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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 13, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: The Eagles are steering clear of white pants, a fascinating look at hockey stick blades, and an egregious apostrophe catastrophe.





  • The Eagles on Sunday improved to 11-0 under coach Nick Sirianni when wearing green or black pants. (From Kurt Esposito)
  • Speaking of the Eagles, WR DeVonta Smith is among the players that has a hand warmer pocket built into his jersey. (From Will Moore)
  • The Commanders will face the Giants on Sunday — their second game in a row against Big Blue. The last time they played the same opponent in back-to-back games was in 1966, when they faced Pittsburgh twice in a row. That second matchup against the Steelers featured a uniform snafu (soft paywall) — Washington brought white jerseys and gold pants to Pittsburgh, but the Steelers also planned to wear that same combo. The Steelers’ equipment staff had to scramble to grab black jerseys before kickoff. (From John Gagosian)
  • Fox Business channel had an apostrophe catastrophe yesterday in a segment about the Niners. (From Josh Claywell and Jason Collins)
  • Pats QB Mac Jones appears to have looser sleeve tailoring for his throwing arm.


  • NESN had a great in-game segment about Bruins LW Taylor Hall’s new stick blade, and how the blade’s shape affects a player’s shot. (From Ted Taylor)
  • It was announced on Saturday that the Flames and Oilers will face off in a Heritage Classic game next season. Here are some uniform concepts for that late-2023 matchup. (From Moe Khan)
  • Penguins C Evgeni “Geno” Malkin wore a penguin cap that was definitely not team-issued for a recent postgame presser. (From L.J. Sparvero)





Grab Bag
  • Major League Rugby club Rugby New York has changed its team name to Rugby New York Ironworkers. (From Sy Hart)
  • The folks at Ebbets Field Flannels helped create vintage-style replica caps for NASA commentators to wear during coverage of Artemis I’s return to Earth over the weekend. The design was inspired the caps Apollo astronauts wore after returning to Earth.
Comments (14)

    right? Out of all of them, I was struggling to understand what the hell is he doing? It looks odd… you would think that you wouldn’t have him looking up like that… makes more sense to have him looking directly at an imaginary rim not UP at it. He’s AIR Jordan for God’s sake.

    I have a BC jersey that Doug Flutie wore in the Cotton Bowl, and it has a wider right sleeve (his throwing arm) than the left sleeve (and instructions about it attached to the Champion tag) like Mac Jones. Maybe ‘it’s not unusual’ (to quote Tom Jones).

    I recall the Eagles wearing black jerseys and green pants close to 20 years ago. According to GUD it happened twice-lost both games (although one was a meaningless contest at the end of the 2004 regular season). Maybe go with green jerseys and black pants for the next home game (January 1st vs the Saints-I’ll be there.).

    The thing with the eagles combos is that the black pants and black jersey don’t have any of the charcoal/grey striping while their all of their default stuff does.

    I beg to differ. It’s there; as always, it’s just hard to see. It has the same value as the Eagles’ midnight green.

    I’m usually pretty AD-nostic (pun intended) when it comes to ads on jerseys and fields and stuff… but for some reason, seeing a KIA logo on a professional trophy brought a little bit of vomit into my mouth. Why NBA? WHY???

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