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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 2, 2022

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Paul here, pinch-Tickering for birthday boy Alex Hider. Happy Birthday, Alex!!

Now then: In today’s Ticker we have a very strange-looking sculpture in the Astros’ ballpark, increasing chatter about those padded “guardian caps” being worn in NFL training camps, and a new 75th-season logo for the Lakers.



  • Newly acquired Mariners P Luis Castillo will wear No. 21. Seattle’s roster also includes INF Diego Castillo, but it’s not yet clear whether either Castillo will wear FIOB. (From Tim Dunn)
  • One of the more bizarre artworks ever to appear in a big league stadium — a 13-foot spaceman sculpture adorned with player names, team slogans, and more — has just been installed at the Astros’ ballpark. Additional info here. (From Ignacio Salazar)
  • The A’s and Giants are both looking to strike it big with uniform ad deals.


  • Jets coach Robert Saleh is concerned that the padded “guardian caps” being worn in NFL training camps could give players a false sense of security and lead them to head-butt too hard when they start playing without the extra layer of protection. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Guardian complaints have also been expressed by a few players. That article also points to a hidden benefit, however: If a quarterback’s hand hits a player’s helmet during the follow-through from a pass, it’s much better for it to hit the padded guardian cap than a solid helmet shell. (From Jason Hillyer)
  • Neck rolls, Cowboy Collars, airplane pillows? There have been many forms of football neck pads over the years. They peaked in popularity from the 80’s to 90’s… then disappeared. What happened to them? (From David Firestone)


  • Some new uni number assignments for ECU.


  • We’ve all seen NFL helmet lamps before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an NHL puck lamp! (From Trevor Williams)
  • A Canucks blogger thinks the team’s uniforms embody a long-running identity crisis. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The ECHL’s Kalamazoo Wings are asking fans to vote on the team’s New Year’s Eve uni design. (From Wade Heidt)




  • NWSL players may lose significant amounts of cash because one of the league’s biggest sponsorship partners, a crypto company, has filed for bankruptcy. (From Trevor Williams)


  • Japan: New autumn shirt (with keeper shirt on the right) for Kagoshima United of the J3 League. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Portugal: New away and third shirts for Benfica. “It’s their version of City Connect, with each shirt paying homage to Lisbon,” says @MikeDfromCT.
  • Portugal: New home and away kits for Famalicão. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Scotland: New third kit for Celtic. (From Ed Zelaski)


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Comments (16)

    The neck pads were just another fad, but I suppose they at least had some purpose. I can’t figure out the purpose of those strips-of-fabric tails that hang down the back of some players’ pants. They look kind of stupid.

    This is a legit question, and not one like, why don’t they build the planes out of the same material as the black box?
    Why not wear the guardian caps all the time? Maybe I don’t understand its purpose. Would it help in a game situation?

    With the technology and materials available today, they should be able to come up with a protective helmet that doesn’t have a hard shell, or at most has a thin shell buried between softer material on both sides. Yes they’d get dirty and yes they will get damaged more easily, but each player won’t be wearing a weapon on their head anymore.

    ‘Patches tied to cannabis, sports betting and cryptocurrency are among the categories prohibited by MLB.’

    And yet umpires can have a crypto thing on their uniform?

    Cannabis I get why the league doesn’t want to touch that

    Is the ban on crypto and gambling patches because they don’t want individual teams to conflict with a leaguewide sponsorship deal?


    I was kind of hoping to hear from Paul or Phil on their views of the UCLA – Under Armour settlement (it’s about unis after all).

    I think if they were going to retire 6 league-wide in honor of the late, great Bill Russell, they should have done it when he was around to see it.

    We oftentimes wait too long to celebrate/ honor people who pass before they can see the honor.

    I had one of those NHL puck lamps when I was a kid. It would have been a Leafs logo on the puck – not a stupid NHL “official licensed product” logo.

    Its one of those products that’s really easy to date – Avalanche and Whalers on the same product, old Vancouver logo and new Buffalo.

    The Canucks’ article says Vancouver is the only NHL squad whose crest doesn’t match the uniform’s color scheme. The Chicago Blackhawks would beg to differ.

    Lakers 75th patch has some nice back story built in: 17 stars for Minneapolis/Los Angeles NBA Championships. 12 palm fronds for the 12 won in LA. Iconic buildings in Los Angeles.

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