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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 30, 2023

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Today on the Ticker: A hockey team makes some concept jerseys, some baseball news, and more.



  • Following up on yesterday’s bee swarm article: Atlanta also had a bee incident of its own in 2021. A local beekeeper was at the game and got to take the bees home. (From Chris Edwards)
  • Mets P José Quintana wore pinstriped cleats last night. (From @Batbeat2)


  • The Jersey Shore Blue Claws, affiliate of the Phillies, are wearing alternates this Saturday. (From John Cerone)




  • New helmet for Steelers QB Kenny Pickett. He’s hoping this helmet will protect him more after he suffered two concussions last season. (From our own Phil Hecken)


  • Virginia WR Suderian Harrison went to the same high school as WR Lavel Davis, one of the players killed in a shooting last year, so he gets Davis’s No. 1 this season. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Red/white/red for Louisville this Friday. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Mono-black for Mizzou tomorrow against South Dakota. (Also from Phil)


  • The Bruins will unveil three new sweaters next month. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • The Capitals have made their own jerseys for baseball, football, soccer, and basketball, and they’re giving them away as promotions this season. (Also from Phil)
  • This sportswriter mulls the options the Flames have for their upcoming Heritage Classic uniforms. (One more from Phil)
  • Here are the uniforms all 32 teams will wear in this year’s FIBA men’s World Cup. (From our own Phil Hecken)


  • Mexican club Pachuca’s men’s team held up a big “Estamos contigo Jenni” banner and added it to their shirts yesterday to support F Jenni Hermoso. Hermoso plays for Pachuca’s women’s club. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
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    How does a guy write an article, speculating on inspirations for the Flames Heritage Classic jersey….without a single picture of ANY of the jerseys that he references?!?

    Hotly anticipating the Bruins new uniforms. If they’re a rehash of the 80s/90s era with the modernized logo and the centennial patch on the shoulders, I truly hope they stick around for more than a season, and just replace the centennial patch with Meth Bear.

    Here are the ways I think the new home and away unis could go, from what I think would be most likely, to least likely:

    1. Just swap the logos on the front (and likely put the 100th season patch on one or both of the shoulders), change nothing else.
    2. Swap the logos as above, and remove the contrasting shoulders. This would make them evocative of the 74-95 unis, but not the exact same (due to different striping).
    3. Adopt a throwback design as the base with the new logos (likely choices would be 67-74 with the gold shoulders, 74-95 w/o the gold shoulders, or 95-07, which I think would be the least likely. I doubt they’d go further back for the primaries than the Bobby Orr era)
    4. Come up with an all-new design, but sticking to the basic black and gold colors.
    5. Come up with an all-new design that prominently incorporates brown in the color scheme.

    Incorporating brown as part of the uniform striping in anything other than a throwback or fauxback alternate seems highly unlikely, hence why I put that last. Personally, I would like to see brown featured very prominently in their alternate uniform, as a nod to their beginnings; a black, brown, and gold mix would give them a very unique presence. I highly doubt the Bruins would ever re-incorporate brown as a base or stripe color on their primaries, but I would not be against it, either.

    1980s early 1990s era was a Bruins uniform that we didn’t realize how much we would miss it until it was gone. Solid black jerseys and yellow socks amazing. O course it is no secret that I want the Bruins to trot out there with a brown uniform. Hoping that is one of them. First Bruins uniform was brown.

    Which defunct team has the best uniforms? I’m admittedly biased, being a born & raised Nutmegger but it’s the Hartford Whalers and it’s not close.

    “Which defunct sports teams had the best uniforms?”
    Thanks, Phil!
    Definitely worth the read…and worthy of discussion/debate.

    I was *almost* thinking of stealing that one for a UW article.

    Perhaps one day we’ll have that as a lede discussion.

    From the available list, my “5 and 1” (with all apologies to JV) would be
    5) Oilers
    4) Monarchs
    3) Expos
    2) North Stars
    1) Whalers

    and 1

    I remember back in the day (sorry to sound old) the padding in the helmet was a somewhat hard foam. The thinking was the hard foam, placed against your head would keep your head from moving too much in the event of a hard hit, reducing the risk of concussion. I remember a quarterback getting knocked out on a hit, walking back to the locker room, and throwing his helmet across the room. His response? It wasn’t the hit that knocked him out. It was his head against the hard foam as it hit the ground that did it.

    Defunct? How about the original USFL! The Oakland Invaders were very nice and if you know your uniform history you can see how it has lived on.

    Other than what I’m sure was cool / novel at the time (regardless of anyone’s stances on having a gun as a team brand), I personally don’t particularly find the Colt .45s an aesthetically pleasing team & uniform. Colors, design, graphics, kerning all seem off to me.

    Yes but the Astros shooting star uniform is one of the best and oddly this ownership refuses to wear them. Those all blue city connect space unis are a disgrace

    The article about the helmet had so many facts wrong about Tua, that I question the whole thing. He was supine, not prone. He was at Paycor Stadium, nitpicking, maybe. He suffered that concussion 4 days after the first, much worse than within 2 weeks. Stopped reading after that.

    Red/white/red for Louisville this Friday.

    The article and the accompanying photo clearly show they’re wearing white/white/red.

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