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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 19, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got an inaccurate Giants bobblehead, bad news out of Volunteers football, and a fun MLB graphic design project.



  • Reader Danny Kauffman noticed some uni inconsistencies with the Gabe Kapler bobblehead he got at Wednesday night’s Giants game. “The Giants alternate cap is paired with the standard home jersey, a look that hasn’t been worn since 2014. [The jersey is] NNOB, which was discontinued after 2020.”
  • Cardinals IF Brendan Donovan wore Yadier Molina’s jersey in the dugout during yesterday’s game as a prank on Molina. (From Andy Zare)
  • Artist Parker Higgins tweeted a handful of MLB logos combined with logos for their cities’ mass transit systems. (From multiple readers)
  • The Mets are in the process of moving their championship banners to above the right field grandstand. (From @_RF30)


  • Unfortunately, Tennessee’s GFGS unis will be back for this season, after being mercifully mothballed since 2017. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Florida State sent out a scholarship offer to a recruit, but misspelled the word “official” on it. In the header. In, like, size 96 font. (From @wilds_lee)


  • New helmets for Elkhart High School in Indiana. Terry Mark writes in: “It has sublimated Elkhart Central Blue Blazers and Elkhart Memorial Crimson Chargers logos sublimated in the blue stripe. The thin red stripe is a callback to Elkhart Memorial’s crimson. The blue and gold of Elkhart High School also bring together one of each of its predecessors’ former colors, albeit in a different shade. Elkhart Central colors were blue and white, and Elkhart Memorial was crimson and gold.”
  • The Premier Hockey Federation (formerly the NWHL) has a new team in Montreal, and they’ve filed trademarks for the name “Force Montreal.” (Thanks, Jamie)


  • The latest version of the NBA 2K series will introduce a new game mode allowing players to take control of a franchise in 1983, 1992 or 2002, and play through NBA history from then on. Not only will rules and strategies evolve over the course of the game — logo and uni changes, court changes, expansions, relocations, and broadcast packages will all be updated as time in the game moves on. Even the length of players’ shorts will evolve over time. The mode will only be present on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game, so gamers with older generation consoles and PC gamers will miss out.


  • The USMNT’s 2022 World Cup kit has apparently been leaked. Let’s hope it’s a fake, because if it isn’t…yeesh. (Thanks, Phil)


  • England: New third kit for third division side Rochdale. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Ukraine: Premier League side Kolos Kovalivka have unveiled a new third kit, honoring the club’s 10th anniversary. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Portugal: New kits for Primeira Liga side Vitória de Guimarães. (From @mikeDfromCT)
Comments (20)

    I think championship banners & flags should be reserved for world series & league titles. Silly seeing them up for division wins & wild card appearances

    The Mystics used to have “Attendance Champions” banners (link) for leading the WNBA in attendance a bunch of times, but mercifully took them down.

    Even worse, the mystics “earned” the attendance banner by requiring a Mystics season ticket purchase by anyone getting season tickets to see Michael Jordan on the wizards.

    They’re counting people who never intended to use the tickets that were forced in them.

    Yea, I’d have to second that. Division wins, maybe, but a banner for every postseason appearance is overkill.

    I don’t mind a division title banner, but (and I say this as a Mets fan) I draw the line at Wild Card appearances. The 2016 banner (for essentially “we made a one-game playoff!”) should get mothballed. The one I get hung up on is ’99, which instead of “Wild Card and Division Series Winners” (which is goofy) should be along the lines of “man, what a crazy season.”

    Division Champion Banners
    League/Conference Champion Banners
    World Champion Banners

    Everything else are participation ribbons.

    I think Division Championships, Conference Championships and World Championships should be the only banners hung…well Hockey gets another unique one being President’s Trophy winner banner

    An interesting bit for a future story:

    Apparently, there’s a rule in the Big Ten Conference that requires the word “GRADUATE” be put on any graduate transfer’s on-field uniform. I’ve seen a screened-on application to the opposite side of the front of the jersey from where the B1G logo sits.

    I was at the first game at Citi Field. The Mets have now moved both the retired numbers and these banners about 4 times each since then and are about to be on their 3rd scoreboard (next season).

    Given the lack of the swoosh on the front of the UMNT leaked kit, I’m thinking those are not what will be on the field (they also look like training kits, but even then I’d be surprised not to see Nike splash their logo around)

    They’re real all right. Saw a video someone took at a Denver-area Dick’s Sporting Hoods where they had been “accidentally “ put out on the retail floor. The Nike logo is on both sleeves this time around, so double Yeesh…

    That also made me think they weren’t legit (obviously regular UW readers know there is no way Nike would not have a visible maker’s mark) but there are some other pictures besides the ones in that tweet that show a maker’s mark at the end of the sleeve, so I think it’s just that they’re not visible there.

    I haven’t owned a video game in many years but was blown away by reading what 2k23 is doing with going back in time! As a kid I would love those features on ncaa video games. These video game developers are artists!

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