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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 9, 2022

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In today’s ticker: the Bengals announce when they’ll wear their new white helmets, new uniforms possibly leaked for Marshall football, Isles Fisherman Reverse Retro and more!



  • The Peoria Chiefs, the High-A affiliate of the Cardinals, are giving away gnome figurines of their mascot, Homer the dog, on Aug. 21. (From Alex Dewitt)


  • This blog recaps various number changes made by Commies players this offseason — number changes that have already caused confusion among beat writers.
  • The Browns gifted new uniforms to two local high schools yesterday.
  • The Bengals have announced which jerseys they will wear in each game this upcoming season. Of note, they will wear their new alternate white helmet twice — once at home against the Dolphins, and once on the road against the Steelers. (From Phil)
  • A mink coat belonging to Joe Namath is expected to fetch at least $20,000 at an upcoming auction. (From Tom Turner)


  • Arizona State has released a new uniform, and pretty much everyone hates it. (Thanks Phil)
  • Texas Tech says it is dedicating No. 3 to a local teen who died of COVID-19 complications last year. Players will vote on who will have the honor of wearing the number ahead of the season.
  • Marshall’s new uniforms have reportedly leaked. The new design loses “The Herd” for a more traditional “Marshall.” (From @MBrinstonBerry)
  • An Arizona State alumnus has created a series of uniform concepts drawing on the school’s history and the state’s culture. (From @JediASU)
  • High schooler Camdyn Stiegeler announced his commitment to Washington with a graphic that includes a Nike-era Huskies jersey, but edited to include an Adidas logo. (From @JayJayDean)


  • Looks like the Islanders will have a “Fisherman” Reverse Retro uniform this coming season. (From Phil)
  • Icethetics has released a very good video showing all the known and rumored Reverse Retro uniforms & jerseys for the upcoming season. (Thanks Phil)
  • The Wild have announced a new jersey advertiser. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • Former Canucks D Kevin Bieksa recently revealed that his longtime teammates, twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin, used to switch jerseys during preseason games to mess with opponents.



  • England: The Athletic (hard paywall) has published an extensive feature about Ray Thompson, the kit man for the Premier League’s Newcastle United. (From Ted Arnold)
  • England: The women of Brighton and Hove Albion went NNOB for a recent preseason friendly against Bayern Munich. (From Graham Clayton)
  • England: Someone on Twitter re-imagined British candy bars as soccer jerseys. (From @markinvictoria and @Evading_Review)
  • Brazil: Yesterday, we Ticked about the reported leak of Brazil’s World Cup jerseys, but I just wanted to highlight the incredible detail the designers took with the collar button. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • New logo for German men’s volleyball team VfB Friedrichshafen. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • The National Aquarium shared a short story about its iconic logo — and an unused concept logo — on its Twitter page yesterday. (From Nick Allen)
  • The Army’s 175th Infantry Regiment, of the Maryland Army National Guard, a storied regiment, is dropping seven of the “battle streamers” that top its flag due to Confederate ties. (From Timmy Donahue)
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    “Gifted” — ugh!

    It’s time to take one of my pet peeves out for a walk. Can’t we just say “gave” or “donated”? Gift is a noun, not a verb.

    Thank you for your indulgence.

    Gift can be a verb. Merriam-Webster lists it. I would gift you a copy, but you can find it on the internet.

    It’s in the article linked above about the Islanders–took me a second to realize it was the same video. That video starts with the Islanders, but you can rewind.

    I thought it was cool that the Bengals finally got with the times and found a sponsor for their stadium. A new source of revenue for the team and it costs the fans and public nothing. This should allow for them to make some much needed renovations. I don’t see what’s sad about this at all, it’s a win-win for all involved and a move they should have made decades ago.

    A blue, orange, and white Islanders’ fisherman sweater is interesting, but I’ll repost my preference for a dark blue, orange, silver and teal version of what they wear now.

    In the Commanders’ article, it looks like the players have their last names on the front of their jerseys (In “Hi – My name is…” style.)

    Is that right?

    You may want to clarify that Brighton’s women’s team went no NUMBER on back. I believe NOB usually refers to “name on back”.

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