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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 31, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a new kit for one of England’s most historic soccer clubs, some footage of a 1990s throwback game, and more!



  • Here’s some footage of the Mets/Reds throwback game at Shea in 1992. (From @TJMtoWit)
  • Astros OF Yordan Álvarez almost started yesterday’s game at Fenway in the wrong cap, but caught it before first pitch. (From @MikeTXXi)


  • The Frederick Keys of the MLB Draft League have unveiled the one-off uniforms for their Art in the Park promotion, to be worn tomorrow. (From Marcus Hall)


  • Rutgers has installed a display of their Super Bowl winners. Each player has an approximation of their jersey included, though there are six Patriots, and each one has an approximation of the current uni set, rather than the one the Patriots wore during their Super Bowls. (From Matt Meo)
  • Brownie the Elf will stay at midfield for the Browns this season. (From @Wilds_Lee)
  • The Chargers have released their uniform schedule for this season. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Eagles have somehow managed to include a “JR” on TE Albert Okwuegbunam’s NOB. (From Sam McKinley)




  • The Oilers are bringing back the oil drop red line, and announced it with this wonderful video of the arena crew reapplying the ice graphics for the upcoming season.


  • England: Everton have unveiled their third kit. I quite like it, except for the badge, which is a very approximate rendering of the Everton lock-up depicted on their normal badge. (From @DetroitCSC and Blake Jackson)
  • England: Nottingham Forest have announced their new shirt advertiser, after playing the first three matches of this season without one. It is a betting company, because of course it is. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • The US uniforms for the Solheim Cup have been revealed. (Thanks, Phil)
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  • Not uni-related, but I think this deep dive on a (seemingly) random pedestrian bridge is utterly fantastic. (From Mike Menner)
Comments (18)

    They also told me they don’t eat at Taco Bell. They recommended a better Mexican restaurant on their side of the interstate.

    Guessing they haven’t been there for breakfast… definitely worth the walk!

    Foot bridges for churches and schools are a thing in other places as well. Hoban High School in Akron has a bridge over I-76 connecting the main campus with the football field. And I’ve seen at least one highway in Pennsylvania with a bridge right by a church.

    That sure was a DEEP dive!

    That bridge article is ridiculous.

    But I was completely engrossed and read it from start to finish hanging on every word!

    The Rutgers installation approximations are barely approximations. The vast majority of the honorees have a generic font that is neither Block Varsity, nor Rutgers’s default number font, nor a font ever worn by any NFL team. It is actually more noticeable for the 3 teams they bothered to get right (Steelers, Ravens, Rams).

    Guess Forest had to get some of that gambling money before it’s banned… (unless they get relegated from the Premier League, in which case they could continue)

    Here is an interesting short video that missed the Ticker.

    CFL Labour Day Classics will happen this weekend. Every year it is the same teams playing each other in their respective Labour Day Classic games. Marks basically the halfway point of CFL as we turn it up a notch down the home stretch.

    The Calgary Stampeders started a tradition of wearing a black alternate jersey for this game back in 1994. One of the first North American pro sports teams to have a regular alternate jersey. The unveiling in 1994 was a surprise. Here is how it started.


    So it’s their fault!

    Makes me even happier that they were the only team to lose to an American team in the Grey Cup. Go Colts Stallions!

    The reason the Stampeders cannot fully get rid of the black 100%. They love their black alternate uniforms. Will have the white mask this year though so a slight alteration to the look.

    I was at that Grey Cup in Regina! Freezing my buns off in the cold late November prairie wind. Was a fun time. Great memories of the events around the city during that Grey Cup.

    “The Chargers have released their uniform schedule for this season.”

    I disagree with the notion that most teams can’t pull off the white/white/white look…the Chargers can, but really shouldn’t. Yellow should be worn exclusively.
    Looking forward to the Week 6 MNF matchup with the CR Cowboys, and of course Week 16 versus the Pat Patriots. The Broncos will surely go white-over-white in week 14 for the Royal Blue game – and how great would it be for the Bears to opt for white pants when they visit San Di, errr…LA in Week 8?

    Re: Rutgers SB Champ display: They messed up Dwight Freeney’s entry, saying that he won Super Bowl LI when he lost that game as a member of the Falcons. However, he did win XLI with the Colts which they got right for Gary Brackett sooooo what happened Rutgers?

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