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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 22, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: the Cardinals debut their new black helmets, some Commanders players wear mouthpieces just for the aesthetics, Real Madrid’s new third shirt, and more.



  • The umpires at the Athletics/Mariners game on Friday wore white shoes. The Athletics’ TV broadcasters suspected that the umpires’ luggage was lost and the shoes were borrowed from the team. (From multiple readers)
  • Red Sox OF Alex Verdugo was wearing two different colored shoes on Friday. (From David Raglin)
  • The Yankees retired No. 21 for Paul O’Neill yesterday. The font used for the number’s stencil on the field wasn’t the uniform font; in fact, it was apparently the font used for the Pinstripe Bowl’s yard markers. (From multiple readers)
  • Somehow the Uni Watch “Meats” shirt ended up on a Twitter account called Poorly Translated Shirts, but of course any of us can vouch that it is definitely not poorly translated. (From Jared Ztap)
  • Motley Crue singer Vince Neil wore an Astros jersey at the end of a concert at their stadium on Friday. (From Corey Buck)
  • A chopper went through Rockies 3B Ryan McMahon’s glove on Sunday. (From Mike Chamernik).




  • At least two Commanders players attach mouthpieces to their facemasks but don’t actually wear them. (From Tom Turner)
  • If you’re unaware, in 1983 the Giants wore a black shoulder stripe from the sixth game to the end of the season in memory of running backs coach Bob Ledbetter. (From Morris Bellville)
  • In a pre-season game last night, the Arizona Cardinals debuted their new black helmets. The b/b/w vs. b/w/b uni-matchup was brutal. (Thanks, Phil)


  • You may have seen some tweets this weekend about Ohio State wearing 2002 throwbacks in their first game of this season against Notre Dame, but the school’s associate athletic director for communications said it wasn’t true. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Boise State’s equipment staff posted a video of one of them applying a helmet decal to a helmet. “I thought their decal was one sheet. It turns out there’s multiple pieces,” says Jaime Galindo.


  • New black helmets for Illinois’s St. Laurence HS. “It’s the first time in program history (60 seasons) that the team will wear black lids,” says Ed Kozak.


  • In Louisville’s 1977-78 men’s basketball yearbook, a picture of C Wes Unseld shows his shoes mysteriously drawn on. (From Jason Collins)


  • Two of the Antetokounmpo brothers, Kostas and Thanasis, are currently with Greece’s men’s team. Kostas wears the original spelling of his last name, Adetokunbo (“Antetokoumpo” is the result of transliterating that into Greek), but you can also see that Thanasis didn’t do the same. (From Christophe Davy)


  • Cross-posted from the baseball section: The Triple-A Buffalo Bisons wore Sabres-themed jerseys on Saturday. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Reader Markus Kamp sent us a picture of himself wearing the gold Uni Watch jersey for a rec league game.


  • Brazil: A drug trafficker was arrested while attending a game of Fluminense’s men’s team, and what helped is he was wearing a Fluminense shirt with his nickname as the NOB. (From Shawn Hairston)
  • England: Chelsea’s men’s team wore royal/royal/navy blue yesterday for what was apparently the first time in a competitive game since 1993, borrowing the navy blue socks from their second kit.
  • England: From the same game, a writer from The Athletic came up with a “Major Leeds Soccer” logo because Leeds United’s men’s team now contains a number of Americans — coach Jesse Marsch and midfielders Brenden Aaronson and Tyler Adams — who all started in MLS and helped beat Chelsea yesterday. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • England: The top two women’s tiers and their League Cup have a new ball.
  • England: New shirts for Lewes.
  • El Salvador: New shirts for FAS. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Mexico: Tijuana’s women’s team wore rainbow numbers on Friday.
  • Scotland: New shirts for Glasgow City.
  • Spain: Athletic Bilbao men’s team captain Iker Muniain reached 500 appearances for the club last week and received a small trophy including the captain’s armband from the game and a rock from the club’s previous stadium. (From Ryan Maquiñana)
  • Spain: New black third shirt for Real Madrid, which included their women’s team wearing it at home yesterday.
  • France: New second shirt for the rugby union club CA Brive. (From Illtud Dafydd)
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Comments (30)

    The Ravens need an overhaul. Cardinals logo on the black helmet needs a white border to stand out. Otherwise, it looks like a red stain from a distance.

    I thought the same thing needing a white border when first seeing the Cardinals black helmets. Also seems strange that they would pick a game to wear these when their opponent also wears black helmets.

    The Ravens are a good looking team, but like so many others they suffer from having too many uniforms options/combinations. I disagree that they to overhaul; rather, they need to simplify…eliminate the black and purple pants from the rotation and dump that B in the helmet logo.
    Done. I could even support elevating the black jersey to primary.
    PS-I have nothing against purple…CR uni’s and the purple jersey are just fine.
    The Cards of course are a different bird. They gotta start over with everything from the white helmet down. Nothing they do with that black helmet will make me like it.

    Nah, their black pants with white jersey is maybe their black look. Also, Ravens are actually black. If anything remove the CR jersey (they don’t need two purple jerseys) and the purple and gold pants. Though, if I’m being honest I like variety more than monotony.

    *best look. Paul should have added an “edit comment” feature to the site overhaul!

    I’d probably remove the Reading Fightin Phils mention. They’ve been running a “veggie race” for 10 years where the veggies have to avoid “evil candy”. It’s sponsored by a dentist. It’s not in reference to Dr. Oz at all.

    Sorry, removed it. I thought it seemed strange but given the timing of an event involving people dressed as vegetables in Pennsylvania you can see why however many people thought it was plausible.

    The AA Reading baseball team has been running that vegetable race for well over a decade. Believe it’s locally sponsored. I wasn’t at the game so cannot say for sure whether the announcement would have mentioned the political banter (though I doubt it). The race is sponsored by a local business.

    I replied further down in the thread that the earliest attestation to Paul’s usage of the “Meats” logo comes from this entry from September 8, 2009 : link (look in the Ticker for the linked phrase “this very excellent Xmas present”). As noted by Paul, the idea wasn’t his, but he was inspired by said present, so the “Meats” idea goes back at least two decades.

    It appears that Twitter account is for a wiffle ball team, and the account only dates back four years, to October 2018, so….

    Leeds United also features Jack Harrison, an English player who came up through NCAA soccer (Wake Forest) and MLS (NYCFC)!

    It might be just me but the cardinals black helmet without stripes combined with their uniform with an overload of piping just looks mismatched like it’s a different team’s helmet. Hopefully paired with the Rash it looks slightly less gross

    Regarding the Buffalo Bison jerseys… It appears that the player wearing #9 is also wearing recycled Blue Jays’ Canada Day pants, judging by the all red batterman silhouette.

    1. You couldn’t tell the Cardinal Red in those uniforms/helmets/costume the Cardinals wore in that game. At first glance, I thought it was the Falcons.
    2. Still questioning why the Yankees retiring 21 for O’Neil…well, other than he’s now a Yankee broadcaster and needs some street cred (other than that Seinfeld Episode).

    If he actually hit two homers for that kid in the hospital, I could see retiring his number. But that second one was a triple and an error.

    Hmmmmm…. starting to wonder if the Commanders new uni’s is Dan Snyder’s way of giving the public the finger after the Redskins issues… I mean… how do you go from such a beautiful uniform to these new uni’s without trying to suck?

    I’m an umpire myself, and I just want it on record that I’ve had the idea of wearing white shoes long before yesterday’s game in Oakland.

    Wow. I’m very surprised St. Laurence — a high school — has a slickly produced uniform hype video. They’re a private school, sure, but they’re not like a powerhouse program or anything.

    Not specific, but now that I’ve had some time to adjust, I’m coming around to appreciating the new Ticker treatment, both how it’s posted and how the particular entry is styled.

    I prefer Fulhamerica for the EPL team with a US slant. Back the at least, don’t support the team now with its current owners.

    Those St. Laurence HS uniforms are better than some college/pro sets and the hype video looked like something professionally created. Weird.

    How much of a budget do these schools have?

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