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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 17, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got FNOBs from the ’90s, Disney-inspired jerseys, and more!



  • The Broncos Hall of Fame shared a photo on Instagram of Dave and Doug Widell’s FNOB jerseys from the early ’90s. Always great to remember how much fun the NFL used to have with NOBs before the league stopped requiring differentiators for players with the same name. (From Mike Engle)
  • Patriots QB Mac Jones wore the team’s old away pants during practice yesterday. Jones never wore the team’s previous uni set, so they’re likely hand-me-downs. Also, note that the Pats’ practice jerseys still have their old uni number font, despite this being the third year of this uni set! (From @StarWarsCelery)


  • Here is what Ohio State will be wearing in their College Football Playoff game against Georgia. (From Jason Hillyer)
  • Miami of Ohio had a pretty awesome memorial decal for Mike Leach, which they wore during yesterday’s Bahamas Bowl. (From multiple readers)
  • Looks like the Las Vegas Bowl will be color-vs-color. (From Brock Brames)


  • The OHL’s North Bay Battalion have introduced a new alternate uni. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The PHF’s Buffalo Beauts hosted an outdoor game last night. They wore an alternate blue jersey different from the one they normally wear. Also, goalie Kassidy Sauvé is wore a toque. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • The Montreal Force and Connecticut Whale of the PHF will play a neutral site game on January 14 in Pittsburgh.  The Whale will wear jerseys honoring the Pittsburgh Pennies, a women’s hockey team that was founded in 1972. The original Pennies uniforms can be seen in this video. (From Dane Drutis)


Grab Bag
  • The company “Park Friends” sells Disney-inspired sports jerseys, with many designs leaning very heavily to popular or classic designs in the major professional leagues. Don’t even want to think about the potential copyright headaches these guys may be facing. (From Tony C.)
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Comments (7)

    “Always great to remember how much fun the NFL used to have with NOBs before the league stopped requiring differentiators for players with the same name.”

    That was never a requirement. The Steelers, for one, have never put an initial on a game jersey.

    I’ve a feeling that Park Friends website isn’t long for this world. I saw nothing about them being a licensee of Disney, NHL, NFL or MLB. Too bad because I really like that Ducks throwback sweater!

    Seriously. That whole product line gave me serious “intellectual property rights dispute” vibes. They straight up ported over kraken and warriors (among others) jerseys with Disney imagery. My first red flag was that I can’t imagine the Disney company wanting to be so directly associated with the raiders organization, and I really doubt they would allow Mickey to be turned into a skeleton pirate that represents a fan base like the black hole.

    Re: “Looks like the Las Vegas Bowl will be color-vs-color”. So much for contrast, at least it isn’t orange vs orange.

    “The Ohio State football team made it official that it will wear a home version of its 1968 Diamond Quest Nike Swoosh jersey when it faces Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl.”

    Interesting. Nike wasn’t a company in 1968.

    I don’t know if this is a thing everywhere but that site was like the “Disney people” version of those knock-off merch tents that pop up around the major sports cities in california. You know the ones that sell tshirts of Marylin Monroe’s face photoshopped onto the body of a porn model who’s smoking a joint, holding a gun, laying in a pile of hundred dollar bills and wearing a (insert team name) jersey.

    Yeah. That park friends website is like the family friendly version of that. Family friendly copyright infringement.

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