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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 25, 2022

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Today, we’ve got two new arena names in Arizona, a new uni set for a major junior hockey team, and a video game/uni collaboration in Korea.



  • The Rockies’ schedule release also gave us a look at the 30th anniversary logo that will be in use next year. No word on whether it will be worn as a uni patch or not. (From Andrew Lacy)
  • Blue Jays OF Teoscar Hernández has been wearing blue 2-in-1s lately, but last night he wore red 2-in-1s. (From Matt Cimetti)
  • The Giants have started selling merch with the city’s “San Fran” nickname, famously hated by San Franciscans. (From multiple readers)
  • The Cubs used the theme from the CTA map signs posted posted in el-trains to announce their 2023 schedule. (From Robert Turning)
  • The Mets used the old Marlins logo for their schedule announcement. (From multiple readers)


  • The El Paso Chihuahuas, Triple-A affiliates of the Padres, will wear one-off unis in collaboration with Cheese-Flavored Snack Brand We Won’t Put Here  on September 3. The jerseys will, of course, be made to look like the packaging of said Cheese-Flavored Snack Brand. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The NC Dinos of the KBO League have unveiled special one-off unis in collaboration with the massively multiplayer video game Throne and Liberty, which is hugely popular in Korea. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • The Dolphins are handing out an orange jersey to whomever had the best showing in the previous practice. (Thanks, Paul)


  • With college football (Week 0) kicking off this weekend, here’s a look at all the new uniforms and helmets so far this year. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Navy OL Kip Frankland is wearing No. 68 this season in honor of David Forney, another Navy lineman who died suddenly 2020. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • New uni set for Louisiana-Monroe. (From Matthew Petit)
  • New uni set for SUNY-Brockport.


  • Here’s a cement mixing truck carrying the Calgary Stampeders’ logo and with the cement mixer painted like a football! (From @PhillyPartTwo)


  • It looks like Fanatics accidentally leaked the basic designs for this year’s Reverse Retro unis. Some notable ones: the return of the Pooh Bear for the Bruins, the return of RoboPen for the Penguins, a “Sharks” wordmark rendered in the California Golden Seals’ typeface, and the return of the Gorton’s Fisherman for the Islanders. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Arizona State University has announced that their new multipurpose arena — where the Coyotes are playing this year — will be named “Mullett Arena” in honor of the Mullett family, major donors to ASU’s hockey program. In a related note, the Coyotes old arena has a new corporate name as well. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The Chicago hockey team has announced uniform numbers for their newcomers. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The WHL’s Portland Winterhawks, who last year dropped their Blackhawks-style logo, have unveiled their new unis. The colors look a bit Kraken-ish, no? (From multiple readers)
  • The San Jose Barracuda have released a third jersey. (Thanks, Phil)




  • Whenever Heat PF Udonis Haslem decides to retire, the team will retire his No. 40. The Miami native is now the longest-tenured active player in the NBA, and has played all 20 seasons with the Heat.


  • Here are this year’s MLS Kick Childhood Cancer warm-up shirts for games in September. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • The San Diego Sockers of the Major Arena Soccer League have added a 16th star to their crest to reflect their title last season.
  • The NPSL’s Appalachian FC have new kits. (From @loxley44)


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Comments (24)

    Here’s a nice rundown of every college football uniform for this year. Even includes lower divisions, not just the big guys.


    The article about the arena in Glendale, AZ cracks me up. Among the list of upcoming concerts is “Michael Jackson.”

    FYI: It is Alan Jackson that is performing later this year.

    I couldn’t decide what part of that article I liked more: the idea that Michael Jackson was performing or the idea that a business spent millions to put their name on an arena AFTER the only team playing there left. It all amused me.


    I like the Bruins’ updated bear head. Don’t call it Winnie The Pooh!

    Poor Bruins. The bear head logo just known as Pooh Bear logo and everyone knows what we are referring to. Just like their earlier bear head logo is known as Meth Bear and we know exactly what logo we are talking about.

    The link to the Barracudas’ new jersey is taking me to the Insider college football rundown…

    Also, re: the Rockies schedule. Looks like a scheduled doubleheader against the Dodgers in late September. Is the MLB bringing those back for other teams next year?

    Here is some in-depth detail about the new Portland Winterhawks uniforms from their website.

    I was surprised about the new uniforms but I guess they had been planned. The logo and number fonts were updated last season with a new uniform unveil and thought the Winterhawks would just stay with their traditional uniform design that is borrowed from the Blackhawks. They even had a new third black uniform with new logo last year too. That look was one season and done.

    I’m still trying to accept that Squall Grey is not blue.


    Agreed. It’s blue. This change is such a let down. I don’t mind changes, but this is being guided by people who favor profit over substance. And it shows. It’s also hilarious how badly they are being trolled for looking like Kraken knockoffs.

    Can confirm as the designer of the Winterhawks logo and uniforms that the colors are Black, Red, and GRAY. It’s Pantone 5425c (which is, admittedly, a blue-ish gray) but it is GRAY. The photos and video treatment do make the colors appear off from how they appear in-person. Not anything close to the Kraken colors, despite the guesses.

    Not that it makes much of a difference, but the Chihuahua’s have specifically announce they will not be wearing the Cheetos jerseys on the field. Not sure if its a copyright, or marketing issue, or maybe just too late to get approved. But it will be a Cheetos themed game, with Cheetos themed concessions, and the jerseys will be autographed and auctioned, although not game-worn,

    I’m conflicted…
    While I hate that the Avs went and poached the Rockies this time around, I really like that the Sharks went the Seals route.

    Chicago hockey team is the Chicago Blackhawks steeped in history and last I heard have not been renamed. This site was really really good until it started to try and pander to politics. Stick to uniforms and leave political opinions to the readers.

    Winterhawks’ logo reminds me of the black/red/white Buffalo Sabres logo. Also, kinda odd to avoid using the name of Chicago’s hockey team, and then use the name in the following section about the Winterhawks.

    I always thought residents hated “Frisco” the most, but evidently it’s “San Fran”. It’s a Nike T-shirt, so it’s obvious designers wouldn’t care what the actual San Franciscans think.

    So nice to read a review of new college football uniforms without the lame, tortured, extreme, and irrelevant opinions of the author being the focus of the piece.

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