Green Men used to sit beside the visitor’s penalty box in their green body suits.

    I’m wondering why the NHL isn’t taking the lead on all-electric Zambonis (ice resurfacers)? Hopefully they’re already working towards that.

    I wish more local rinks did as well! I play at the Capitals practice rink every so often and the fumes are quite noticeable right after a cut

    In relation to this, two Flyers trainers are suing the team, claiming their life threatening cancer came from Zamboni fumes at their practice rink.

    As I noted when I sent it to Paul, the irony of the Josh Allen Superman cutout is he would fit the bill much better in the Bills mono-blue set. But this image is based on the color rash game from this past Saturday.

    I mean, *if* we’re going to be pedantic – the item on Argentina TV stations should be in the International section

    Not that *I* care… :D

    The Kentucky black unis were miserable to watch last night. I love UK blue but there was not enough contrast between the blue numbers and the black jerseys on that court last night. I know they outlined them in white, but it wasn’t enough practically speaking. The numbers were practically illegible during play.

    Giving babies tiny kits happens in a number of European cities. I know they do it for Atalanta among other places.

    Potentially stupid question(s) re: emissions-free Zamboni. But do they usually run on gasoline? Diesel? Is that why an emissions-free Zamboni is a big thing? And if they do run on fossil fuels, doesn’t the emissions get into the enclosed space of the arena (like a gigantic car in a gigantic, closed garage, and we know what happens then)? Or are the emissions negligible?

    As far as I know (which isn’t too far) the ones I remember seeing run on propane.

    * insert Hank Hill quote here

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