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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 24, 2022

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Today on the ticker: A Bills alternate logo you probably haven’t seen before, a new (kind of) home uniform for the Hurricanes, and a Phillie finally Gets It™ when it comes to stirrups.



  • Phillies P Ranger Suarez wore his stirrups correctly last night. He had worn them backward for a few appearances last month. (From Bob Sullivan)
  • Phillies RF Bryce Harper wore No. 4 instead of his usual No. 3 in a rehab game last night with the club-affiliated Leigh Valley IronPigs. (From @Batbeat2)
  • During a Little League World Series game, ESPN showed a graphic with Tigers SS Javier Baez still in his old Cubs uniform. (From @BurnerGSmith)
  • The Minnesota Twins, will be giving away reversible Saints/Twins jerseys next week. (From Chris Haar)



  • Japan: Something cute for your day — In Japan, ceremonial first pitches are swung at by the batter to imply a swinging strike. This first pitch is a little different. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • The Giants reused a 2019 jersey for Sunday’s preseason game. Note the “NFL100” outline at the collar.
  • The Commanders are retiring No. 9 for former QB Sonny Jurgensen at this season’s final home game. (From multiple readers)
  • The Bills have been using an alternate logo on merch that doesn’t appear to be official. (From Brad Loliger)
  • Country singer Kenny Chesney promoted his concert dates at Gillette Stadium by posting a picture of himself wearing a Pat Patriot helmet. (From Johnny Garfield)
  • Here’s a fantastic video showing every team’s helmet and logos explained. (From Morris Belleville)


  • Athlon Sports has ranked what it believes are the top 25 uniforms in college football this season. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • We all know Oregon trots out some intentionally garish looks. Here’s a few of the marquee non-conference uniforms they’ve worn over the years. (Also from Phil)







  • New uniforms for Penn State men’s. (From William F. Yurasko)


  • Spain: New uniforms for Gran Canaria of Liga ACB. (From Bryant Singleton)



  • Italy: New kits for Livorno. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • England: New shirts for Ipswich Town. (Also from Ed)
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Comments (10)

    Wasn’t the Suns’ Western Conference Championship in 1993, with the 30th Anniversary referring to the end of the season?

    After how Ranger Suarez melted down in that start, he should go back to wearing the stirrups backwards.

    And every change the Hurricanes make just makes things worse.

    My personal take – when Oregon wears black or gray/silver, it’s too boring. Best is when they wear the obnoxiously bright green or yellow looks. Also – the wings on the shoulders and/or helmets are legitimately just good ideas. Oregon should keep doing Oregon, but personally, those are my favorite Oregon looks for Oregon being Oregon.

    I didn’t realize that the Washington Whatchmacallits hadn’t already retired Sonny’s number. Wonder what the holdup was…

    College football uniform rankings mostly predictable; standard boiler plate article calling boring and ugly looks “iconic” in order to pander to so-called “brand names”. Rinse and repeat.

    I have all sorts of problems with the Carolina Hurricanes’ announcement:

    -The team is changing primary uniforms too frequently. There have been 2 new primary home jerseys since 2013 and now it appears will make way for a third. 4 different primary home jerseys since early 2013.

    -The black uniform being their primary looks too similar to another current primary uniform (Ottawa Senators).

    -The logo on the black jersey is fine as a secondary logo. It does not look great as a primary crest on the front of a jersey. 2 different shoulder patches is something that should stay in the minors or on a third jersey, not as a primary NHL jersey.

    -Their whole uniform ensemble lacks cohesion. I think they would be best suited going back to the original 1997 design as primary look. Or incorporate more silver trim instead of black to new red uniforms and have a colour sheme more signature to their identity. Instead of being another red and black team.

    If you remove the word “clean” from the Athlon top 25 listicle, there would be no content. Very superficial review overall. UGA and Bama behind Marshall and SMU? Your opinion, I guess.

    The Buffalo Bills’ insignia has the same look as the “NE” with the “hat and streamers” logo worn at times by Tom Brady. Were they designed by an apparel maker as a way of changing up team garb with the blessing of the NFL?

    The Bills logo was a part of their partnership with some local apparel brands when they finally embraced Bills Mafia as an organization / name for the fan base.


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