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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 20, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: The Leafs will reverse it up, the Vikings will wear white at home for the first time ever, and more.




  • The Sugar Land Space Cowboys are hosting a holiday lights display in their ballpark. One of the installations is what they call an “interactive coloring book” — a display that allows people to change the colors of an illuminated ballplayer’s batting helmet, jersey, pants, socks and other parts of his uniform. (From Jeremy K.)


  • The Vikings will wear white jerseys, white pants, and solid white socks when they host the Giants on Saturday, and they’re also asking fans to wear white. Aside from a long-ago preseason game, it’s the first time they’ve ever worn white over white at home.


  • Western Kentucky will wear black helmets with fleur-de-lis embossed “Tops” decals and helmet stripes for the New Orleans Bowl on Wednesday. They’re also adding a Mike Leach memorial decal. (From Lenny Vangilder and Lee Wilds, respectively)
  • Penn State typically winterizes Beaver Stadium at the conclusion of the regular season, a process that prevents them from hosting events for the rest of the winter. Despite those concerns, the school’s athletic director says that they would host a College Football Playoff game if given the opportunity. (From William F. Yurasko)
  • A South Dakota State fan inspired by last week’s post made a series of Jackrabbit “Feudin’ Mascot” illustrations. (From @DakotaDinos)
  • Georgia Tech DB Derrik Allen announced yesterday that he’s transferring to North Carolina to join his brother, Marcus, who plays DB for the Tar Heels. That means we may get FIOB next year. (From James Gilbert)


  • The Leafs will wear their BFBS alternates on Thursday, but in a twist, they’ll wear the black-and-yellow inner side of the reversible sweaters. (From Will Leslie)
  • Bruins G Linus Ullmark’s Winter Classic pads include stars that honor past Bruins greats. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The Hurricanes have worn four different sweaters during their current four-game winning streak. (From Andy Johnson)


  • Last night, Canada debuted the white sweaters they’ll wear at next week’s World Juniors Championship in a pre-tournament matchup against Switzerland. They paired those sweaters with black helmets, black breezers and maple leaf-patterned socks. (From Mick Braun)
  • Here’s a good story about how a team in the Falkland Islands requested and received permission to use the logo of a now-defunct minor league hockey team. (From @BallparkHunter)


  • This story has some good behind-the-scenes photos of the mold from which the NBA’s new MVP trophy was cast. (From Geoff Poole)


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Comments (17)

    For the Venn Diagram, shouldn’t the Orioles logo be included inside the Animal/Letter area with the Marlins??

    The D-Backs should be in with the Extra Little Symbols group. Their “A” has that viper’s forked tongue as part of the letter.

    1. The full Venn diagram would have to include all of the alt caps and City Connect and it would be a disaster.
    2. Love the soccer badges in the Juventus style.
    3. Weren’t the Vikings considering white helmets for this weekend?

    It’s also *not* a Venn diagram. Venn diagrams show all the possible overlaps; this shows only the relevant ones, so it’s an Euler Diagram.

    I see the Leafs link, but it just uses graphics and the phrase “Welcome to the Flipside”, but doesn’t explicitly *SAY* they’re wearing the jerseys inside-out. Besides, wouldn’t that be a rules violation? They’d have to put in a lot of work to “fix” the jerseys to be legal inside-out on the ice – re-cresting the names and numbers, and switching where the fight strap is attached.

    By the way, “Welcome to the Flipside”? That just made me think of an old 80s Saturday morning cartoon, Kidd Video.

    One more Venn suggestion, interlocking letters?

    That way, you could intergrade the three letters into the rest of the logos?

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