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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 4, 2022

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Today we got Juan Soto’s new number, a cleats mixup in Philadelphia, and a basketball court designed to advertise a video game console.



  • Did you know that Sandy Koufax was a standout basketball player too? It’s true, although he looks odd in a basketball uni. (From Max Weintraub)
  • Juan Soto will still wear his trademark No. 22 in San Diego, with P Nick Martinez switching from 22 to 21. This will leave C Luis Campusano numberless when he returns to the majors, as he had previously been assigned 21.
  • New Mariners P Luis Castillo is not going FIOB, despite the presence of P Diego Castillo on the M’s roster. “He changed the highlights in his dreads from Red to Northwest Green,” notes Tim Dunn.
  • Hard to tell in this screengrab, but new Red Sox C Reese McGuire’s McNOB is formatted like a standard NOB — no lowercase C, no space between “Mc” and “Guire”. The last time the Red Sox had a player with a “Mc” last name was John McDonald in 2013, and he had a lowercase C in his NOB.
  • New Phillies P David Robertson had to wear his blue Cubs cleats during last night’s game against Atlanta, as his Phillies cleats weren’t ready. Considering he played for the Phils in 2019 as well, you’d think he’d have an old pair lying around! (From @PhillyPartTwo)
  • Brutal blue-on-blue matchup at the Trop last night, with the Blue Jays in royal taking on the navy-clad Rays. (From Tim Richmond)


  • The Charleston River Dogs, Single-A affiliates of the Rays, will wear “newly-designed” unis as an homage to their former Charleston Rainbows identity for an LGBTQ pride event next Wednesday. No word yet on what the jerseys will look like. (From @willchitty4)


  • A UGA blog has ranked the uniforms in the SEC, and believe it or not, they didn’t rank their team’s unis No. 1. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Mizzou announced two new number assignments, including giving QB Sam Horn No. 21. Rare occurrence to see a QB with a number higher than 19. (From Tim Emmel)


  • A follow up to a ticker item yesterday, the Montreal Alouettes’ scheme to sell poutine out of a  helmet for $90 is naturally hitting some fan resistance. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Sign of the apocalypse No. 5,930: the Liberty are going with an entire court design sponsored and designed by Xbox. (From Paul Panganiban)




  • Do you love the band Portugal. The Man enough to buy a Portland Timbers jacket with frontman John Baldwin Gourley’s sweat stains on it? If so, here’s your chance.
  • New uniforms for East Carolina Soccer. (Thanks, Phil)


  • England: New second shirt for Leeds United. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • England: English clubs have continued to take a knee in support of racial justice even as we’ve passed the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. English captains met and have decided to reserve the knee protest for a handful of set matches, such as the first and last matches of the season. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • England: A Chelsea supporter purchased the team’s new shirt through a less-than-reputable website, and was attempting to schedule a pre-order to get new signing Raheem Sterling’s name and number on the back. Sterling’s number hasn’t been assigned yet, and the buyer was not too impressed to receive a jersey with “Sterling-Pre Order” and no number on the back.
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    Very bold of Reese McGuire to take number three for the Red Sox, having previously been worn by The Only Active Hall Of Famer Sandy Leon.

    I had to chuckle at the “Sterling Pre-Order” jersey, but actually if I were the fan I’d be happy to have what must be one of the most unique jerseys out there.

    With respect to the Blue v. Blue last night, I thought there was some sort of rule about wearing the same color of softball jerseys? I know I’ve seen a number of times the Mariners (who for some reason are wearing their Blue softball tops quite a bit this year) say that they couldn’t wear the blue because the other team had chosen to wear it.

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