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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 30, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: A mid-match outfit change, a classic flip book promotion and new hand-painted helmets for Utah.



  • Cubs P Marcus Stroman took a photo with a fan while wearing a red-billed cap — a cap the Cubbies haven’t worn on the field since 2009. (From John Stark)
  • Does anyone else remember these double-sided flip books that Topps sold back in the day? This one celebrates Nolan Ryan’s 5,000th strikeout. “I remember being obsessed with it.” (From Rodney Flores).


  • Those in support of forming a minor league player’s union have created T-shirts that employ recognizable MLB team fonts. (From Jimmy Lonetti)









  • New mask for the Red Wings’ Ville Husso. (From Brandon Weir)




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Comments (13)

    Credit is cut off on the Pistons item.

    Husso’s mask is clearly a tribute to Mike Vernon c.1996-97 with the twin wheels on the chin.

    If you’re going to fraudulently sell Super Bowl rings, you have to go with someone lower in fame than Brady. Everyone knows he’s not selling his rings — he takes a selfie with them like every five days!

    The Puma and Adidas design teams have dropped down a peg to match FIFA’s selection committee for having the World Cup in Qatar.

    In the year of 2022, it’s beyond time the sport of tennis stops forcing its women’s players to wear skirts. Let them play in what they find most supportive and comfortable.

    I love the site but lets not get political. If you’re going to post about Mastriano wearing a confederate uniform, explain why. This was at the War College in Carlisle PA. The Senator is an expert in the history of Gettysburg and was instructing a class. It was a photograph of the teaching staff in various historic garb representing the subject they were teaching. Nothing more.

    Can you name another country in which military instructors wear the uniforms of traitors for a faculty photo shoot?
    I assumed it’s included here, not for its politics, but because it is extraordinarily unusual and he was the only one in an actual uniform.

    You think that has absolutely no relationship with Mastriano supporting the Jan. 6 insurrection?

    “Mastriano was subpoenaed by the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack in February 2022; he stopped cooperating with the select committee in August.”

    “At a 2022 campaign event, Mastriano suggested that he might only certify Pennsylvania’s election results if the Republican candidate for president wins.”

    From Slate: “in 2020, Mastriano live-streamed himself going to the site of the Gettysburg battle and saluting a group of Confederate flag-waving armed members of the public, who were ostensibly there to prevent an Antifa flag burning. (This was, according to the Washington Post, a social media hoax.)”

    The uniform and flag of those who believed that only one tribe should have a vote.

    Nope. I have Labor Day weekend off. But there will be a 5 & 1 for Week Zerone (zero/one) the following Saturday, and then for Week 2 on Sunday, when SMUW returns!

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