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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 26, 2022

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Today, we’ve got an update on a Virginia Tech tradition, a hockey jersey on the links, and an MLB player ribbing on himself for a uni gaffe.



  • Cubs P Justin Steele has ribbed on himself for pitching an inning on August 21 with his fly down. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Oh my god, here’s an amazing wool, zip-up jersey from a team called the Powderkegs. (From @bsmile)


  • The Chiefs will wear No. 16 decals on their helmets in honor of the late Len Dawson. (Thanks, Phil)
  • We already had this in the ticker, but it’s so good it’s worth another posting: Here’s a rather long video detailing the logo history of every NFL team. (From Jeffrey Sak)
  • Amazon has gone too far this time, depicting the down and distance marker on the Prime broadcasts of Thursday Night Football games with their smile-arrow logo.


  • In Ireland, people learning to drive have to put a giant red “N” (novice) sign on their rear windshield, making Ireland look like a country full of Cornhuskers fans. (From Gabriel Luis Magna)
  • Northwestern will have their helmet logos in green, white and orange for the game against Nebraska in Dublin. They’ll also carry a decal depicting the American and Irish flags. (From Blaise D’Sylva)
  • New Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry will continue the tradition of giving Frank Beamer’s No. 25 jersey to a different player each game, which started in 2016 under former head coach Justin Fuente, the first coach after Beamer retired in 2015. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Here’s are the Week 0 uni combos for UNLV, UNC, Nevada,


  • Kraken G Joey Daccord has a new mask. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Ontario native Brooke Henderson wore a Senators jersey while walking the 17th at the CP Women’s Open in Ottawa. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The cover for EA Sports NHL 23 has been revealed, with Ducks C Trevor Zegras joined by Canadian women’s national team LW Sarah Nurse. Nurse becomes the first woman to appear on the cover of the game.




  • New ball for the UEFA Women’s Champions League. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Italy is having an election next month, and one pollster asked fans of the biggest clubs in the country who they were voting for.
Auto Racing
  • Mercedes F1 team will go with a fauxback livery for the this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix.
Grab Bag
  • Ever wonder why all plane seats are blue? Wonder no more. (From William F. Yurasko)
  • The City of Jacksonville (Illinois) has unveiled a new logo, which the media is disappointingly calling a “brand logo.” (From Ryan Mahan)
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    I completely agree. :) I used to live in Jacksonville, FL. I read that whole linked article, and then went to the official usage standards, trying to figure out why the hell the IL were in a different color. And what Ferris Wheel were they talking about?

    Jacksonville, IL is home to the Eli Bridge Company, who make amusement rides. They’re pretty famous for the Ferris Wheel, which they began making in 1900. I love how they incorporated that into the new city logo


    Not to be pedantic (although isn’t that essentially the point of Uni Watch?), but those Jordan UNC shoes aren’t All-Stars, they’re Converse Pro Leathers.

    I’m pretty sure all Converse basketball shoes had that patch around then, Pro Leathers certainly did (I have an identical pair to MJ’s that has the patch).
    I’m guessing that it was because the All-Star brand was so synonymous with basketball.

    Of all the things to be critical of Amazon for (and there’s PLENTY), them adding a small arrow to the down and distance marker is quite frankly near the bottom. They are paying plenty to cover TNF, it’s no different to me than the NBC peacock logo or the CBS eye.

    I know the single digit pitcher is an oddity, what about a pitcher with the number 1? Positional player Merryfield for the Jays last night.

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