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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 14, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Lots of college basketball uni news, a soccer-themed hearse, and more.








  • Boston Globe reporter Matt Porter pointed out a “weird” Bruins logo in the team’s dressing room. It might look normal at first, but the dressing room logo has slight deviations from the team’s official logo (look how far the spokes in the dressing room logo poke out compared to the official logo).


  • Here’s an infographic showing 252 Jazz jersey concepts. (From Ben Schroeder)


  • New City-style alternate unis for Northwestern men’s.
  • Illinois men’s tweeted the Pantone numbers for their school and Tennessee — both schools wear orange — to announce the upcoming series between the two schools. (From multiple readers)
  • Color vs. color for New Mexico vs. San Francisco men’s last Monday. The game was played at a casino arena in Las Vegas. (From Frank Mercogliano)
  • New shoes for SG M.J. Collins of Virginia Tech men’s. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Memphis men’s wore their black alternates last night against Alabama. ESPN’s scorebug, however, displayed Memphis’s score on a blue background. After the first TV timeout, the Memphis portion of the scorebug changed from blue to black, matching their uniforms. (From Griffin Smith)


  • Late Liverpool F David Johnson’s body was transported past Anfield, the club’s stadium, in a Liverpool-themed hearse. (From Steve Kriske)
Auto Racing
  • Here’s why Red Bull’s logo could be banned from the Singapore Grand Prix.
  • The new logo for the Michigan International Speedway is oriented the same way the speedway is in real life. (From Christian M. Zummer)
  • Yesterday we reported on Rugby New York’s new name, the Ironworkers. Here’s what their new shirts look like. (From Eric Bangeman)
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    is there a practical reason teams do their jersey announcements as videos instead of just posting pics? or is just for the spectacle?

    That Twitter blue logo. Ick but also kinda radical? I really despise the cult of Musk, and how so few members realize that he isn’t a Tony Stark super-genius, he just tells people “make this thing I thought of. Now make it better!” I thought his game would be up when he started using Spaceballs references as the names for Tesla “modes” but I guess not. Twitter might finally be his Waterloo.

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