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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 16, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: One of Europe’s biggest soccer clubs divorcing their uni advertiser, an NFL logo on the links, and more!



  • If you didn’t know, once a player plays a certain amount of time in the Majors, MLB issues them a gold pass, allowing for free entry for them and a guest to any MLB game. Brock Holt posted his on Instagram, and it’s just as flashy as one would hope. (From Sara Klein)
  • New Red Sox signee Masataka Yoshida will wear No. 7. The No. 34 he wore in NPB is retired for David Ortiz, natch.
  • Sticking in Boston: We know that the Red Sox had a brief mid-’90s experiment with a red-crowned, blue-billed alternate cap. But did we know that it was worn on the road at least once?  Makes for an even odder look than with the home whites. (From @imoMitchCards)


  • Here’s what the Ravens are wearing when they visit Cleveland on Saturday. (From Andrew Consentino)
  • The Patriots are sponsoring rookie LPGA golfer Alexa Pano on the pro tour, marking the first time an NFL team has sponsored an LPGA golfer. The 18-year-old Pano will wear Patriots-branded gear on tour. (From @CDodge56)


  • Here’s the uni matchup for the Sun Bowl. (From Noah Kastroll)


  • This helmet for Hawley High in Texas has certainly seen better days. You can barely make out the design on the lefthand side! (From @barsotta)


  • Capitals LW Alex Ovechkin has trademarked “The Gr8 Chase” as he approaches Wayne Gretzky’s all-time goal record. (From multiple readers)


  • The Springfield Thunderbirds, AHL affiliates of the Blues, have unveiled the four one-off unis they’ll wear this season. The most notable (and best-looking) of these is the Springfield Ice-O-Topes one, if only because I love a good Simpsons reference. (From George Samuel)


  • Outgoing Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is set to take over the Presidency of the NCAA on March 1, succeeding Mark Emmert. Baker was a JV basketball player during his time at Harvard, in these unis. What’s going on with that “V”? (From Rob Gugliotta and Jay Wright)
  • The coaching staffs for Virginia men and women will wear sneakers painted by patients at the UVA Children’s Hospital, who were joined by players from both teams, for games in January. (Thanks, Jamie)


  • England: After pressure from shareholders, TeamViewer is pulling out of its £235 million shirt advertising deal with Manchester United. This is just the second season of the five-year deal. TeamViewer’s logo will remain on the club’s shirts until United finds a new advertiser.
  • Cross-posted from the NFL section: The New England Patriots are sponsoring rookie LPGA golfer Alexa Pano on the pro tour, marking the first time an NFL team has sponsored an LPGA golfer. The 18-year-old Pano will wear Patriots-branded gear on tour. (From @CDodge56)
Grab Bag
  • After reading our recent Feudin’ Mascot pieces, artist Ross Hettinger sent along his own for South Dakota State. He sells the designs here.
  • Did you know Massachusetts issues license plates for drivers who are active ham radio enthusiasts? Better still, the license plate numbers are the drivers’ FCC call numbers.
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Comments (23)

    Two notes: I met Charlie Baker once, and he’s very tall. Also, I occasionally search for one of those Red Sox hats on the internet to no avail. Such a sharp cap.

    I had one of those hats when they came out but it is lost to time now, i have searched high and low to find a replacement and never can

    The Sun Bowl sure is going to be a gorgeous looking game. We can assume UCLA is going with their usual gold pants. Too bad they didn’t show us what Pitt was wearing. Do we want them in blue for more contrast or yellow which is their better look?

    I thought the same thing, even though I’m not sure if Pitt’s athletic gold and ucla’s metallic gold go well together?

    It’s a little amusing that the Springfield Thunderbirds are throwing back to the previous franchise, the Springfield Falcons (who are the present-day Tucson Roadrunners). The current team was previously the Portland (Maine) Pirates. I doubt the T-Birds will be throwing back to Springfield’s original AHL franchise, the Indians, though, for obvious reasons.

    Though it seems this isn’t the first time they’ve homaged the Falcons, as the team store has a blue Falcons jersey up for sale. There are also two other Ice-o-topes designs, so it looks like this is the third time they’re doing that. They also have a blue third jersey up for pre-order… and all of those jerseys, the one-offs and the third, all look better than their regular home and road jerseys, which use that awful “SENS” (c.2009 Ottawa third jersey) template from the Reebok Edge days.

    Just wanted to note that tonight’s Stagg Bowl (Division III football championship) between Mount Union and North Central College will be the 22nd consecutive edition in which at least one of the teams has purple as one of their uniform colors. During that streak, purple-free teams have won the championship only twice (including North Central in 2019). In 14 of the matchups, including 12 straight from 2004 to 2015, both teams were purple-inclusive.

    North Central looks to be the favorite tonight, but I’ll be rooting for the Purple Raiders.

    The Atlanta Gladiators (AHL) will be wearing Thrashers jerseys tonight. Looks like they will have the Gladiators logo on the shoulders.
    They are also raffling off a jersey.

    The greatest day in Thrashers’ history was the day they revealed their white-and-dark-blue home uniforms. Still a sharp-looking set. All downhill from there.

    I can only hope that the Patriots’ sponsorship of Pano leads to NFL teams becoming sponsors of NBA teams. Imagine the outrage from Paul and the boys when Dolphins logo show up on Jazz jerseys and Brownie the Elf makes his way to Laker jerseys. Because obviously they would be a rule the prohibited sponsoring a team on your own market.

    So Nomar Garciaparra is wearing a red cap on a couple of 1998 Pacific cards where is he shown getting a forceout of the Angels’ Gary Disarcina. It’s possible those photos come from the fourth inning of the Aug. 23, 1997 game when Disarcina was forced at second (and Garciaparra made an error while trying to turn the double play).

    Imagine buying a ticket to a ballgame and finding Robin Yount has taken your seat with his gold card on an afternoon lark.

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