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Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 12, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: One of DIYer Wafflebored’s jerseys makes it into a museum, the “One Love” captain’s armband comes to English women’s soccer, and more.

  • “In 1982, Greyhound Electronics published a football uniform game for their line of casino-themed arcade games,” says David Firestone.






Auto Racing
  • New liveries for the Formula E teams Nio 333 and Abt, the second of which formerly ran an Audi-branded team before sitting out last season and re-entering under their own name.
  • “Safety in 1960s auto racing was…lacking to say the least,” says David Firestone.
  • Boxer Keyshawn Davis wore a memorial to the three murdered Virginia football players on his shorts on Saturday.
Grab Bag
  • Last week’s news that AFL Women’s is to ditch white shorts brought up a column from this summer from former Australian cricketer Alex Blackwell arguing that all women’s sports should drop white pants or shorts. Blackwell spent her career not only wearing white when playing in Tests, as all Test cricket players do, but also a variety of bright colors in the sport’s other formats.
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    1) That Norvans replica jersey is maybe the most beautiful bit of hockey uniformery I’ve ever seen. I love that it’s now in a museum, because my reaction to seeing it is simply, “That belongs in a museum!”

    2) I increasingly think every sport, men’s and women’s, should eliminate white shorts/pants. White on the legs is impractical for men, too, in most sports, even if not as impractical as for women athletes.

    Traditionalist me wants every home team to wear white pants and jersey, to the point that if the home team wears a solid-color alt jersey I believe it should play as the road team, bat first every inning, and wear gray pants so that the visitors can dress in all white.

    But baseball is also the poster sport for the impracticality of white pants. In any well played game, half of each roster has dirt and grass stains across their pants. Darker solid colors will hold their look better when subjected to that sort of in-game dirtying.

    It’s sort of like pinstripes. If baseball didn’t exist but was invented today, and someone proposed a team dress in pinstriped fabric, they’d be laughed out of the room by pretty much all of us. An old-fashioned suit cloth pattern, on a sports uniform? Ridiculous bit of pretentious fuddy-duddyism. The truth of which claim we can verify by listing all the teams wearing other common suit cloth patterns like windowpane, herringbone, glen check, houndstooth, tartan, tattersall, and so forth: Zero. None of them do. Pinstripes are a special case that we accept because we’re used to it. All-white home uniforms seem similar to me, in that we’re accustomed to it so we accept it, but I doubt it would be considered normal if baseball uniformery was invented today.

    “In any well played game, half of each roster has dirt and grass stains across their pants.” – R. Scott Rogers

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    I like the grass/dirt stains. When watching games on artificial turf I find it strange that there aren’t stains on the pants of the players.

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